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8 Myths About Sex

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
8 Myths About Sex

There are countless myths about sex that have been circulating since, well, forever! Some are truly ridiculous (if you masturbate too much hair will grow on your palm), others seem plausible (you can’t get pregnant while on your period), and still others are often believed even though they are totally and completely false! Here are just 8 sex myths that seem to be some of the most prevalent and repeating ones out there.

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Funny Sex Myth

I remember hearing over and over how “horrible” my first time having sex would be. How it would be painful, not at all pleasurable and how I would not have an orgasm until I had much more sex. So imagine my surprise when, despite the uncomfortableness of my “first time,” when I had an orgasm! I had orgasms previously through masturbation so I knew what it felt like and I absolutely had an orgasm during my first sexual experience. So, obviously this is a myth!

Sexual Myth Reaction

While it is true that statistically 85% of all women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, the truth is some women CAN and DO achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. It is a complete myth to say that women “can’t” or “never” orgasm with only sex! While the odds are low, there are still women who can achieve orgasm through intercourse, so let’s not make them mythical creatures.

Reaction To Male Sex Myth

The men are “one and done” rumor couldn’t be further from the truth – men CAN have multiple orgasms. They are not usually the same way a woman does – back to back immediate orgasms – but they can have additional orgasms shortly after having one. For example, a man orgasms during sex but his penis does not become limp, he continues stimulation and ejaculates again. That is multiple orgasms for a man, even though it may be 5 minutes in between!

Sex Myths Debunked

This is a myth that I have heard my own friends discuss. The idea that women are into sex for the “intimacy” and not as much for the orgasm, and that they do not really care if they do or not. UMMMMMM, NO! This is a huge myth that I truly hope men do not believe! Women DO care if they orgasm. They WANT to orgasm. They do care, it is just that sometimes their partners do not know how to give them one!

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Size Matters Sex Myth

This is a huge myth, and one that gives men a complex! The idea that women want a huge penis or it is not going to be pleasing is preposterous and untrue! If a man knows how to use what he has to his advantage then the actual size is not as important. Being able to pleasure your partner via fingers and tongue is also very important. So while all men may want to have a huge penis, the truth is most women need a mere 3 inches to have proper internal stimulation and that is way under the national average.

Female Sex Drive

Ummmmm, hello this is SO not true! Sure, we may be busier in our older age and have more responsibility, but we do not lose our sex drive! Hormonal issues may wreak havoc on our bodies, but our libidos often go into overdrive, not underdrive!

Female Sex Myths

I heard a woman in Walgreens the other day telling her friend, “All women need lube for sex, and it is why there are so many different kinds out there.” ALL women need lube? Some women never need lube – ever. Others may need a dab from time to time. However, the idea that ALL women need lube is very untrue. Lube has its time and purpose, but it is not an absolute necessity.

Anal Sex Myths

Why do people insist on crushing on anal sex? Really? “Oh, it hurts so bad, don’t do it!” The truth is, anal sex doesn’t have to hurt at all! Just like any other sexual activity, if you do it right, it will be pain-free and pleasurable! Anal sex can be uncomfortable for sure, but painful? NO! The myth that anal sex hurts has got to be debunked because it is unconsciously deterring many women from trying it!

Did You Ever Believe Any Of These Myths?
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Date 3/29/2016
Kate R.
I always assumed anal sex had hurt a little bit, because it is much tighter, but no sex act should hurt!
Date 3/29/2016
I am WELL over 40 and my sex drive has never been higher
Date 3/29/2016
When I was in my 20s I honeslty thought women didn't care that much about orgasm bc all of the girlfriends i had never asked for it when it didnt happen... but then I met my wife and I live to pleasure her.
Date 3/29/2016
I don't need lube, I've tried it in the past and it has just burned so I don't use it.
Date 3/29/2016
I didn't cum the first time I had sex but I wasn't expecting it. I was young and I was so nervous at the time, haha :)
Date 4/24/2016
I well over 40 and still have a sex drive. I like my sex toys when I don't have a partner.
Date 4/25/2016
Vicci C.
I'm 66 years old and my sex drive has NEVER been as high as it is now. Unfortunately all I have is my B.O.B., but it takes care of my needs fine. Unfortunately, both my husbands were not all that great at making sure I was satisfied, even though my late second husband tried, God bless him.
Date 5/21/2016
Miss Sid
I LOVE my PIV sex, and I usually orgasm during it. Especially when hubby does, there's something about my partnes pleasure that sends me over the cliff. Clitoral stimulation during sex typically doesn't do much for more, my clit requires a special sort of attention. Going to try out different kinds of resonant vibes and see how that goes. I've also orgasmed during anal sex and oral. I've also not orgasmed during all these activities and haven't cared one little bit. It's all about being satisfied with the experience more so than orgasming for me. Sometimes I care some times Iddon't. I've gotta give it to hubby though, he tries so very hard to make sure I O no matter what, sometimes it's just impossible though!
Date 3/4/2017
Ms B
I'm over 73 & have never had the sex drive I have now. I want sex daily. Love oral & anal also. Can be satisfied w just oral, anal or vaginal. Feels sooooo good
Date 1/21/2018
I've been with guys who didnt even try to get me off and actually said, "Oh well most girls tell me they don't care" which is absolutely ridiculous! Give and receive. Don't be a selfish lover.
Date 1/25/2018
I don't always need lube. I actually don't like it very much because it tends to burn a bit. But I have some very mild stuff I use for toys
Date 5/5/2018
I love to give oral and play with dildos we vibe and vibrators. Use nipple clamps and bondage. I only care about her O I feel high fir hours and my O is not as satisfying as Fore play
Date 5/5/2018
I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only old lady that loves sex. I’m 64 years old. My sex drive is higher than it has ever been. I even enjoy anal. I don’t orgasm with anal alone, but it’s fun in combination with other fun stuff!
Date 5/5/2018
I'm 64 and my mate has problems keeping it hard so I suggest using toys and he jumped on it I'm so glad he did now we have a drawer full and things are looking up for him and for us if you know what I mean and he's younger than me.
Date 5/5/2018
I'm 64 and my mate has problems keeping it hard so I suggest using toys and he jumped on it I'm so glad he did now we have a drawer full and things are looking up for him and for us if you know what I mean and he's younger than me.
Date 5/6/2018
I always thought size mattered, but don't now. I sometimes wish I was smaller in diameter so I can experience deep throat.
Date 7/23/2018
I'm a 70-year-old female and my sex drive is absolutely amazing. At times I crave sex. Never felt like this in my younger days. I also do not need lube although I do enjoy it at times. If I'm having trouble with orgasms certain lubes do help. However, I very seldom need extra help. Ladies, don't believe the menopause myths or the hysterectomy myths. I've had the best sex ever since my hysterectomy.
Date 4/21/2019
I have NEVER used or needed lube. I am 47 and have the best sex drive of my life. I have orgasmed only twice while having sex so I definitely think about it and hope but it's NOT the main reason to have sex for me. The size of a man's cock is not an issue for me either!
Date 4/22/2019
Wow! Reading these comments kind of blows me away LOL I've left comments here on other threads..but this one really seems to be like from my own experiences. I'm an old others commenting here. Used to be relatively unconcerned about my sexual life (everything okay) when younger. I don't particularly feel the need to be sexually 'cool" @ my current age (early 70's)..but do admit to being a little concerned about my sexual drive and performance nowadays. Guess that's why I'm posting here-now LOL I agree that most of the "myths" described above seem to be just that.."myths". I'm ever so appreciative that others here are open to describing their own perspectives/ this certainly helps me to feel that I'm not alone in my own thinking/sexual perspectives. Because I'm a relatively "old School" guy..both chronologically as well as psychologically..I really appreciate hearing from the older ladies here about what's going on with them. You've helped make my day in terms of my understanding about where you're at ladies..thank you! Orgasms for us all..check. Lube when needed or just to smooth things along..check. Taking pleasure and enjoyment with our sexual experiences..check..

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