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Mikayla's Top 5 Toy Picks

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Sex Toy Discussion
These REALLY are "woman's best friend"

I am constantly being asked what my favorite toys are and why. Well, the truth is, I do have my favorites and they are my faves for a reason – they WORK! Sex toys are truly a wonderful addition to any woman’s, man’s or couple’s bedroom play because they help to ENHANCE and spice up lovemaking or solo time!

Sex toys do have particular functions which vary and may not be readily apparent to a new toy user. While you may wander through your local adult store or online shopping guide and find yourself dizzy looking at the thousands of toys – wondering, what do they all do? What makes one better than another? Why are there so many vibrators or cock rings? The truth is, there are many toys which are essentially the “same” for comparative purposes, but many of the toys are worlds apart in function, strength, feeling, orgasm rendering ability or even sound quality!

Fear not my faithful toy finder, I am going to attempt to dispel a little of the mystery of what makes a good toy “GOOD” by listing off my favorite toy selections in each of 5 categories. These are my absolute, all-time favorite toys that I firmly believe NO WOMAN SHOULD BE WITHOUT! So listen up ladies and gentlemen and be prepared to learn……class is in session!

Ok, let us begin with what I know without a doubt is THE BEST beginner’s item! I have said this countless times in the past and I will not change my opinion now. The best toy for beginners is a BULLET! Bullets are personal pleasure at the most basic level. Also, since a bullet is frequently NOT for insertion, newbies find them pleasurable and non-intimidating.

A BULLET is an item that you will never tire of using! Good for the beginner and equally as good for the advanced user. Bullets can be used solo, during foreplay on both partners or for clitoral stimulation or even anal stimulation during lovemaking. There is no end to a bullet’s capacity to please – only the limitations of your imagination.

Now, there are countless types of bullets – small, big, dual, textured, silicone, waterproof, wireless – you name it, someone has it! So, what is my favorite in the bullet category? Well, it is not hard – I LOVE my DUAL VIBRATING BEN WA BULLETS! You get 2 bullets for the price of one! Since they are longer you get much more area to pleasure and you could insert them if you wanted. With 2 bullets you could tease 2 parts of your or his body – or – give yourself clitoral and anal stim at the same time! These bullets are powerful, easy to clean and not too noisy.

Bullets are a perfect way to experiment with self-pleasure. Direct clitoral stimulation is a woman’s best chance for orgasm – and a bullet is precise and to the point – or spot. Not only that, but men love the sensation of a bullet on their balls during a blowjob! Honest to goodness, a bullet is the best toy for anyone – but my top pick for a beginner’s toy!

While, arguably, a bullet could be great for couple’s enhancement as well, there are other options for this category that I feel are better for this purpose. When I think couple’s enhancement, I think of INTERCOURSE STIMULATORS. Many women want to use a sex toy to help them reach orgasm – but they do not want something that will intimidate their partner. While I personally believe that NO MAN should be intimidated by his partner’s toys, I do understand that some men still think this way. For this purpose the Intercourse Stimulator was born!

Intercourse stimulators work by stimulating the man (via cock ring or some sort of vibration device) while at the same time providing clitoral stimulation for the woman. Many couples report having simultaneous orgasms with the use of an intercourse stimulator. I have tried quite a few of these cock ring combos – but for my money the best bet is a triple threat – the SILICONE BEADED ERECTION ENHANCER!

This ingenious item not only has clitoral stimulation, penile stimulation but ALSO anal stimulation! WOW – 3 great tastes that taste great together! The 100% silicone toy renders hands-free pleasure by slipping around the man’s erect penis providing HIM with vibrations that are rendered by the small, removable vibrating bullet. The woman receives her clitoral stimulation via a bouncing “bull” head whose nose and horns bounce delightfully on her clitoris during lovemaking! To top it all off, there is a string of silicone-encased weighted anal beads! The wonder of this characteristic is that either the woman or the man can insert the anal beads for his or her anal pleasure!

I am telling you, if you are looking for a little something to heat up your lovemaking this incredible intercourse arouser will fit the bill and then some! Plus, I can say that once your man slips this vibrating wonder around his manhood and experiences the orgasm-rendering powers of the clitoral and anal stimulators he will be open to trying more sexual enhancement products – I guarantee it!

OK, so what toy do you pick if you want to get down and dirty, have that orgasm and get on with your day? Well, you may think that there are many toys that can do this – but really, the simplest and most proven way to give yourself an orgasm is to combine insertion with clitoral stim – PERIOD! This has been researched by sex experts over and over and while many toys will deliver an orgasm, the FASTEST, assured way to get to the big “O” is by combining these two stimulations.

So, what toys do you know that will give you penetration AND clitoral stimulation? DUAL ACTIONS of course! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dual action toys! I absolutely think that they are a woman’s best friend – and are most certainly mine! Until recently I had a tried and true favorite – and then I found her….my new, special friend. Yes, I am referring to the BLUSH CRUSH DUAL ACTION! Oh ladies, this toy has it ALL and then some! A larger penetrable size and nice girth – this toy will tease and tantalize your vaginal walls to quick ecstasy! It has a rotating head and my favorite quality – rotating pleasure beads. These beads are not like the traditional beads – they are larger, harder and more like a ball bearing than a pleasure pearl! What does this equate to? AWESOME VAGINAL STIMULATION!

So, with the penetration out of the way, what does this toy offer in the way of clitoral stimulation? Well, the traditional “rabbit” ears of course. Only these ears are bigger and fatter than the traditional ears which means more coverage of your clitoris! The little rabbit bounces frantically at speeds that you determine and delivers just the perfect amount of stimulation!

This item has mutli-functions so you can find what works best for you. If you want just clitoral action – do it. Want the beads to spin fast, slow – do it! Want a maximum pleasure experience? Use the fast-paced, multi-function button and get all the pleasure you can handle! This toy makes me orgasm repeatedly and it does it in 30 seconds or less! Now THAT is a quick orgasm! What toy do you have that can deliver that intense pleasure that quickly?

Many women and even heterosexual men are eagerly exploring anal pleasure. The stigma that anal sex is ONLY for gay men is quickly being dispelled, and women are finding that anal sex is extremely pleasurable and not so “taboo” as it used to be. Anal sex can be a wonderful addition to any healthy sex life – as long as you observe the anal sex rules. You must ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a good lubricant. Do not ever try to have anal sex without it. You also should play safe – use a condom if you are not secure with your partner. One of the fastest ways to get a STD is through anal sex. Finallly, always observe the “no pain” rule. This means that anal sex should NEVER, EVER hurt and as such, always listen to your partner telling you how she or he is feeling. If there is pain – STOP!

Now, I am not a novice when it comes to anal sex – and I have tried countless butt plugs, vibrators and even a strap-on a time or two. However, when it comes to my FAVORITE anal sex toy – I have a tried and true favorite go-to toy – my VIBRATING PLEASURE BEADS. These were one of my first anal toys and I continue to go back to them for one reason – they are wonderfully stimulating!

These soft, sensuous jelly pleasure beads have all the characteristics of a great anal toy – they are flexible but not too bendy, they are firm but have some give to them, they are a smaller size so all anal players can enjoy them, they vibrate (BIG plus) and they are easy to use and care for – they even have a safety string! For all of these reasons these pleasure beads have remained my favorite.

If you are thinking beginning an anal sex expedition – these beads are great for you to try. Easy to use, flexible and smaller – you will enjoy every minute of your anal play. They are also great for a man’s initiation to anal town – they can easily be used even with the most “uptight” person because they will not get all mushy when you try to insert them. For women who enjoy double penetration – these beads ROCK! You can have your anal canal buzzing with vibrations and your partner will be able to feel the vibrations and the bumps from the beads from inside you – great for both of you!

So, whether you are a newbie or an advanced player, I highly suggest these small, simple, soft pleasure beads for your anal time. You can always go bigger, but these are the perfect size for any anal occasion!

Many men and women have asked me how to spice up their sex lives – rejuvenate their bedroom time – or even just add a little fantasy time to break up the monotony of a long-term relationship. While in reality there are hundreds of things one could do to spice things up – using bondage, sexual enhancement gels or creams, watching adult videos – I do have a favorite fantasy builder that really can spice things up!

While this may not be YOUR favorite fantasy, it definitely is mine and my hubby’s. Many couples admit that they have the fantasy of bringing another man or woman into their bedroom – most frequently a woman. This is completely normal and healthy – and while many couples would NEVER actually do it, the idea of acting out that fantasy is a HUGE turn on! For me and my hubby, the idea of having an extra person there really lights our fire!

So, how do you act out such a fantasy without going outside the realm of your marital or relationship boundaries? Simple, you get the fantasy rolling with a male or female replica – and let your imagination do the rest! Now, as a bi-sexual woman I would love to bring another woman into my fantasy bedroom – but I have yet to spend the money on a REALISTIC VAGINA. These fantastic, realistic, soft skinned items look and FEEL like a real vagina! I really do see myself getting one of these in the near future to play around with. Not only could we pretend there is another woman with us – by placing “her” on the bed in front of me while I let my hubby do my doggy style as I play and lick around “her” – but, my hubby could have fun with her while I watched or while we had oral sex. Truly, the possibilities are endless!

Now, while I wait for my realistic, TERA PATRICK VAGINA, my hubby and I have had countless nights of fun pretending there is another man in our bedroom! For this purpose we have used many different DONGS and DILDOS to provide the other “him.” Many men like the idea of watching their significant other give a blow job or getting “serviced” by another man – but no way would they actually want another man there. For this purpose, a REALISTIC PENIS is the way to go!

When we act out this fantasy, my hubby always pulls out the same toy – our DREAM DONG! This baby is large and in charge and my hubby LOVES to watch me give this toy a blowjob and then do myself with it while I blow him! Every time we play with this toy we end up having multiple orgasms and a night of tremendous FUN! This toy is a realistic feel – so in order for me to give “him” a blowjob we have to use condoms. I have discovered that non-lubricated, flavored condoms are the way to go. Then, after I do the blowing, I mount the toy giving myself and my hubby a show and a blow!

SO, think outside of the box – remember, men are VISUAL creatures, so bringing another “him” or “her” into your bedroom might just be the safe way to explore the most common fantasies that men and women have!

I hope that you consider trying one of my tried and true favorites! Every woman or couple has their own preferences when it comes to intimate products – but my hubby and I absolutely LOVE these products. While my favorites do change, these have been around a while in our bedroom! Using a sex toy can really enhance and enlighten your lovemaking time. Women and men alike NEED to reconnect and express their fantasies and desires. Having products that help a woman reach orgasm can be the single, best thing for a relationship. We all deserve happiness in our bedrooms – so please, go out and find your Top Toy Picks – you will be glad you did!

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