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Mikayla's Seductive Massage

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
I get asked quite a lot if I “really” use all the toys that I have.  The answer is a resounding “ABSOLUTELY!”  I love sex toys, gels, lubes, restraints, dildos, vibrators, anal toys – you get the picture, right?  I love adding in something fun and sexy to intimate times with my partner.  Especially when the relationship is not exactly new any longer and it is fun to bring in some sexy things to amp up the erotic value.  So, in order to demonstrate that I really DO use the toys – as well as provide a little erotic entertainment – I decided to provide little vignettes to my sexual escapades which I will call:  Mikayla’s Adventures in Toyland.  Enjoy!

“What do you feel like doing tonight,” I asked John when he came in the door on Friday night.  He slowly walked to me and answered, “I am feeling a bit tired tonight, I think I just want to chill and watch some TV.”  Understanding how long of a week he had I completely understood his tiredness, but I was horny.  I was REALLY horny.  I wanted to find a way to give him his chill time, but still seduce him.  The prospect excited me to no end, seeing if I could make him want me even when he was super tired.  Good girlfriend or bad girlfriend?  I don’t know, but I do know horny girlfriend.
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I got him a beer and suggested he peruse the television options.  Then I went to the bedroom and checked out my “lube and lotion” drawer.  I figured a nice, seductive, naked massage might just do the trick to both RELAX and ENTICE him.  I found some of my favorite massage oils, the Wanna Be Wild Seductive Soy Candle / Massage Oil.  This candle smells wonderful when burning and the melted soy wax can be poured onto the skin for a nice, warm, erotic massage oil.  It rubs so nicely into the skin and makes Romantic Couple Massage Sexeverything super smooth.  I also pulled out my favorite edible oils, the Kama Sutra Oils of Love, which I love because they are silky and sensual and edible – so I can rub him, lick him, rub him some more.  I also decided that it may be nice to bring out the Magic Wand Massager – because it really does work wonders on the muscles too.

I lit the candle, put on a long T-shirt, took off my pants and went out to watch a little TV with my man.  He had not found anything of interest yet, and had finished his beer.  I plopped down next to him and started to rub the back of his neck, a little pre-massage.  Just as I figured he said, “Mmmm, baby, a massage would be so heavenly.”  I said, “My thoughts exactly, follow me,” and took his hand leading him into the bedroom.  I removed ALL of his clothes, and he was getting a little excited despite the tiredness – always a good sign – and I asked him to lay face down on the bed.  He did as I asked and I jumped on top of him asking him what hurt most.  He indicated his shoulders and upper back.  I began with the Magic Wand Massager, to get the toughest muscles all loosened up.  I ran it around his shoulders, upper arms, upper back and down to his lower back.  He sighed and started to visibly relax.  The toy is a bit loud, though, so I only used it a few minutes, but left it on the bed for later.  Then I gently and carefully poured some of the melted soy wax onto his back.  “Oh, wow, that feels so nice and warm,” John said, almost sleepily.  I started to work the oil into his skin and the scent filled the room.  Very relaxing and sensual.  I rubbed his shoulders and back and down to his butt, letting the oil soak in and really enjoying the nice little noises he was making.
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After working on his back and making sure the oil was soaked in, I asked him to turn over.  He complied and now I was ready to work on his front side.  I poured more of the melted oil onto his chest, making sure not to put too much, as I wanted the edible oil for, well, down below.  As I worked my magic sensually and effectively around his chest, he started to harden.  “I just may get some sex tonight after all,” I thought, pleased and excited.  Rubbing John makes me so hot.

I took the Kama Sutra Oils and dripped that on his lower stomach, upper thighs and penis.  He looked up at me with a devilish grin and asked, “Oh, so you are a full body masseuse?”  I responded with a wink and a tug, “you bet your sexy ass I am!”  I rubbed the oil all around his upper thighs, paying attention to the muscles and actually giving him a much needed rubdown.  Then I moved on to his erection – which was now VERY erect and waiting for me.  I slide the oil up and down his shaft, sliding my hands around him.  Up and down, feeling him harden with every stroke.  “Hmmm, baby, you have some tightness here,” I said caressing his balls.  I couldn’t handle it anymore, I had to have a taste of him!  I went down and eagerly sucked him into my mouth, licking and tasting the yummy oil.  I teased and sucked and continued sliding my hands up and down his shaft.  He began to buck into my mouth and before he could stop it, he came!  I swallowed every, single drop of him.
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“Well, that was certainly relaxing for me,” John said, sitting up on his elbows, “Now, how can I tip my sexy masseuse,” he asked.  He reached over and grabbed the wand, then asked me to lay down on my back.  He kissed me and uttered a “thank you, baby,” into my ear and then ran his tongue down my neck, lifting up my shirt.  He continued down, down to my very wet and waiting pussy and gave me some wonderful orgasms that were much needed.  While my legs were still spread, he turned on the wand and placed it directly on my mound and my clitoris.  Turning it on, I started to writhe beneath him, cumming repeatedly.  He continued to pleasure me with the wand until I rolled over – I can only take so much of the intensity!

Just goes to show that being kind and loving toward your partner – as well as throwing in some seduction – can work wonders and leave you both relaxed and well released.  Heavens knows we both were just that!

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Date 12/8/2015
When I know he's not really in the mood but I AM I love to surprise him with some sexy lingerie and a passionate kiss. that usually gets him going!! :)
Date 12/8/2015
cory dominique
when my wife and i hit a low and we havent been intimate i like to treat her to a nice dinner and remind her how much i love her to heat things up again
Date 12/8/2015
I light some candles and incense and put on some lingerie he likes and waits for him to come home :)
Date 12/8/2015
Mmmm This Is Giving Me Some Naughty Ideas ;D
Date 12/8/2015
i would love it if my husband gave me a massage like that lol
Date 12/8/2015
a couple times i draw us a nice hot bath and that puts us in the mood
Date 12/8/2015
Joshua W.
Joshua W. - The candle wax really doesn't burn? that would be my biggest concern but i really want to try it
Date 12/8/2015
King 45
I nice dinner, romantic massage, and a few candles usually does the trick. She's usually in the mood anyway I'm a lucky guy to have such a sexy wife

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