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Mikayla's Favorite Toys For G-Spot Orgasms!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Oh the G-Spot Orgasm – how we ALL want them!  They are the crème de la crème of orgasms!  The leg shaking, gushing everywhere, can’t even STAND the pleasure orgasm!  We all want them and we all want them when we play solo!  A question I get asked A LOT is, “Mikayla, are there toys that can give me a G-Spot orgasm?”  My answer is always, “YES!  OH YES!”  Now, this is contingent upon the fact that you can have a G-Spot orgasm, as not all women can get past the highly uncomfortable / pleasurable stage that precedes it!  If you want a toy that may get you to the Promised Land, try these:

Waterproof Curved G-Spot Stimulator


This rather large vibrator has some quality characteristics that can lead you to G-Spot land.  It has a nicely curved tip that will hit your spot perfectly, a very intensely rippled shaft to caress you all the way inside, very powerful vibrations and it is waterproof!  The 100% silky silicone material will make play fun and easy even if you don’t find that elusive G-Spot Orgasm!
G-Spot Orgasm Vibrator


This toy looks a little unusual, that is for sure, but it has a method behind the madness.  The very uniquely shaped shaft is designed to fit in and hook on to your G-Spot while also filling you up internally.  Then, the added bonus, is the clitoral stimulating pad.  A vibrating pad of pleasure nubbies that are sure to get you going toward orgasmic bliss quickly!  The multi-speed vibrations and the waterproof functionality will make this a fun toy in and out of the water.
Silicone G-Spot Massager


Another interesting G-Spot toy, this U-Shaped stimulator is formed to provide intense internal, G-Spot stimulation and a very direct clitoral stimulation at the same time.  The U shape wraps itself around your 2 most pleasing places – G-Spot and Clitoris.  You can bend the clitoral stimulator closer to your clitoris for more direct pleasing, or let it vibrate around.  The internal stimulator is pad-shaped so the area around your G-Spot is sure to be stimulated.  A definite must-try toy.
Firm Silicone G-Spot Sex Toy


This travel-friendly G-spot vibe is the ideal sex toy to help you achieve an incredible G-spot orgasm.  It is made of silky-smooth silicone and is gently curved to help you stimulate your G-spot.  It is also ribbed to enhance sensations!  With 4 intense vibration speeds, experiencing an explosive G-spot orgasm has never been so easy.
Lelo G-Spot Vibrator


You can't beat the powerful vibrations of an electric vibe, and this rechargeable toy is sure to please!  Made of silky-smooth silicone and totally waterproof for wet and wild play, this G-spot vibrator is equipped to give you the G-spot orgasm you have been craving!  It is gently curved and has a flattened head to direct the vibrations right were you need them the most.  Experience the earth-shattering orgasm only a luxury vibe can provide!

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Date 1/11/2016
Clara Bernard
Oh ya! I had my first one w/ my husband. He used two fingers curved and he rubbed my g-spot really hard and I came. It took a while the first time but def worth it!!
Date 1/11/2016
had one on accident using vibrator. feels so good. vibrators help a lot especially if youve never had one.
Date 1/11/2016
Savvy 3
Takes a lot of work to hit the right spot but G-Spot orgasm is the best!!!

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