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Mikayla's Favorite Oral Sex Enhancers For HER!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Women LOVE oral sex!  We especially like it because for many of us it may be the only time we have an orgasm!  For many women, oral sex is the direct line to orgasm because 80-85% of all women need that clitoral stimulation to climax!  So, this is a very important warm up time for us!  Having apt oral skill is a bonus but an even BIGGER bonus is when our lovers change things up a bit and add some different sensations to the mix.  We are extremely sensitive, so just adding a little something-something can turn OK oral into “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE?!” oral!

Clitoral arousal Gel for women


Oh yes, we WANT to be explosive!  These delightfully tasty oral sex gels are not only tasty for him but also very arousing for her!  They provide a cooling then warming “burst” of sensation that is sure to force blood into the clitoris and enhance arousal!  A little dab will do you though, so tread lightly and have FUN!
Intimate oral sex tongue vibrator


This four-piece oral sex kit comes with everything you need to tease and please your lover!  With two different flavored, lickable gels and a pocket vibrator with a soft, seductive tongue attachment, you can double her pleasure.  She can also use these oral sex toys on YOU, but that's for another article.
clitoral massager for women


This unique little bullet play kit comes with 3 sleeve attachments (a tongue, a bunny and a little bulbous design) to give different sensations when playing.  You can choose any of the three and add it to oral sex for a whole new level of WOW!  Find which one makes YOUR woman climb the headboard!
Silicone finger vibrator


Along the same lines at bullet, the finger vibe allows you to place the vibrator on your finger and forget it!  Imagine caressing your lover’s body while you orally please her, or, using your vibrating finger to add to your oral ovations!  Whichever way you choose this little finger vibe is sure to drive her completely wild!
Female arousal oil


I absolutely LOVE ON Gel for all things getting it ON!  This all natural clitoral stimulating gel creates a very pleasing sensation like a gentle warming on your clitoris.  This warming sensation brings blood into the clitoris and really makes it engorge and sensitive!  This gel is long lasting and extremely potent (meaning, a little goes a long, long way).  When used with oral sex it will make the tender clitoris very ready for some eager attentions.  Combine with the above mini-vibrators and she will be screaming at the top of her lungs in no time!

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Date 1/5/2016
Kyliee Travers
My boyfriend gives me great oral sex. He knows exactly where to lick and when ;)
Date 1/5/2016
Using a little vibe at the same time mmmm always gets me!

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