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Mikayla's Favorite Naughty Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
You may look at the title and ask yourself, “what makes a toy ‘naughty?’"  Personally, I think all sex toys and enhancement products are nice and never should be considered “naughty” but in the context here naughty just means sort of taboo or “less vanilla” than some of the standard sexual enhancement products.  There are certain products which have a sort of naughtesque edge to them and these are my picks for the naughtiest toys I love!

BDSM Sex gag


This item is RIDICULOUSLY naughty and not for the weak of spirit.  This spider gag is gorgeously crafted from leather and metal.  The open mouthed gag goes into the mouth, the O causes the mouth to stay WIDE open, and the 4 “spider” legs fit down on the face.  This item is the perfect addition to bondage playtime and offers many possibilities for what could be placed into that open mouth!  If you don’t think this is naughty, then I would love to see YOUR toybox!
BDSM Bondage Hogtie


You have to admit, bondage is a naughty experience!  Not to mention certain TYPES of bondage are even naughtier!  The 50 Shades Hog Tie set is a beautifully crafted, leather X with brass clasps that will attach to any number of wrist and ankle cuffs.  You can put your lover (or be put into) a very sexually arousing hog tied position easily!  Hog tied is when you are on your stomach with your arms behind your back and your knees bent up so that all 4 of your limbs are essentially tied together!  Whoooo weee!  Talk about naughty fun!
Submissive Sex Toys For Couples


Yes, that is what it seems.  Nipples clamps – in and of themselves NAUGHTY – connected to a ball gag.  EXTRA naughty!  Feel that delightful pull as you try to hold still and quiet – as the ball gag will render you so!  Your lover teases and pulls on those chains, enticing your nipples and creating delicious tension – all while your moans are muffled by that ball gag in your mouth.
Sexual fantasy gag restraint


Oh my!  What is this?  This is a reversible gag (ball on one end, butt plug on the other) that can be used to, well, give some extra stimulation to your partner while you are gagged.  Confused?  Imagine having this soft and supple ball gag placed into your mouth with a butt plug protruding from your face gag.  Ah, getting the picture now?  This can be used on either partner and will definitely qualify for the naughty toy category!
Cock cage for men


Something extra naughty just for the men, this cock cage will put him – and his favorite appendage – in its place!  This metal cage fits around his penis and locks securely shut.  The adjustable waist belt will keep the cage – and him – intact until you decide it is time to let him out to play!  How naughty is the idea that his penis is under lock and key for YOU!
Powerful shocking sex toy


Electro sex is the up and coming addition to sexual play – and it is a bit exhilarating and a lot naughty!  Perfectly safe electric shocks are delivered right to the end of the flexible tip.  Not only do you get high quality and strong vibrations but also a bit of an electric charge as well.  Electro sex is an amazing feeling – and it is one you have to experience for yourself!  Super fun, super exciting and oh, so naughty!

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Date 12/8/2015
We have a spreader bar... it's a lot of fun
Date 12/8/2015
Shiloh Banks
My hubby and I have quite the collection of bondage items. We are really into dominant and submissive sexual fantasies. My favorite is our under the bed restraints. They work really well :)
Date 12/8/2015
my gf and i have an electrostimulator. great for spicing things up
Date 12/8/2015
Sammy 4
Mmm those open gags look awesome ;)

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