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All You Need To Know About Cuckholding

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Have you heard of cuckholding? Recently, cuckholding has been taking the porno world by storm, with a recent influx of videos hitting online porn sites. Cuckholding is when a man watches his wife / girlfriend having sex with another man. If you are wondering why in the world anyone would want to do this, let me tell you, it is a very common fantasy turned reality.

To Shave Or Not To Shave: Pubic Hair

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Truly a dilemma many women (and some men) may contemplate, to shave or not to shave.  So, what do you do?  Do you shave or wax off your pubic hair, should you leave it, or is there a reason to keep your hair down there?  This is a personal choice for everyone, so let’s go through some pros and cons.

10 Ways To Use a Fleshlight

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues

You may be thinking that there is only one way to use a Fleshlight – enter, stroke, ejaculate, exit, clean, repeat – but, you are totally wrong! This unique item is very versatile and there are many ways to use it! Here are just 10 of those ways.

How to Use a Fleshlight - Step By Step

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues

The “Fleshlight” is one of, if not THE, most popular male masturbation devices available. While you may be excited and very eager to play with your new friend, there are actually a few things that should be done before you play to make your experience top notch.

How to Play with Her Clit

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues

The clit - the short form of the word "clitoris" is one of, if not THE, most sensitive erogenous zone on a woman. Read on to find some new ways to stimulate her clit and give them a try, the results may just be explosive!

How to Use a Cock Ring

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues

Over the last 6 years that I have been at TooTimid, I have been asked repeatedly about cock rings. Are they safe? YES. Do they work? YES. Will they help me maintain an erection? YES. Do they have ones that will be pleasurable for my partner? YES. How do you use one? Well, le's explore the world of cock and vibrating rings and see what we can learn? Class is now in session.

Men's Sexual Health

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues

Men, have you been thinking of some sexual health questions you have but weren't sure how to find the answer? Look no further! Read our Men's Sexual Health article to educate yourself and improve your love life. 

The 5 People He Should NEVER Sleep With From A Dating Site

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Woman On Phone
While dating sites ultimately provide the same thing – the hope and promise of new love – they all also have those people whom you should never, ever sleep with.  So, whether you are on Tinder, Match, OKCupid, E-Harmony or any other dating site, here are 5 “types” of people you should NEVER sleep with from a dating site.

8 Things He Can Think About To Make Him Cum Faster

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Intimate Couple Sex
While it is true, we normally do want men to last longer in bed, and sometimes we do need them to speed it up a bit.  Perhaps he has amazing staying power or finds it harder to orgasm.  Or, if you are having a quickie and he needs to get things going, here are some things he can think about to help him orgasm more quickly.

5 Sex Toy Types Every Man NEEDS!

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Intimate Couple In Bed
There are plenty of sexual enhancement products for men – and more are being invented all the time. Sex toys for men can bring his solo (and partner) sex time to a whole, new level of FUN. Now, who wouldn’t want to increase their own personal pleasure? Here are just 5 types of toys that top the list for men.

How To Eat Her Out

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Sexy Pleasured Woman
If your man wants to make you happy in the bedroom, one thing he can do without a doubt is deliver orgasm-rendering, mind-shattering oral sex! So, not only is it important that you do it often, but also that you know some tricks of the oral sex trade. The goal is orgasms and this is a how to guide to get you on that mission.

5 Sex Positions Men Love

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Passionate Couple In Bed
Men have their “go-to” positions which are meant to wow their partner; their “I want to cum” positions:  and, of course, their “this is super-hot” positions which offer them a desirable view of their partner or are just “naughty” or erotic in some way.  Yep.  Men have their faves.  Wanna know what they are?  Here are just 5.

8 Mistakes You Can Make Eating Her Out!

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Sexy Woman
Oral sex is a very important part of foreplay for women, especially since a great majority of all women can’t orgasm during sex, but will orgasm during oral sex.  However, if you give her bad oral, well, you may not be getting another chance to show her what you have to offer!  You can make mistakes during oral, and here are just 8 of them.

5 Unique Masturbation Tips For Him

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Textured Male Stroker
While masturbation seems to be sort of common sense (you do what feels good), there are always tips and tricks that can help you to make things a little different and maybe even better!  I know you are not accustomed to asking for directions, so let me just offer some.

How To Pick A Toy For Her

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Intimate Woman In Bed
Have you had the fantasy of watching your woman pleasure herself with a vibrator or dildo?  Men are very aware of all the fun little sex toys available to women and they often think about getting her a sexy gift, but don’t know how to go about it.  Relax guys, here is an easy guide for picking out a toy for her.

12 Ways To Make Her Feel Wanted

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Loving Couple Hugging In Bed
Recently, I read an article which talked about how women become insecure in relationships because they feel that their partner is taking them for granted.  Women have a tendency to continue those things that all people do in new relationships while men, well, men tend to get comfortable and do "less" than they did in the beginning.  So, what do you do to make her feel wanted?  Read on.

What Do You Do When You Find Out You Have ED?

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Intimate Couple In Bed
Statistically, 90% of men will have some issues with their erections in their lifetime.  So, when I say “It happens to all of you” – I truly mean that it does.  So, if you are looking for answers on what to do if your penis is not cooperating – or if you have been formally diagnosed with ED – then read on, help is here.

Men's Guide To Dealing With STDs

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Intimate Couple In Bed
If you are sexually active you should be taking steps to monitor your sexual health, and this means getting tested regularly for STDs. So, if you have been tested and you find out you have an STD, what do you do?

Tips For First Time Sex For Him

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Intimate Couple In Bed
Are you a virgin? If you have a partner with whom you would like to have sex, then there are some tips you may want to think about before taking the plunge.

6 Signs She's Not Into You Anymore

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Sexy Couple In Bed
Knowing the signs that someone who you want to date really has no interest in dating you can be an absolute INVALUABLE tool!  However, what about when you are already in a relationship, and have been, and the sex stops, the intimacy stops and you have these thoughts like, what is happening with us?  Well, perhaps she is just not that into you…anymore.

6 Things Men Do That Turn Women OFF!

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Sexy Couple Kissing
Probably the last thing you want to do is to turn your partner off!  However, there are some things that if you do or say sex will be the LAST thing on our minds!  So, if you are curious about just some of the things you do or say that turn your woman off, keep on reading as here are just 6.

6 Things Women Do That Turn Men OFF!

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Romantic Couple In Bed
While you may believe that there is nothing a woman can say or do to turn a man off, this is absolutely false!  Men are more complex than we give them credit for, and they pay attention to things too.  So, if you are curious as to some things that you may say or do to turn your man off, here are just 6 of the biggies.

7 Oral Sex Tips Every Guy Should Know

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Pleasured Woman
Oral sex is a healthy and natural part of a healthy sex life.  Especially when it comes to women because an overwhelming majority of women will only climax during oral sex or manual (finger) stimulation.  So, if you are curious about how to amp up your cunnilingus skills or are just a beginner, here are 7 oral sex tips EVERY man (or woman) should know!

5 Things Women Say and Do In The Bedroom That Make Men Cringe

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Romantic Couple Kissing
There is a common misconception that men are always up for sex no matter what their partner does or says.  The truth is, women can definitely make their man cringe in the bedroom with some of the things they do, or say.  So, without further ado, here are just 5 things that women say or do in the bedroom that make their man CRINGE!

5 Ways To Initiate Sex When She Isn't In The Mood

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Romantic Couple Foreplay
It can be really frustrating when your partner is on a different sex schedule than you are, or, when they seemingly are never in the mood. So, how can you initiate sex when she isn’t giving you the go vibe? Let’s discuss…
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