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The Basics of Male Masturbation

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
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I know some of you may be wondering, “Hey, Mikayla if you are a girl, how are you giving advice on MALE masturbation?”  Well, the answer is: years of watching, asking, researching, talking, discussing and, um, performing male masturbation!  While it is true I do not have a penis (and I am very happy being a girl ? ) I do feel aptly qualified to give advice on this topic.  So, if you are new to masturbation or just want to see if I know my stuff, read on!


A male is obviously often limp or non-erect before masturbation occurs.  For the purposes of this article we will assume that there is some aspect of hardness before masturbation begins.  Also, ideally this process will end in orgasm and ejaculation.  Sometimes, however, ejaculation doesn’t always occur, pay attention to your body!


While every man’s penis is different, there are two very distinct differences right off the bat: circumcised or un-circumcised.  I am going to assume you all know while side of the fence your penis falls on.  Why is this important?  Well, truthfully it can change the masturbation method a bit.  The male foreskin on an un-circumcised male offers a bit more protection of the very sensitive head.  Oftentimes, because the Shirtless Manhead is protected by the foreskin and not rubbing on underwear all day, it can be much more sensitive during masturbation.  Also, I have heard from a few uncircumcised males that they do not use lube during masturbation because their foreskin slides easily along their shaft and, therefore, provides a different sensation.  I think what this boils down to is this: do what feels pleasurable for and to you.  For uncut guys, if you are new to masturbation, you do have to be a bit careful not to pull too hard on the foreskin.  For the cut guys – you may need to use lube.


Every man desires a different type of stimulation. For some, a “full shaft” stroke is what they like.  Grabbing around your penis with either (a) full hand grip (b) 3 finger (thumb, index, middle) grip or (c) comfortable variation, the full shaft stroke goes from base to tip.  It is the typical “jacking off” motion that many men enjoy.  The pressure is all up to you guys, but I would suggest some variations to see what works best for you.  The idea is to stimulate yourself in a way that brings you the most pleasure.  This may mean a variation of strokes throughout your playtime.  For a “head only” approach, you are concentrating on basically the head of your penis only.  For this stimulation you can employ the (a) 3 finger grip which also involves a bit of rubbing or (b) the full hand grip which often involves palming your penis head like a gear shift and just pulling a bit.  Again, figure out what stimulation work for you.  You may find another variation that suits your personal penis.  If you are going from a limp state, often just taking the penis in your hand and gently rubbing and almost “twisting” can be a way to get the blood flowing downward.  Then, once getting harder, you can stroke in a way you like.

What Happens During The Male Orgasm?


The idea of male masturbation is to provide stimulating friction without pain or irritations.  This means maintaining a sensitive balance of pressure, speed and lubrication (or if not using lube, just lack of irritation from friction).  I suggest lubricating with a silicone or water based lube or, in the absence of lube, a lotion.  These substances allow the penis to slide through the hand more fluidly, making the sensation gentler and, often, faster.  Once you figure out how to slide your penis in your hands and fingers like you desire, it is time to figure how to vary the strokes.  A fast pace may be what you like, but doing it the entire time can be tiring: so try slow, then fast, then slow at the end.  Or, perhaps you really prefer a slow pace that has a tighter grip.  For some men, a twisting of the hand can be extremely pleasurable, especially toward the head.  For uncut men, sometimes just barely stroking the head with the foreskin at a slow pace does the trick.  If you really want something different try a two-hand grip.  Fold your hands together interlocking your fingers and then place your penis inside and stroke up and down.  Lube may help here.  There are many variations to stroking and it is up to you to figure out what your penis wants!


It is true what they say, changing hands makes it feel like someone else is stroking you!  If you are right hand dominant, your proclivity is going to be to stroke yourself with your right hand.  However, if you change it up and stroke with your left hand, the sensation is going to feel completely different.  You are going to stroke in a different angle, with less agility and often less strength.  This can be an extremely pleasurable experience for you if you have never tried it.  Also, if you are getting tired you may need a bit of a change up just to get things going!


Yes, guys, there are toys for you, too!  Pocket pussies are a generic term for masturbation sleeves that allow you to stroke yourself within a “tube” often made of a soft, flexible, jelly like material.  You can get any number of masturbation sleeves that have different textures, vibrations, depths, and tightness.  These products are wonderful for male masturbation, especially if you find you require a lot of stimulation to reach orgasm!  There are basic and more extravagant ones available – so give them a try!

Mikayla’s tip:  Masturbation is all about self pleasure, so take some time to figure out what you like.  When you notice something feels really good – stick with it!  Then, try to vary your strokes and grips too.  Remember, your penis WILL get sore if you stroke too fast, too hard or too long – so pay attention to your body!

What's Your Favorite Way To Masturbate?
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Date 9/1/2015
oh man I love my pocket pussy. i got the lexi one off here and its the only way i tug my rug now
Date 9/1/2015
sit on your off-hand before you jerk off with it, it feels amazing, like someone else is givin u a handy-j!
Date 9/1/2015
My GF tries to give me handjobs, but theres no way she can jerk me off like I can do it for myself! LADIES: just give your guy a blowjob, trust me, he can touch his cock WAY better than you could ever, hes just had WAY more practice!
Date 9/2/2015
jackin off before i found lube was tough! spits kinda grss, lotion burns, but i like that lube gets everything slippery for the max speed pumpin. ive definitely gotten sore from too much mastrubating be4, not fun but lube can help with that too!
Date 9/3/2015
I cant believe you included head-only stimulation! I love to rub just the top of my cock, I totally thought I was weird! I love to palm the head of my cock until im about to bust, then its just one or two firm pumps and i blow! its teh best!
Date 12/30/2015
Ladies that are interested in stroking a man off should try asking him to do it for you while you watch.Take notes on how he does it and just when he starts to cum grab ahold of his cock and finish the job and watch the cum fly.After he is done shooting try giving him a quick but sensual blow job to finish the deal.This will leave you hot,wet and on fire ready for a mind blowing orgasm when he sucks you pussy to return the favor.
Date 3/4/2016
running own
Well it is like this, 76 yrs old, disabled wife no longer interested. Sooo, well I guess I have pretty much exhausted my self. I need some help it is hell to have the need, and no way to get there. 76 is not to old I work but have been at it alone fort to long. Maybe there is some help from some the "things" describe above, I will try anyway...
Date 4/9/2016
well as I try to type and begin to feel soft touches the felling of completion of a bucket list permeates my throbbing body in deep inside emotional gratitude for all who welcomed to cum today. no, I have not even tried a toy or the chance to perform a masturbation ritual for any ladies an men who show how to expand solo sex an hidden desire into active sexual service. sorry but I have to practice
Date 12/28/2017
Dizzy Disco

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