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5 New Male Masturbation Techniques

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
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Newsflash:  Male masturbation isn’t, and shouldn’t, be all about boring hand jobs!  There are many ways for men to experience solo pleasure without the standard grip-and-tug method.  For those of you who have been stuck in a sexual rut with the same old solo hand jobs, it’s time to experience something different.  Here are 5 New Male Masturbation Techniques!

5.  TEASE YOUR TIP:  This erotic tip-teasing method utilizes something you’ve already got lying around - YOU and a soft sheet or light blanket!  Definitely use something lightweight and smooth so it doesn’t weigh down your member or block any of the sensations you’re about to receive.  When lying in bed, 
Sexy Couple Undressingtake the shaft of your penis in either hand and hold it straight upwards towards the ceiling.  Drape the blanket over the top of your penis so it rests gently over your tip, and isn’t being pulled down.  With your free hand, reach outside of the blanket, above the tip of your penis, and lightly place the palm of your hand on top of the blanket.  The blanket should be light/slippery enough to feel your palm through so that you don’t need lubrication.  Feel the sensations of the blanket moving on your tip as you lightly rub back and forth, and in circles with your palm!  Alternate speed and pressure to find just the right combination.  Just be aware that this technique can make the head of your penis super sensitive, so if it doesn’t get you off, it’s certainly going to turn you on!

4.  FAUX ORAL:  Start with a silky, smooth lubricant like Astroglide and get ready to feel a tension and stroke similar to oral sex!  Lubricate your head and shaft, and hold the shaft in your non-dominant hand.  With your dominant hand, place your pointer and middle fingers together (like a closed peace sign).  With your palm facing toward you, slide the head of your penis through your two fingers, allowing them to gently conform to your shaft.  Remember your fingers shouldn’t be gripping, you should be sliding through with ease, mimicking the motion of pressing your penis through taught lips.  To add a little extra sensation, place your non-dominant hand behind your finger and gently squeeze your head as you push through!  It feels like soft, wet lips and a gripping mouth, and when you get the rhythm right, you will orgasm in no time!

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3.  X MARKS THE SPOT:  Okay, you may feel silly attempting this masturbation technique, but once you get the angles and the rhythm down, this is an expert-level method.  All you need is your arms, some lubricant, and some flexibility.  Take your place in the trusty, “on your back” position, with your erection lying close to your stomach.  Keeping your arms straight towards your toes, cross one over the other to form an “X” shape.  Arrange your arms so your palms are resting on the opposite hip/leg (you’re not crossing your arms like you’re angry), and place them so the center of the X is above the head of your penis.  Utilize the softer skin of your inner arms while you pump your piece between your stomach and “X” arms.  This is a great workout for your abdominal and pelvic muscles and offers a fun, hands-free thrust!

2.  HEAT IT UP:  If you want a new and sensational experience with an inexpensive addition, you should toss out your lotion and tissue combo and grab a lubricant that heats up!  Products like Climax Bursts Warming Lubricant tease your cock with a light, friction-reducing formula that warms you up for a spectacular solo session.  A little goes a long way with warming lubricants, and the soothing, smooth glide coupled with tingling warming sensations lets you feel you’re inside a wet, hot lover as you stroke.  Bonus:  with water-based warming lubes like the Climax Bursts, you can change from a masturbating hand to a Jelly or Realistic Masturbator Sleeve without fear of deteriorating the material.  So enjoy yourself sir, and dive into a hot new experience!

1.  SUCK IT SOLO:  Some of you may not yet know the wonders of the masturbation sleeve.  Usually made from jelly or a more lifelike material, Male Masturbators come ribbed, smooth, or nubby.  Some are adorned with realistic-looking vaginal lips while others have a simple hole to insert yourself into.  It may seem tricky to choose the proper sleeve, but with all these options, a masturbation sleeve creates private pleasure unlike what you’ve felt before.  Masturbator sleeves, like the popular Super Head Honcho, can be used not just as a textured coat while you stroke yourself!  They double as sliding, sucking products that feel amazing.  Instead of gripping around your shaft, lubricate and slide the sleeve on, and grip the tip (just over the head of your penis).  By pulling and releasing tension (and closing and opening the open end), the sleeve will slide up and down your shaft creating an incredible suction!  You've got to feel the difference!

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Date 10/13/2016
never used a toy or lube before recently... very different sensation, great experience
Date 10/13/2016
anyone ever use a warming lube or tingling bfore? would like to try it, but im hoping it will be very different from regular lube.

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