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How He Can Increase His Size And Stamina

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
How He Can Increase His Penis Size And Stamina

Here is some information for you. This is just information to use as a guideline. You should follow the recommendations for proper use with the particular product you purchase.

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What is the Best Way to Increase the Size of my Penis?

You can increase the size of your penis through vacuum penis pumps, surgery or placing a fitted sleeve or extension over your penis. Penis Extensions also are used to control your ejaculation.

What is a Penis Pump?

A cylinder is placed around the penis. A hose is connected to a pump which evacuates air from the cylinder. As the air is removed from the cylinder, the penis is pulled further into the cylinder and towards the walls of the cylinder, making the penis larger.

The pumps do have medical uses for men who suffer from impotency. Penis Pumps can be used to obtain an erection, maintaining it erect with a cock ring, removing the pump to engage in intercourse.

Do Pumps Really Work?

According to Dr. Joel Kaplan, a diplomat at the American Board of Sexology in Washington, D.C., "When the first airtight vacuum pump cylinder is placed around your penis, blood rushes into the muscle portion of your penis. The muscle tissue expands to the maximum, breaks down, and then rebuilds into larger and stronger muscles, similar to body-building." Dr Kaplan has been a pioneer in the use of vacuum pump therapy for penis enlargement and sexual dysfunction.

The length of your pumping session, the frequency of your pumping sessions, are two factors that will determine your results. Through daily pumping, it may be possible to maintain the increases if you have the time to pump often.

Most increases are only temporary. After a day or so, your penis will return to it's normal size. Your penis should stay large for at least several hours after pumping. There are no well documented scientific studies of the long term effects of pumping but it stands to reason, that with continuous use of vacuum pumps over a long period, that increases could be made permanent. Thought you will find it hard to uncover documented results, many men who have been at it for several months or years will cite increases of an inch or more.

Just like with anything, you get what you pay for. If you are serious about pumping, you will need to spend. If you are serious about pumping, we suggest using Top Gauge Pro Pressurized Pump. If you are unsure about using a penis pumps, you might want to try a lower priced model for Starters.

How much of a gain can you expect?

This will vary from individual to individual. Most men will see more increases in girth than in length. It's difficult to say how much of an increase in length will occur. While in the cylinder, the penis can gain as much as 2 inches. The increase in girth should be greater and longer lasting. Most men are surprised in the increase size of their penis.

General Advice on Pumping

Shave the base of your penis and testicles back about an inch or more so that when you put the cylinder on you can get a good seal.

It helps to apply the pump with an erection, though it's not required.

You may wish to press the cylinder against your body to keep your testicles from being pulled up into the tube. This is painful for some men (though some men pump them as well, to really big sizes).

It is important to take it slow and gradual. If the pressure increases too rapidly it will cause bruising.

Enjoy the experience. If you do get any bruising, it will usually go away after a day or so.

Do not pump until you are in pain. If you began to sense pain, release some of the pressure.

Increase the pressure to highest level that you can maintain comfortably.

Leave the pump on for a period of time. Some people watch TV, surf the net, etc. to help pass the time. As your penis gets larger, increase the pressure to the point where you are still comfortable and not experiencing any pain.

What Men Want In A Sex Toy

How Safe is Penis Pumping?

When done carefully, it is perfectly safe. It becomes unsafe when men are over anxious to see their penis grow and aggressively apply to much pressure to the penis. This could result in temporary discoloration of the penis and water blisters. These should disappear after a few days. Just remember to go slow and take your time. If you experience any pain, decrease the pressure.

What options do I have for Ejaculation Control?

There are a few options you have to control your ejaculation. The first option is de-sensitizing your penis during intercourse. You can do this buy applying a Lubricant to your Penis before intercourse. This will lesson your Penis Sensitivity. You can also lesson the sensation your penis receives by slipping a Sleeve / Extension over your penis. Another option is using a Cock Ring.

What is a Cock Ring?

A Cock Ring is a sex aid used for sustaining an erection for a longer than ordinary period. Some men say they enjoy the 'pressure' that cock rings afford.

Cock rings are used to increase sensitivity both before and during orgasm, to make the penis larger and harder, and to maintain erection (even after orgasm). They can either be placed behind the scrotum and base of the penis, just at the base of the penis and balls or just around the balls. Normally, once you experience orgasm, you usually lose erection, but if you have a cock ring on you can maintain your erection and still satisfy your partner until they reach orgasm. If you have never tried a cock ring before, always start out with one that is adjustable so it can be easily removed.

Metal or latex rings are placed in position by first inserting one testicle through the ring, followed by the second testicle, and finally the flaccid penis is pulled through. The penis must be flaccid when putting on a metal ring. Rubber rings are sometimes used under the glans for penile stimulation but are removed for intercourse.

Leather snap-on rings are placed around the base of the penis below the testicles and are adjustable in size, depending on the snap that is fastened. This is one of the safer cock rings for beginners because it is easily removed.

Please Be Aware: A cock ring should be removed if the penis begins to tingle or burn. If the cock ring is metal this may create a complication because an erect penis must first become flaccid. This can be accomplished by either wrapping an ace bandage around the penis or applying cold compresses. If neither of these methods work, a physician should be consulted as soon as possible.

What is a Penis Sleeve / Extension?

A Penis Sleeve or Extension is fitted over the penis. This is an easy way to increase your girth and penis length. We have penis extensions that will add up to 3" to your penis. Penis sleeves are fitted over your penis to give added stimulation to your partner.

What is a PPA?

A PPA is short for Prosthetic Penis Attachment. Just like it says, its a 'fake penis' that you attach to yours. PPA's are for men who want to give their partner added pleasure by having a larger penis and/or for men who cannot sustain erections that satisfy their lover. When you purchase a PPA you do not need any other accessories, like a harness. A PPA can be used with or without and erection. The included straps help keep in place.

What is a Hollow Extension?

A Hollow Extension is basically a PPA that you strap on to a harness. You can put the Hollow Extension over your penis and then later strap it onto a harness to give your lover more action. You will need to purchase a Hollow Extension and a Harness. When shopping, you want to ensure the extension you purchase will 'fit' with the harness you buy. For example, Doc Johnson offer's a the Vac-U-Lock Strap on Sex System. All parts are interchangeable. Since the Hollow Extension will strap on to a harness, it will provide more support than a PPA. You can find all these items in our Strap-on section.

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Date 5/12/2016
Cock rings are good for those times you just cant get hard enough plus if you have a vibrating 1 its good for her to
Date 8/23/2016
Roger W.
I never used a hollow extension but I have used a pump and different cock rings for years. It gets me harder
Date 10/14/2017
45/m here, usually pump and slide a cock ring right over before sex. helps keep me going
Date 10/16/2017
I cant always hold an erection for the entire duration so we have a hollow strapon that she ordered. Honestly its one of the best sex toys we own because it gives me a chance to still pleasure her and give her the intimacy she wants when I cant stay hard. And there have been times that just using it on her has gotten me hard enough for sex, because she writhes beneath me and its so hot. Dont be embarrassed, guys. It can only help
Date 1/23/2018
My husband and I recently got a cock ring and I think it's great! I can feel the vibrations on my clit and he says he likes feeling them as well. Definitely spiced up sex for us
Date 1/27/2018
I want an extension or hollow strap on so I can pleasure my wife with a big fat dick
Date 1/31/2018
What about all those pills for size and sperm?

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