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What Happens When A Man Orgasms

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
What Happens Men Orgasm Physically

Have you ever wondered, exactly, what happens when a man orgasms? You know it feels good, he usually makes some indication that he is about to cum, and, of course, the ejaculation is a pretty definitive indication that he has had an orgasm. However, what, exactly is happening in his body during an orgasm? Read on to find out!

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It is true that in the male orgasm the first step is arousal. Contrary to popular belief, a man does have to be aroused to get an erection AND an erection is usually needed for a complete orgasm (although, you can ejaculate without a full-on hard-on). In the male body there is a prevalent hormone called Testosterone. If a man has the proper amount of Testosterone in his bloodstream he will be able to respond to things he finds arousing with an erection. If not, he will have issues with arousal, libido and with orgasm.

The penis is a completely amazing appendage! To achieve an erection, blood is rushed into the penis through tiny veins at a rate of 50 times the normal flow rate! Once the blood has caused the penis to grow into a firm erection, little valves close off the blood flow until an orgasm happens (or stimulation is discontinued). This erection is now extremely sensitive to touch and stimulation.

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Once the male is nearing orgasm his body begins to prepare for it. His heart rate will accelerate, his testicles (balls) will shrink up near his body, there will be involuntary contractions of his penis and anus, his penis will leak a clear fluid (pre-ejaculation fluid) that will flow out to prepare the penis for the sperm by changing the PH balance of the canal. At this point the man is likely getting to a point of almost desperation for orgasm and his body is getting ready for the 2-part release which is the male orgasm.

Interestingly, a male orgasm comes in two phases that happen almost simultaneously. The orgasm itself is separate from the ejaculation. The first part is called “emission” and this is the commonly known “point of no return” stage of orgasm. Here, semen becomes present at the urethral canal, getting ready to be ejaculated from the penis during orgasm. Next, when a man is stimulated to this point, a series of very fast and strong contractions happen within the penis which causes the emission to be ejaculated out of the penile opening at an amazing 28 mph! This whole process takes usually less than a minute and is extremely pleasurable for the man.

After orgasm, a man feels very relaxed and enters into what is called “the refractory period.” This is the amount of time in which he is unable to achieve another orgasm. His penis will be a bit sensitive and his brain has moved on from thoughts of sex. His erection will slowly deflate and return to a flaccid state. The refractory period varies from man to man, and can last minutes, hours or even days! During early refractory period many men just want to sleep or do nothing. It is a very relaxing time when all the stress and anticipation and sexual tension have left the body. So, when he falls asleep after sex it is natural!

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Date 9/1/2015
i luv to lube up his cock and use two hands to stroke him hard! obvs, my fav way for him to cum is at the same time as me! i do luv makin him cum with my hands tho, cuz i get to focus on him!
Date 9/2/2015
OMG ME TOO! i love seeing him cum! my fav is to have him cum on my chest! IDK why i love it but it gets me so wet! then i play with myself until he's ready for round 2! :D :D :D
Date 9/3/2015
I love having him cum inside me, and then he holds it in there and plays with my clit until I get all worked up again and his cock gets hard inside me! Its the most incredible feeling! I'm getting wet just thinking about it!
Date 9/4/2015
Illustrated Man
the contractions right before ejaculation are what make prostate milkin feel so good! my gf and i have been playing around with it and it feels so incredible when i'm just about to cum and she puts a finger in there and strokes it. instant orgasm!
Date 9/4/2015
Larry V.
Im gonna show this to my wife when she gets mad when I fall asleep after sex. Its not my fault, nature made me like that! Though "days" seems like a long time to be resting!
Date 10/25/2015
Ellen P
I miss my old best buddy. He had the best penis, a little crooked, just right. What can I do to make my husband want to do me more?
Date 12/26/2015
Mikey B
How do I make my wife squirt? She wants to but it hasn't happened yet. We tryed different things but haven't had any success.
Date 2/9/2016
D. Williams
I squirt often, but mostly with oral sex and especially with finger inserted while massaging performing oral! Anal can be more intense!
Date 7/1/2016
I like to get on top, sit on his dick, lean over with my titties in his face and bounce my butt up and down really fast. Makes him cum so quick!!!
Date 4/23/2018
I love it when he stays inside me and I squeeze his penis with my pelvic muscles until he gets hard again and we go again! I also love edging, when he goes almost to the point of no return then we suddenly stop. Sometimes he actually has a little orgasm without ejaculation. He says it feels great. Then we change positions and start up again. He can do this 2 or 3 times giving me plenty of time for multiples.!
Date 4/25/2018
What about hunger? I always want a sandwich and some water after sex

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