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Masturbation Tips For Men

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
Masturbation Tips For MenView All Sex Toys For Men

OK guys, before you go ballistic on me for attempting to write an article on MALE masturbation, I will assure you that the bulk of this article will be written by a MAN – my hubby!  Since he has learned LOADS about masturbation in the last few years, I find it only appropriate that he bring his masculine view to the table and provide you guys with a helpful list of masturbation myths and mistakes in an attempt to bring more satisfying masturbation to you!  While you may assume that every guy knows how to masturbate, it simply isn’t true.  Perhaps you didn’t have a male role model to explain it to you.  Or, you are stuck in dry hand land.  Even more, you have never used a masturbator or a toy designed for male pleasure!  There is much to learn my masculine friends, and hopefully there will be ONE thing that this article can teach you.  So, read on and enjoy and please let me know, did we teach YOU anything new about your pleasure?


Alright guys, let me just say that this article will most likely lack some of Mikayla’s luster but I promised I would help out so here goes.  Like many of my buddies I learned to masturbate by trial and error.  Sex was not discussed in my household and my mother practically passed out when she caught mewith the Sears catalog (yes, it was all I had) when I was about 11.  I just sort of evolved my thing and if it felt good I would do it.  I think this is how many boys learn to masturbate.  When I met Mikayla, I was still living in what she terms ‘Dry Hand Land’ and I had no idea that any girlfriend of mine would want to know or care about my masturbation.  I will never forget the day she lectured me on masturbation.  We were sitting on the floor in my room and her hand inadvertently pulled out one of my ‘crunchy’ socks from under the bed.

I was HORRIFIED to say the least, but she just laughed and said, “you are such a man!”  Then she asked if she could watch me masturbate so she would 
know better how I liked things!  No way!  No, No, NOOOOOO way was I going to let my new girlfriend see me doing that.  She ignored my refusal and I thought it was safe……until she brought me some lubricant.  Handing it to me, she said, “I notice that your crusty socks only had cum on them, you need to lubricate, it will feel better.”  Um, sorry dear, but I have been cranking my chain for years without any assistance (maybe some soap in the shower) and she was NOT going to get me to veer from the trusted road.  The truth was, I tried it that night and boy was I glad!  The closest thing to lubricant that I had was some lotion that I snuck from my Mom.  A masturbation lubricant was so much better!  My experience was so fantastic that I would never go back to ‘Dry Hand Land’ once I pulled my penis into ‘Lubrication Station.”  While it took me literally a year to tell her that I had tried it, she already knew.  Just one reason I married that woman!  She taught me so many things, and that was the first lesson on masturbation that I ever had.  Guys, if you are using a dry hand or a perfumy lotion – step away and step up to a masturbation lotion!  Since those pre-marital days I have tried many lubrications and I have a few that I love.  I try to find ones (or tend to like ones) that are thicker – such as Elbow Grease masturbation crème.  Long lasting and gives great friction.  I also like ID Cream For Men as it is an oil based lotion that has great slickeryness and long lasting quality.  If you prefer things much slicker, and thinner, then try Astroglide, or ID Pleasure Lubricant.  Every dude has their preference so try to find what will work for you.  I guarantee you that adding some lubricant to the party will make masturbation more fun and you won’t chafe your manhood any longer!
Sexy Couple Foreplay

Every guy knows that there are those times when the quick release is necessary.  Stressful day, blue-balls from your current girlfriend who is withholding from you, or just needing to get to sleep.  Masturbation is not a long process for some men or even most.  My average time was under 5 minutes and I was just fine with that.  As I got older I started to see the more intimate side of masturbation, mainly due to some activities with Mikayla.  She loves to give me handjobs and blowjobs and I love to receive them.  The difference when she does them is that the process was much longer.  She is an expert at drawing out the process and making it more of a slow turn on.  I never did that by myself and Mikayla wanted to know why.  The truth was, I wondered what the point was?  I mean really?  What I learned was if on occasion I did spend some time doing the slow build-up and release (like when I am on business trips and have that solo time) that my stamina in general got better!  The next time I had sex I lasted much longer!  I realized that my wife was a sexual genius!  Prolonging solo sex play meant prolonging general sex too!  Not only did I become better at withholding, but I became more aware of different things that I liked.  Taking time to masturbate and trying new “holds” and pressures is a learning lesson even for the seasoned masturbator.  Fantasy, adult entertainment, masturbation during phone sex – all of these things can greatly add to your experience.  I am not saying the 5 minute handy is a bad thing, in fact I still do that at least a few times a week during my morning or evening showers, but having that solo time to experiment is a big plus to your overall sexual health.

New Masturbation Tips For Men


Along the same lines as increasing masturbation time is the pressure / pleasure situation.  If men are like me, and I would guess many are, masturbation becomes almost robotic.  You grab your penis, rub him with the patented ‘orgasm’ technique and you are done.  All men have a preference.  Mine was using 3 fingers, grasping around the head mainly and rubbing furiously until I came.  When I met Mikayla she showed me that there were different ways to go about it.  While she wanted to know what I liked (and she was the first girl to ever ask me or care) she also wanted to show me some new techniques.  I didn’t start of showing her what I liked during masturbation (as my introduction to this article suggests) but I did get around to it eventually.  Mikayla and I share such a close sexual bond that showing her my private masturbation techniques seemed natural.  So, what she taught me is that there are different pressure techniques that can work wonders during solo time as well.  I am willing to bet that there are few women who would handle your penis exactly like you do.  Mikayla didn’t and that was fine.  However, what I learned it if you vary the pressure, change the placement of your hands, or even just concentrate on your own balls a little more (yes, I said it) then your solo time can be so much different and better in many ways!  For example, Mikayla always does this technique where she brings up her hand around my shaft, leaving just the tip exposed.  Then she rubs her hand across the top of my penis for a few seconds, then goes back down.  I explained to her how much I love that, and the next time we had phone sex she asked me to do it.  I was like, “ummm to myself?”  Sure, I had two hands so I did it.  Wow, what a difference in the explosion!  So guys, don’t be afraid to experiment with different pressures or techniques, you will be glad you did!


I will easily admit that I had never used a ‘masturbator’ before, unless you count setting up pillows and such for a fantasy romp with Pamela Anderson.  I was resigned to using my hand, my hand was fine, and why change it.  Then I got married – why use a masturbator when you have your hand AND a wife!  Well, I was wrong – again – and I admit it.  Guys, we are horny. Horny, horny, horny.  Married, single, dating we are horny.  Period.  We are going to masturbate whether we are having sex or not.  We have solo times we have quickies, we have sex.  Masturbation doesn’t end.  Why commit yourself to the boundaries of your hand when you can have a masturbator help you out a bit?  I know, controversial idea, but come on guys – try one.  I got my first masturbator from Mikayla as an anniversary present on our 5th anniversary.  It was a small, jelly sleeve that you put around your penis to masturbate with.  It was cool, but now 5 years later I have tried so many more and have some tried and true favorites now.  Hey, if women can have a collection of vibrators, why cant we?

There are different kinds and styles and materials.  I have tried at least one of each so I will try to give you an explanation and example for your shopping ease.


These are the most economical and most varied.  They are made of a stretchy jelly material and usually come in many different colors.  Some look like a woman’s vagina, some are just a sleeve.  Some have a little vibrating bullet inside.  Mainly, they are a great starting point for experimenting with masturbators.  A favorite in this category is the Head Honcho because it is comfy, stretch, and has 3 textured chambers for enhancing some of the sensations.  It is also clear – which makes for an interesting play time.


The soft feel masturbators are often made of cyberskin (which is a silky soft material) and add a new level of comfort or reality to the party.  More expensive than the jellies, these come in vaginal hole replicas or even mouths (if you like the BJ fantasy).  In this category I love the CYBERSKIN ICE VAGINA.  It is basically a Cyberskin sleeve but the entrance is a realistic looking, shaven vagina.  It is accurate size, had nice suction and it adds to the pleasure because what you are using looks like a vagina.  It is relatively inexpensive and great for fantasy time.


These are probably the envy of all young boys!  Realistic vaginas are the most expensive masturbators, they are made from cyberskin, usually have more than just the vaginal lips – like the butt cheeks and anal opening too.  They are heavy –which adds to the sensation actually – and they are really life-like.  I have had the pleasure of using the ALEXIS WINSTON PUSSY AND ASS, complete with anal opening.  It was a cool experience because it was definitely a fantasy to be using this other ‘woman’ while my wife was in the other room.  It had great feelings and texture and was a lot of fun to use!


In the words of Tim the Tool Man Taylor, “Arrrgggh, power me up!”  Electric or battery powered toys add a certain stimulation to the party.  When I tried such a masturbator, I loved it!  One favorite is the VIBRATING SUPER HEAD HONCHO and it was part jelly feel sleeve and part battery operated genius.  You place your penis into the stroker, turn on the power and stroke yourself while it vibrates!  VERY nice and fun to use.


Finally, as I have found out, penis pumps are not for those small guys wanting to add size.  Pumps can help with girth, stamina and even provide a nice masturbation session.  These items can really suck your penis – and that is a good thing.  I have, use and love the GRAND PRIX STROKER.  It is really an interesting experience.  If you want to have an intense feeling of being caressed and sucked, invest in a pump!
FINAL THOUGHTS: I am not sure how this article stacks up against my wife’s but I gave it the old college try - and I will admit, she proofread it and gave me suggestions on how to say things....delicately! I hope that any guy who reads this will try something new. Masturbation is such a normal thing that even old married guys like me can participate in. Having toys and fun for ourselves seems only fair. So, whether you are single, dating or married – consider some masturbation products. I am sure it will bring your solo play to a whole new level.

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Date 2/3/2015
Im so embarassed to try a masturbator but I honestly really want one.
Date 2/27/2015
nuthin beats a good bj but penis pumps "cum" close ... lol
Date 5/13/2015
C. Jackson
my GF got me a realistic pussy for our anniversary and WOOOOOOOOW so good!!!

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