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Make Her Merry With A Massager

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Spice It Up!
Why to buy your honey a vibrator for Christmas
Many people are under the misconception that a woman who has a vibrator in her nightstand drawer must be unsatisfied sexually. This is absolutely NOT true. The woman who has a vibrator in her nightstand drawer is a happy, relaxed and sexually fulfilled woman! When a man gives the gift of a personal massager for Christmas he is saying 2 things to his lover: (1) I care about your pleasure with and without me (2) I am not intimidated by sexual enhancement products! What could be more loving than giving your lover an item that she can use with or without you to pleasure herself?

Many men want to give their partner a personal massager but are confused about which one to buy or they are concerned about what their partner will think if they give them such a gift. Rest assured guys, your lady will love her new massager and she will love you more for thinking of her. Giving a sexy gift is a great way to ignite the fires and bring romance back to the bedroom.

So, how do you choose the perfect personal massager? Well, that really depends on you and how well you know your lover. If she is new to toys – and you really do not know too much about her ‘sexual masturbation style’ then simple is the way to go. For these ladies I would suggest something like a BASIC BULLET, a mini-vibe such as THE POCKET ROCKET, or one of the simpler toys made for women, like the DR. LAURA BERMAN JULIET CLITORAL ENCASER. These items are simple, unintimidating and work well for clitoral stimulation – which every woman wants. The clitoral encase is a unique new item that is designed just for women –and I highly recommend it. The bullet and pocket rocket are great for both partners – male or female – so you can get in on the action. Any of these simple toys are great for first timers!

Perhaps you are not sure your partner would like something that vibrates (although I wouldn’t know why not) – and you want to get her something a little more….upscale. Well, there are plenty of items to choose from in this category as well. For example, our selection of GLASS DILDOS are not only extremely attractive, but they are fun to use. Glass dildos can be heated and cooled for new sensations, they can be used anally or vaginally, they are sturdy, hypoallergenic, unbreakable, and will last a lifetime! They are truly the gift that keeps on giving. IF your partner may want something a little ‘different’ glass is the way to go.

Along the same lines in upscale nature as the glass dildos are the premium lines that TooTimid carries such as the JIMMYJANE LINE. The JimmyJane vibrators are truly unique. They are motor driven, super quiet, sleek, simple, waterproof and really, really effective! While they are expensive, if your pocketbook can handle the price tag, these items really say “I want you to be happy” in a seductively simply way!

Similarly, the LELO LINE has some items that truly do not look like sexual enhancement products. These personal massagers are made for a woman’s special contours. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and functions. They can be used by both partners, and giving the gift of Lelo says “I want US to be happy.”

Now, perhaps your lover is not new to toys at all. Maybe you have had the opportunity to talk about or discuss what she likes in a toy. If this is the case, then you must consider getting the crème of all sexual enhancement products – the DUAL ACTION. I have many favorites in the dual action category. The BLUSH CRUSH is a toy that does triple duty! I challenge your partner to use this item and NOT be writhing in orgasm in minutes! The iVIBE RABBIT is also one of my personal faves. It is simple and classic and definitely would be ‘recognizable’ to your woman! Or, go for the ultimate- the ULTIMATE BENDABLE LOVE BUNNY. This unique Dual action has all the characteristics of a typical dual action, with the added bonus of a totally bendable and maneuverable clitoral stimulator! Now THAT is fantastic! No matter which item you chose, watching your lover or helping your lover, use these items is a wonderful partner activity.

While there are many sexual enhancement products to choose from – lotions, lubes, toys, bondage gear – the ultimate gift for your partner is a personal massager. Giving the gift of sexual enhancement is a loving gesture that she will not soon forget. Pleasure for your lover ensures pleasure for you as well. So make her merry this year and wrap up some fun by giving the gift that keeps on giving! Merry Christmas!

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