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5 Toys For Men With Low Sexual Stamina

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
5 Toys For Men With Low Sexual Stamina

Do you think that sex toys are just for women? Do you think that there are no products available that can help you with your low sexual stamina? Guess what? You are wrong on both accounts! There are a variety of sexual enhancement products for men AND many of them can help you to increase your stamina in bed! So what is stopping you? Look at these 5 toys that you can use for fun and for increasing your sexual stamina!

Cock rings are really not a novelty item like many people think – they have a legitimate purpose and they are a very effective and inexpensive way to increase sexual stamina. The trick is learning how to use a cock ring the correct way! Many depictions of cock rings simply show it slid down onto the shaft of the penis. Nope. This will do, well, nothing in the way of increasing sexual stamina. In order for a cock ring to work as intended it needs to go UNDER the balls in order to place the pressure on the spot which controls the flow of blood into the penis. When placed properly, in a semi-flaccid state, the penis will become erect and the blood will remain in the penis longer! In fact, if you have mild ED (erectile dysfunction) a cock ring can help you last longer as well. Cock rings are available in a variety of sizes and styles, but for your inaugural use, simply buy a pack that has 3 sizes and is a standard ring. Find the size that works for you and give it a go!

Recommended Cock Ring: Double Trouble Enhancer

Male masturbators are great toys for men in general because it puts some variety into their masturbation time (hey, it is different and more fun than your hand!) They can also help with sexual stamina because many masturbator sleeves and faux vaginas will feel better and more real than standard hand play – this means you can practice getting a little more desensitized to sexual stimulation! Furthermore, when masturbating with a sleeve you can practice the start/stop method. This is when you bring yourself close to orgasm – and stop! Then build back up again – and stop! This training of staving off orgasm is extremely effective in increasing sexual stamina but it is not always easy to do with a live moaning and wiggling partner! With a masturbation sleeve you can control everything without worrying about pleasing your partner.

Recommended Penis Sleeve: Super Head Honcho

OK, so yes, penis pumps are used to make stronger and larger erections (and what is possibly bad with that?) but they are also used for increasing blood flow and making an overall longer-lasting erection. Many men who are avid pumpers will tell you that when they utilize a pumping schedule their erections in general are longer lasting. This can help with sexual stamina issues that are ED related especially. Penis pumps are like masturbators as well, so it will also help with the aforementioned sensation issues. Whether you pump before sex, or as private practice, penis pumps are great ways to increase the strength of your erection.

Recommended Penis Pump: Black Jack Stroker

Yes, these are real. Yes, they work. There are two different kinds: erection enhancing creams and desensitizing creams. The enhancement creams offer a formula that stimulates blood flow to the penis, helping with stronger and longer lasting erections. The desensitizing creams act as a lubricant that also mildly desensitizes the penis by creating a mildly numb sensation. This, in turn, lets you have sexual stimulation without the intense sensations of sex and therefore makes it harder to reach orgasm! Many men report an additional 10-25 minutes of sexual play! It may take a little bit of time to adjust to the numb sensation, but once you do, you can keep going and going and going!

Recommended Prolonging Cream: Body Action Prolonging Lubricant

OK, so this one may confuse you a bit, but follow my logic here. A hollow strap on fits OVER the penis (whether limp or erect) and allows the man to continue stimulating his partner despite the state of his erection. Now, if you are nearing your orgasm, and want to continue to stimulate your partner, but know you will climax if you do – put on the hollow strap on! Firstly, you still get the visual pleasure of pleasing your partner while you give your penis a little chance to come down from impending orgasm. Secondly, some hollow straps ons vibrate, so you can still get some stimulation while you are taking your break. Men who use hollow strap ons report that while they do not feel the same direct stimulation, they definitely still enjoy the act of sex and do feel some semblance of friction and sensation. Definitely a win-win for both of you! Then, when you are ready to climax, remove the toy and resume as normal. Think of it as tagging out for a round!

Recommended Hollow Strap On: Silicone Hollow Strap-On

Do You Use Sex Toys? Let Us Know!


Date 7/20/2016
Gavin Tracey
Pump helps since ive gotten older helps get to my erection faster, very helpful
Date 7/20/2016
wife got me into them. at first i thought it was weird but she got me a masturbator and it made me cum so hard
Date 7/20/2016
Kylie L.
I want my husband to try a vibrating cock ring for me...
Date 7/20/2016
hollow strapon that we both liek to use. spiced things up a lot but ours doesnt vibrate. i wonder if the wearer feels the vibrations too??? even if its a woman wearer??
Date 8/19/2016
R. King
I enjoy sex toys in the bedroom and have seen many on this site I would like to purchase if it were not for my fear of shipment packaging.Any order I placed would need to be shipped in a plain brown box, or priority mail box. I have ordered online before and the item/items always arrive in an priority mail envelope leaving no second thoughts about whats inside. For me to order sex toys that would be delivered to my home address I would have to have a guarantee any and all items would be shipped in a plain cardboard box. Maybe I will get a P.O. Box but then why should I have to spend the extra money if shipping were actually discreet the way it should be.
Date 8/19/2016
TooTimid Customer Service
@R. King, Thanks for the question! All of our packages are shipped discreetly in plain packaging. If you prefer to have your shipment sent in a box, you can always indicate that in the "Customer Comments" section prior to completing your order, and we'll take care of it for you. We know how important privacy is! -Tootimid Customer Service
Date 12/1/2016
R. P.
I had the same worry. They shipped my toys and no one could tell what it was. I did not even know at first
Date 10/10/2017
All my packages I get from here always come in plain brown packaging. The only way I knew what it was, is when I remembered I'd ordered toys from here. Me and the husband both love the toys! They really spice up our love life.
Date 10/10/2017
How do I determine the right size cock ring for me?
Date 10/10/2017
Randa from TooTimid

Hey @Scratch!  Thanks for your question!  Here are some tips:

To find a ring that fits your specific size, you can measure your diameter and use it as a reference as you browse potential rings.  Measure at the base of your shaft (where the cock ring would go).  You typically want to look for rings that have a diameter or a minimum diameter (for stretchy products) that is slightly smaller than your own (around 0.25" and 0.5").  This is especially true for hard or firm rings, but for a first ring, a soft or stretchy one is a good choice.

There are many cock rings that are stretchy or otherwise adjustable that will fit a wide range of sizes.  There are also beginner sets that come with different ring sizes so you can try a few different options while only paying the price for one ring.  These are good options if you aren't sure.

I would also like to mention that TooTimid has an excellent exchange policy, so if you ever have trouble finding the right product the first time around, you can reach out to us!

I hope that helps!  Feel free to contact us any time.  Have a great day!

- Randa from TooTimid
Date 1/11/2018
We have a realistic hollow strap on for PE and now I can satisfy my wife the way she deserves.
Date 1/13/2018
Purchased a pump and it works well. I use it with a cock ring and can last a bit longer than I typically could before. Thanks
Date 1/17/2018
Eric j
I find a butt plug helps stimulate me my erections are harder and I last longer
Date 1/17/2018
Mike T.
My wife and I have tried several hollow strap-ons but she says they are just hard and inflexable.I now use a harness that has two holes,one for the dildo,and one for my penis,where my penis hangs lower it bumps against her butt,which sends me over the edge,while the dildo penetrates her just right.This device has restored sex for both of us.I suffer from a disease that causes a curvature of the male member,extremely quick ejaculation and eventually ed.
Date 3/20/2019
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