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Latex Allergies

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
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Nothing ruins a good orgasm like really horrible itching. Although most genital itching has a pretty obvious cause – a sexually transmitted disease, razor burn, a yeast infection, or even chafing on dry skin – sometimes there's a stealthier culprit.  What if the very products you're using to keep you safe from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are the ones that are giving you the symptoms that are driving you crazy?  It could be that you have a latex allergy.


A latex allergy is an allergy like any other, caused by your immune system overreacting to a foreign substance.  In substance, a latex allergy is no different than being allergic to ragweed, and substantially less horrible than being allergic to chocolate.  Interestingly, some people's latex allergies may not actually be to latex.  Some scientists think that many people are actually allergic to other plant proteins or processing contaminates found in latex products, which may explain why some people with latex allergies react to certain latex items but not others.
latexallergies  One of the most common symptoms of latex allergy is contact dermatitis.  Contact dermatitis is a type of rash that occurs on the part of the body that is touching, i.e. contacting, the latex.  Swelling and itching after contact with gloves, condoms, or other latex products are the usual signs of latex allergy and should be taken seriously.  Some scientists believe that latex allergies can become more severe over time, and so eliminating latex from your life as much as possible may help you to avoid the possibility of a serious reaction from an accidental contact later in life.  Anaphylactic shock from contact with latex may not be common, but it's far from rare.  This type of severe full-body allergic reaction can be life threatening.  The people who are most likely to suffer from latex allergies are those who are exposed to latex on a regular basis.  Nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals seem to have a higher than average incidence of latex allergy, as do individuals with medical conditions that require them to have frequent medical or dental examinations.  Simply using condoms has not been shown to put individuals at risk of latex allergy, although condoms can cause reactions and symptoms in people who are already allergic.

What To Look For In A Sex Toy


Two common forms of contraception, diaphragms and condoms, can both prove problematic for individuals with latex allergies.  Fortunately, most other contraceptive options do not contain latex, and latex-free condoms are available for those who prefer non-prescription forms of contraception.  If you are allergic to latex, however, it is important to inform your doctor, particularly before undergoing any invasive medical procedure.  Medical professional will not only need to make certain to use latex-free gloves during any exam; many other pieces of medical equipment may contain latex and will also need to be avoided.


It's a little scary when you can't use latex gloves, condoms, or dental dams to keep your sexual interactions safe, but there are other good options.  Polyurethane condoms, male and female, are a good latex alternative and are probably almost as effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs – although they are somewhat more likely to break. Lambskin condoms, on the other hand, should not be used to protect against STDs. They are effective against pregnancy, but are not an acceptable method for disease protection.  As for gloves, both nitrile and vinyl gloves should be safe for people with latex allergies, and, as a bonus, nitrile gloves are available in several pretty colors.  For oral sex, dental dams can be made from polyurethane condoms as easily as they can from latex condoms, and pre-made polyurethane dams are also available on the Internet.


Individuals who have latex allergies may experience reactions to certain types of sex toys that contain latex, either as their primary ingredient or an additive.  Toys that are made in molds that are also used to make latex models may also lead to problems.  Soft rubber toys are the ones most likely to contain latex, so it's probably best to avoid jelly dildos and other similar toys.  Fortunately, there are many other toy options out there, and the number continues to grow.  If you're allergic to latex, look for toys made out of glass, silicone, metal, or other non-irritating materials.  You can also cover your toys with polyurethane condoms and handle them with nitrile or vinyl gloves, but finding toys that don't irritate your skin is probably much easier in the long run.


In conclusion, although latex allergies can make your sex life a little more complicated, they don't have to make it any less fun.  There are alternatives for most, if not all, latex containing products that you might wish to use in the course of your nighttime entertainment, and exploring all the available options can lead to some very enjoyable evenings indeed.

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Date 10/24/2013
A recent personal experience that may make this issue clearer. I purchased a Doc Johnson Big Cock & Balls # 7001-03-CD gel dildo. It arrived in undamaged or tampered packaging, was removed from the packaging, rinsed under the tap, and inserted into my partner’s vagina for about 1 minute, no deeper than 1 inch, then all hell broke loose. She ran into the bathroom screaming in pain and began to rinse herself under the tap in the bath. Her cries were agonising, and the water was not doing anything to help. Between sobs she was telling me that her vagina was burning and felt like a thousand needles were piercing her. We also tried milk, and finally a mild baby shampoo over the course of the next hour, before some relief was felt. The pain continued for a further 2 hours, and a lingering sensation over the next 24 hours. I initially thought it was an adverse allergic reaction, and to test this I placed the dildo on my tongue for a moment, and immediately I felt a burning yet numbing sensation. I rinsed my mouth with water and milk repeatedly, but the sensation remained for about 3 hours. We have used jelly/gel toys before with no adverse effects, and it is highly improbable that we both had an allergic reaction. The reality is there is a chemical or compound on or in the jelly dildo that has caused this. The manufacturer, Doc Johnson, has been woeful in addressing this. I have sent them numerous emails, and even an audio recording of my partner that captured her screams of pain, but the only response I got from them was “Yes. This a Doc Johnson product. Big Cock & Balls # 7001-03-CD. This product is made with PVC body safe material. Perhaps the store where you purchased this item can help you with a replacement. Doc Johnson does not warranty products outside of North America. Hope this helps” The do not seem to care that they have caused this injury, and certainly don’t seem to be doing anything to investigate the cause, let alone recall or withdraw these products from the marketplace and protect their consumers. This is just not good enough, and I am making sure that this serious problem becomes public knowledge. I urge you to post your experience on this forum, and any others that you may find. Whilst this sort of issue can be a bit embarrassing to make public, these manufacturers rely on your reluctance to report it to get away with this, and that can’t be allowed to happen. I have also now lodged formal complaints with every Australian, US and California authority with an interest in product and consumer safety, and would encourage people with similar experiences to do so also. This may lead to real action being taken.
Date 7/8/2015
Jacob Fuller
girlfrend has this issue. such a pain in my BUTT!!!!! but i love her so we work around it.
Date 7/22/2015
i did not know about my allergy until i tried to have sex when i was 19. very scary!!
Date 8/1/2015
bad reactions
i have such a bad reaction to latex that i could die if i came into contact with it. luckily you guys have such an awesome selection of latex free stuff that i can feel safe and confident now whenever i want pleasure. the freedom is just as thrilling as the orgasms!
Date 8/19/2015
Mr. Fritz
Me and my wife tried the Lamb Skin condoms for her reactions. I actually prefer them over anything else I've ever tried. The price is worth it!

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