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Is She FAKING Her Orgasm?

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
It is common knowledge that most women, at one time or another for one reason or another, have faked an orgasm.  While, personally, I feel that faking an orgasm is sort of pointless, I mean, YOU are missing out on having a real one – many women have done it!  In any event, if you are a man I am sure you have wondered, “is SHE faking it with ME?”  Most men swear they can tell – and most women will tell you that they can fake it like a porn star.  So, if you want to know if your lover is really having an authentic orgasm, check for these cues and you will know that her O is the real deal!

HAVE A HEART:  An orgasm is a whole body experience that leaves many clues along the way.  One of the hardest to fake is a rapid and strong heartbeat! 
While it is true that sex in and of itself can induce a rapid heartbeat, after orgasm how_to_tell_she_actually_enjoys_having_sex_with_youa woman’s heartbeat becomes very rapid.  So, if you want to know if your woman just had a real O, grab her lightly by the wrist, as if you are stroking her hand, and feel for the beat!

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TENSING AND TIGHTENING:  When your partner has an orgasm – and even as she approaches orgasm – her muscles will tighten.  Specifically, her abdominal muscles, thigh muscles and buttocks.  You will notice in conjunction with the rapid breathing comes these seemingly involuntary contractions of her muscles.  If she is laying there limp and relaxed, yet claiming to be having a mind-blowing O, well, she may be trying to fake it.

PC CONTRACTION:  When a woman has an orgasm, the muscles in her body contract (as described above) and her vaginal (PC muscles) will contract as well.  If you were to watch this happening you would notice her vaginal area and perennial (anal) area contracting.  If you are inside her (either your penis or your fingers) you should feel a strong (and I mean STRONG) contraction around you.  Not just ONE contraction, but many. Like 5 to 10 contractions in a 30 second amount of time.  So, if your woman is moaning and groaning and you feel no contractions, then she may be faking.

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BREATHLESSNESS AND DIRTY TALK:  If your woman is having difficulty catching her breath, is breathing rapidly and heavily, and at the same time is saying surprisingly or even out of character naughty things to you, she is most likely about to have an orgasm!  There is a bit of a psychological change that happens when we (men or women) are about to have an orgasm and we will do about anything to cross over that hump.  Along with this comes a lack of inhibition.  So, if your woman is all of a sudden asking you to “pound her harder” while not being able to catch her breath, she is likely having an orgasm!

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Date 4/27/2015
if you kno her body, you kno if shes faking. my wife and i are going on 10 years and i know the signs wen shes going to cum and when shes getting tired.
Date 5/17/2015
always afraid she is faking them. guess if she is i need to try harder. just wish she would talk to me about it.
Date 5/30/2015
When her pussy contracts around me it is the most amazing feeling in the world!!!!! It normally makes me cum right away because of how good it feels. She never fakes it because I know EXACTLY how her pussy feels when she has one lol.
Date 6/4/2015
Dirty talk is so hot. Biggest turn on when women know how to fuck me verbally.
Date 6/29/2015
i don't understand why women fake. so much easier to just tell us what we are doing wrong. can be really sexy too. ladies don't be afraid to tell your man what is up. nothing gets solved when you just fake it.
Date 8/7/2015
Laura Connell
I can't fake....59 going on strong, i could teach these Fake women a thing or two... Why Fake is when it feels so great to cum..... If UR man isn't doing what you like Tell him or move his hands.. or do yourself and let him take over...Sex/making love with someone is a mutual relaxing no holding back EROTIC act..... Dam enjoy :)

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