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Mikayla's Wet And Wild Orgasm

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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I get asked quite a lot if I “really” use all the toys that I have.  The answer is a resounding “ABSOLUTELY!”  I love sex toys, gels, lubes, restraints, dildos, vibrators, anal toys – you get the picture, right?  I love adding in something fun and sexy to intimate times with my partner.  Especially when the relationship is not exactly new any longer and it is fun to bring in some sexy things to amp up the erotic value.  So, in order to demonstrate that I really DO use the toys – as well as provide a little erotic entertainment – I decided to provide little vignettes to my sexual escapades which I will call:  Mikayla’s Adventures in Toyland.  Enjoy!

Even though I have a steady boyfriend (and we have a play partner), there are those nights when I find myself horny and, well, alone.  Masturbation is an important part of my life.  Not only does it feel great, but having regular orgasms helps to keep my equipment working properly and keeps me in-tune with my body.  I have a plethora of items which help me to make my masturbation time amazing.

Friday night, a glass of wine, some flirty texts back and forth to John and I was amped up and ready to explode!  I wandered into bathroom and decided that a nice, warm bath with my wine and a few of my favorite toys would do the trick!  I went and perused my waterproof items and decided on my Silicone Jack Rabbit One Touch, my G Spot Glass DildoIntense Sexual Stimulation Orgasmand my Xtreme Turbo Bullet.  All waterproof, all with batteries or fully charged.

Bath full, bath salts in, wine glass next to the tub, soft music playing, and my assorted toys at the ready I slipped into the tub.  I love hot baths and the relaxation that they bring.  I also love that I am enveloped in the warmth of the water with full access to my entire body.  I love to caress myself when I am soapy and my hands can slide effortlessly up and down my body.  There is something super sensual about water fun – whether it be alone or with a partner.

I was already aroused just thinking about play time but now I was REALLY aroused.  I reached for my Xtreme Turbo Bullet first.  I was in the mood to have a few, quick orgasms before building up to the bigger ones.  It is a fairly strong toy as to vibrations.  I turned it on and cycled to the mid-level power and sunk it beneath the water directly to my clit.  As aroused as I was it took a mere half a minute to bring me to a solid orgasm.  Amping up the power, I went for a few more.  The sensation of having an orgasm under the blanket of steamy water was intoxicating!

Taking a break from my clitoral attentions, I moved the bullet up my body to my nipples.  That little O works wonderfully around nipples as well.  I love nipple stimulation and can feel it right down to my clitoris.  I reached out and grabbed my G-Spot glass toy and worked it under the water, spreading my legs so that my right leg dangled outside of the bathtub a bit, giving me more access.  I left the bullet on my nipple, trying not to splash the water as to make it move.  I inserted the glass toy slowly, gently.  Having orgasmed gave me natural lubrication and made the insertion much easier.  This toy has a delectable G-Spot tip that I rubbed back and forth on my G-spot with; feeling that build-up of pleasure.  As the little bullet buzzed around my nipples, I was consumed with sensations of pleasure.  I felt myself building to a nice orgasm.  I started to speed up my thrusts….faster…deeper…the bullet fell off into the water but it didn’t matter, the glory of waterproof toys!  Finally, a wonderful climax left me panting and breathless and clenching the toy inside of me!

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I sank deeply into the tub, allowing the waves of pleasure to continue washing over me.  The bullet was like a tiny hot tub jet buzzing underneath the water.  I retrieved it and turned it off, letting it drop outside of the tub.  I closed my eyes and just allowed the pleasure and the relief from that release.  The water was beginning to cool, so I knew I wanted to get a few more orgasms out before I had to remove myself from the tub.  I took my Silicone One-Touch Rabbit and placed her under the water.  I love the smoothness of this toy.  It is much like a traditional rabbit vibe, yet different.  The all-in-one connectedness of the toy makes it more sleek and elegant, and the powerful little bunny ears are amazingly powerful.

I once again spread my legs and positioned my silicone friend at my opening, pushing in slowly.  Still tight from the last orgasm, I had to push a bit but once she was in I felt that lovely stretch of being filled once again.  I pressed the button and she sprang to life inside me.  Adjusting just so, I found my sweet spot where my clit was being teased by the rabbit ears and my insides were being deliciously teased.  A teeny more adjustment and I was having delicious orgasms almost non-stop!  One – two – three – I could have stayed there all night! Except, the water was cooling down!  I removed my toy, placed it by the others and begrudgingly got up out of the tub.  Feeling remarkably relaxed and sated.  Sometimes there is nothing better than getting a little wet and wild!

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Date 12/8/2015
Courtney 771
I LOVE waterproof toys! nothing beats getting off in the shower!!!!
Date 12/8/2015
I have one waterproof vibrator I like to use in the shower every once in a while when I can't get any private time. It always gives me a quick fix!
Date 12/8/2015
todd pyers
i like hoping into the shower with my wife and fucking in the AM before work ;)
Date 12/8/2015
Jessica 0
I am looking for a quiet waterproof toy

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