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Improve Your Sex Life with These 10 Toys!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Spice It Up!
Sometimes we forget that sex toys are not just for the single ladies but are also great enhancements for your couple! Whether married a long time or newly together, sex toys and sexual products are a fantastic way to bring some fun to your sex life. Sexual enhancement products are just that: enhancements – and should never be looked at as a replacement. Neither partner should be intimidated or afraid to include toys in the bedroom – instead, look at it as a fun way to explore together! Whether something romantic like a massage oil, something fun and flirty like some furry handcuffs, or something buzzingly erotic like a vibrator– sex toys bring some va va voom into your bedroom!

After Glow Massage Candle

One of my favorite items for couples is this fantastic massage candle. Not only can it be lit to provide ambiance to the bedroom, but when the wax melts, it turns into a nice, warm, soothing massage oil! Yep, you read right. Simply pour the melted oil carefully on to your partner’s back (or front) and massage the tensions away and the romance IN! Massages are known as the “gateway activity” for many couples because it is a wonderful way to connect with each other intimately and the simple act of rubbing your partner’s body causes arousal for both partners! Now just to decide who is the rub-er and who will be the rub-ee!

Oral Delight Couples Kit

One thing I have heard consistently from both women and men on TooTImid is: I want MORE ORAL SEX! Oral sex is a wonderful way to begin an intimate encounter as well as to be very close to your partner. Furthermore, oral sex may be the only way some women will orgasm, so oral sex is important to a relationship. This adorable little oral sex kit has everything you need to give great oral sex to your partner – Good Head Gel for the man and LickMeLicker Gel for the woman. Plus, a little massager and tongue attachment. This little kit is sure to make oral sex fun AND tasty! So, if your woman is wanting more oral, try this little kit. Get her warmed up and then use the little massager on her. Definitely adding some spice to your licking life!

Oral Pleasure Mints

Okay guys, don't think that I forgot about you! I know you want more oral too! These little pleasure mints are the perfect thing for your partner to suck on before she gets her SUCK ON! Available in warming, cooling or numbing, this will help your woman with her gag reflex while also providing a sensory experience for you! Your reactions will make her want to deliver this pleasure to you over and over again – and I am sure you can get on board with that! Also, women, you want oral and so does your man – so step up your game and surprise him by slipping a mint or two into your mouth and wowing his pants off each time! You’ll be glad you tried these and so will he!

Fifty Shades Submit To Me Bondage Kit

Yes I read the books, and no that is not why I want you to have this kit, I want you to have this kit because of what this kit has in it for YOU! This kit has a blindfold, 4 silky tethers and a little paddle! The great thing is the way these restraints work – a simple double ring allows you to slide them over any part of the body (wrist, ankle, thigh) and tighten without pain. Then, attach to each other or to the headboard for easy and soft restraint! This, combined with a blindfold and the leather paddle will have your lover submitting in no time! Bondage is an extremely powerful way to get closer to your partner and to experiment together with sensory and submission play! Trust me, once you bring bondage into the bedroom you will both be eager to try more!

Little Heart Flapper

If you have started down the bondage road, then you will need more toys to explore. I LOVE this little heart flapper for 3 reasons:(1) it is adorable (2) it delivers a delightful sting (3) it can be used on women and men! I know you may think me crazy, but trust me when I say a slight tap to the clit after arousal is a beautiful thing! No , really! Imagine the scene: your beautiful woman tied up and helpless. You have teased her mercilessly with your fingers, tongue and mouth. She is ripe to orgasm and you simply “tap” her clit gently with this flapper! Yup! See what I mean. Fun! Also, if you happen to be exploring your Domme side and your man is helplessly tied at your mercy and you run this little flapper over his cock shaft and tap his balls oh, so gently – he will be begging for mercy! Don’t believe me? Give it a try, I promise you will fall in love with this little flapper!

Turbo Accelerator Double Bullet

Hear me when I say This: EVERY COUPLE NEEDS A BULLET! Bullets are the "must have" item. They are great for all types of foreplay as well as during intercourse. They are small and powerful – as the vibrations are concentrated in the small bullet – but they do not intrude during sex! My favorite thing to do with my bullet is to play it on my clitoris during sex. The combination of the vibrations on my clit mixed with the pleasure of insertion with my partner brings me to a powerful orgasm every time! Also, because they are small, they can be placed there and left during positions like missionary, or held in place during doggy! They can also be used during oral sex to stimulate the woman’s nipples or clit or the man’s shaft and balls! If you have to have one toy – a bullet is the way to go and this particular set comes with 2 very powerful bullets with ticklers to offer the best sensation possible! Baby, you have got to buy a bullet!

Jimmy Jane-Hello Touch

Have you ever wanted your partner to jump at the simplest brush of your fingertip, to moan when you caress their skin? Well, this ingenious little fingertip toy will supercharge your touch to orgasmic proportions! Imagine your lover lying comfortably on the bed while you run your fingertips all over her erogenous zones, sending chills through her. Or, imagine giving your man some oral loving and sending shivers through him while you run your vibratized fingertips down his shaft! These super small and discreet fingertip vibrators will greatly enhance foreplay as well as your sex experience. Imagine fingering your clitoris during sex with the added punch of a powerful vibrator! These mini wonders have infinite possibilities! So, say HELLO to the hello touch today!

Le Reve G-Spot Mini Vibe

"Le Reve" means “The Dream” in French, and that is exactly what this toy is! Have you dreamed of giving your partner that elusive G-spot orgasm? Does she love it when you finger her during oral sex? Do you want to increase her pleasure exponentially? This perfectly designed mini G-spot vibrator will dazzle her and provide mutual pleasure! Many couples struggle with the internal orgasm, and this vibrator will assist you. Whether you want to explore play alone first or have your partner involved, this mini vibe will bring you closer to the G-spot orgasm and closer together! Dream of an explosive sex life and make that dream a reality!

Tyler Knight's Futurotic Cock

I know what you are asking yourself, “if I have a penis, why would using a realistic dildo enhance our sex life?” Because it is not YOUR penis, silly boy! Many couples that I have talked with over the years have said that some of the most erotic sex they have had is when they introduced penile vibrators into their bedroom! The taboo of watching your lover be pleasured by a penis that is not your own – while maintaining the monogamous state of the couple – is very appealing! Plus, you can choose any shape, style, color, length and width that you want! Shop together to find the perfect one for you! My personal taste would be a rather large, well endowed option like the Tyler Knight! If you are going to play then GET IN THE GAME! This realistic feel and look penile substitute will bring hours of fun to your bedroom! Of course, if the idea of seeing a replica of a penis offends your senses, then opt for a nonanatomical option and still explore the sensual play. Whichever you choose, playing together can be a fantasy lived or can teach you valuable information on how your lover reacts to your own member!

Double D Masturbator

So, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, right? RIGHT! It is no secret that men have rampant fantasies about their partners with other women. It is also no secret that women often fantasize about other women – even the completely straight ones! So, how do you bring this fantasy to life without all the jealousy and awkwardness that comes along with it? Get a female replica! I love this one because it is not just the vagina, but also the torso and breasts! Imagine playing with your partner and this little love vixen. You can name her, seduce her, pleasure her. You can have that threesome fantasy in the privacy of your own home! This is also fantastic for illustrating to your man what YOU like done to you with an anatomically correct model! Your man will love having sex with this realistic vagina while you watch. Or, use the anal opening to satisfy that fantasy as well. Whatever your pleasure or fantasy, bringing this masturbator into your bedroom can be the best decision you have made! Affordable and fun, the Double D Masturbator is the gift that keeps on giving!

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