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I want to have sex in public...any tips?

Posted by TooTimid Staff


"Hey Mikayla, my girlfriend and I have been curious about having sex in public. We've read some stories together about couples "getting it on" in public. We're very nervous to try it because we don't want to get in trouble. We don't want anyone to know what we're doing. We just want the thrill of knowing it is just us getting it on together secretly. Do you have any suggestions or advice on how we can make this fantasy of ours come true? Thanks."


Dear Possibly Public:

Kudos to you both for wanting to do something daring in your sex life! Acting out fantasies is a great way to keep the spice alive in a relationship! Public sex is a huge fantasy for many couples. For some, they want the thrill of possibly getting caught, the more “we know what we’re doing, do you?” aspect of it. For others, it is much more exhibitionistic, they WANT to be seen or caught in their compromising position. It seems to me that you want to do it in public, but really do not want to be seen. The aspect that makes it hot for you is doing it somewhere that you shouldn’t, and the thrill of possibly being seen, but not in a way that gets you into serious trouble. I, myself, have had some very public sex. I have actually been seen and “caught” by neighbors, passers-by, and once, my in-laws. While I no longer want to be fully seen, I do still very much enjoy the thrill of being naughty in public. So, let me give you some “go-to” public sex places and you and your girlfriend can find a place that may work for your sexy rendezvous.

Movie theaters, while cliché, are great places for a little fingering or hand-job action. My past lover and I would go to the back of the theater, I would wear a dress with no panties, I would drape my leg over his knee and he would casually finger me through the movie or I would give him a slow tease with my hand (and, on occasion, a little oral action). The rules of this are, of course, not with anyone close by, only during the actual movie, and never with children anywhere around. The higher up you go, the better. If you feel too shy to do this IN the theater, the parking lot is option B. Parking lots that are not crowded, where you can move over to a side spot are great for getting it on. Simply move to the back seat, or hop on him in the front – all while knowing the possibility of someone walking by or parking by you is imminent. The thrill is amazing.

Perhaps you want something private, yet not private. A fitting room at your local Old Navy or Target is a great place to “try on” public sex for fun. Sneak in to one stall and get down and dirty behind closed doors, yet daringly close to other nosey shoppers! Or, if one of you is a college student, perhaps an abandoned classroom or auditorium is more your style! Pretend one of you is the naughty professor being captured by the studly student! What fun is that? Then, the next time you sit in a boring lecture the images of your steamy sex and what YOU did on that desk will be fresh in your mind. Finally, parks, forest preserves, nature hiking spots are GREAT for outdoor / public sex! There are usually deserted paths or areas where you can hide behind some trees or bushes. Just make sure you do not get naked in some poison ivy – cause an itchy crotch is not fun for anyone! Wherever you choose, just make sure that it is not TOO public, or you will be caught and if you do get caught (especially by the authorities) there is a chance of being taken away in handcuffs – and not in a fun BDSM way! So, be smart, think first and always remember to have fun!


Date 7/13/2013
My wife wants me to perform oral on her after I finish. I'm not saying I wouldn't but it seemed a strange request. I told her its not a no and not a yes. Is this a normal request? I love performing oral on her but before not after.
Date 7/13/2013
Richard, this is a common request from women because we are super sensitive after we have had sex and oral feels particularly good. I am sure that your issue with this may be the fluids, cum, that you have deposited in her. If this is the case, there are some things you can do. Perhaps submit your question so I can answer more in depth.

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