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I can't keep an erection...What should I use to pleasure my wife?

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues


"When you get to my age, about to turn 69 (no snide jokes please) an erection can be hard to come by-no pun intended...sort of. As a result, I am looking for a nice toy that can function on a flaccid penis at least to begin with. Most male toys I've found need an erection right off and I feel they are nearly impossible to use effectively. Any ideas or suggestions? Toys are the only way to give my wife an orgasm now."


Dear Golden-Aged Gentleman:

First, I would never poke fun at your age since I am keenly aware – as well as hopeful – that I shall arrive there myself some day. Congratulations on still wanting to please your wife, let us see what we can come up with, shall we? First, because you indicate you have erectile issues, I am going to suggest a line of toys that will maintain the intimacy of lovemaking with your wife, while providing you some stimulation as well. There is a fantastic line of “hollow” strap on toys that differ from the sleeves in that since they are strapped on to your body, you can use this with a flaccid, semi-erect or hard penis without fear of it falling away from your body if you become flaccid. The actions of lovemaking are the same (hip thrusting, etc), but the toy will guarantee to avoid erectile let-downs during intimacy. I would highly suggest a vibrating option, this may help you get harder during sex and / or provide you with some vibratory stimulations. At the end of this article I have a suggestion of this and other items.

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If you find that this is not the way you want to go, there is a similar toy that provides a hole beneath the strap on dildo in which your penis can poke through. I feel that this option would be good if you wanted to stroke yourself while pleasuring your wife, or wanted to simply have it readily available when that elusive erection does pop up (I assure you, I am not poking fun!). Either option should help with satisfying your wife – and, hopefully – you as well. Keep in mind, that you can get any number of vibrators and dildos to help satisfy your wife. Masturbatory play is extremely fun when you do it with your significant other. So, for those times when she wants to just lay back and feel good, you can suggest helping her play with her. In any event, I wish you many more years of lovemaking and hope that these suggestions help you!

The Facilitator – For easy and comfortable transitions.

Fantasy Elite Hollow Strap-On – to be used with a semi-erect, flaccid or erect penis.


Date 9/29/2013
Hello. My husband can't get a hard on like he used to. Do you think a strap on would work for us? I know he has no trouble with his fist.
Date 10/5/2013
Caroline Wylie
Just a comment for this gentleman and his wife. My husband and I are 67 and 68 & he has erectile difficulties while I have a high libido. Oral sex has been his answer altho sometimes I really, really miss feeling all of his penis in me. These toys will help (we've tried some) and also the realization that the closeness we share, even tho it isn't quite the same is always delightful and enriching. He feels that just my taste on him is often enough to satisfy him along with my orgasmic reactions. Hope this helps.

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