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How to Spice Up Female Masturbation

Posted by Mikayla
"Hi Mikayla! When I read your reviews you seem to know how to make yourself cum. I am a 38 year old single woman and will admit I have masturbated many times in my life. I feel like it is getting harder for me to have an orgasm. (Clit & G-Spot) Is there anything I can use or anything I can do differently to "spice things up?" I feel funny asking because it is only for my pleasure and no one else’ I normal to have gotten into a boring masturbation routine? Thank you"

Dear Mundane Masturbator:

First, nothing is stupid about wanting to learn how to please yourself! Good for you for asking! You want to know if you can spice up your masturbation time with anything special and you indicate is harder to achieve orgasm. These two can be linked together, but not always. First, as we get older our bodies change and so do our hormones. This, oftentimes, can make it slightly harder to achieve orgasm. Nothing to worry about, as there are less fun things to have to practice, right? Now, if you are saying that it is harder to achieve the big O because you are bored with your routine, well, that is easy enough to fix. I, myself, change up my toys and my style often. Sometimes I take a bath, seduce myself, watch porn and then take my time. Other times, I find the biggest or most powerful toy I can find and just “do myself” until I am crazy to cum. There is a whole realm of different options in the midst of all of that as well. So, I would suggest going shopping for some new toys! Find ones that are different from your normal routine. If you normally go for a standard vibe – try a G-Spot! If you use vibrations, try glass and a bullet! Sometimes our body just craves something....different! So, give it what it wants.

SEE Stimulating Creams for Women

You could also go a radical route and try adding in some anal play with your masturbation. Many single women do not see the reason for this – and I say “WHY NOT?” Anal stimulation is incredibly stimulating and can bring your orgasm to new heights! So, while you are shopping for that new toy, pick up some anal beads or a small anal plug! You will be glad you did. Just make sure you also pick up some lube – cause you will definitely need it! Now, to address both the orgasm concern as well as the boredom I would suggest to you some very special products such as clitoral creams, cooling or heating gels or arousal gels. These fantastic little products help to engorge your clitoris with blood and increase the stimulation of the nerve endings making it easier to achieve orgasm! I am a huge fan of these and have used them for many years just to heighten my own senses. So, what are you waiting for? Looks like you need to do some shopping! Oh, and while perusing the site, check out my article on female masturbation and self-seduction – it will give you plenty of ideas on how to liven up your routine! Have FUN!

VIVA CREAM FOR WOMEN – Clit tingling fantastic!

KAMA SUTRA COOLING GEL – Also try the warming gel!

VIBRATING ANAL BEADS – Yup, I said it. Try em!

THE WILD G-SPOT – Just something a little different!


Date 10/10/2013
im a 40 yr old male, and love to use LARGE dildos on myself. I cant seem to find one BIG enough. any idea where to purchase anal dildos about 10 inches long, and 3+ inches in diameter?
Date 10/28/2013
Tracy B.
I'd like to know more about squirting. I've only had this happen twice but it was great. I just don't quiet know what I did to achieve it. It was a really different sensation, I suppose it would been akin to the male ejaculation. Is there a special something that would trigger this or did I just happen to get lucky and I keep trying to get lucky again.

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