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5 Common Ways To Use Suction Cup Toys

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info
Ways To Use Suction Cup DildosSee Our Suction Cup Dildos!

Sex toys with suction cup bases are incredibly versatile and can be a lot of fun for individuals and couples.  Most commonly, suction cup toys are dildos, vibrating dildos, or anal toys, and the suction cup feature offers a wide variety of fun and flirty benefits.  What can YOU do with a suction cup toy?  Here are 5 common ways you can use one!

Hands-Free Ride:  Sex toys with secure suction cup bases are PERFECT for hands-free play.  Nothing beats a suction cup toy in this department.  By adhering the suction cup base to a hard, flat surface, you can actually pound or ride your stimulator!  If you stick it to a wall or bedpost, you can do it doggy style.  
For cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, use the floor, a chair, or table!  Not only does this free your hands up for other things (such as nipple play or clit stimulation), it gives you a more realistic sex experience.  Suction cup dildos are ideal if you are looking for a real-feel ride.

Sexy Shower:  Most suction cup sex toys adhere to shower walls and bath tub ledges really well, especially if it is a little wet!  Therefore, suction cup toys make fabulous shower buddies.  So long as your massager is waterproof (which most non-vibrating ones are), you can get off during your morning shower or a nice, relaxing bath.  It’s a great way to get a little dirty while you get clean, as well as get a little wet and wild if you and your partner don’t have a lot of opportunity to bathe together.  It’s an awesome way to get a private pounding!

Learn The Basics Of Female Masturbation
Sexy woman having dildo orgasm
Fantasy Play:  Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to take on two studs at once?  Or maybe your lover has always wanted to watch you ride another man without actually inviting another person into the bedroom.  Suction cup toys can help you indulge in your sexual fantasies without risking any relationship problems.  Because suction cup toys sex toys can stand alone, you can put on a sexy show for your man or invite him in on the fun!  Threesome fantasies are not uncommon, and these are the perfect sex toys for facilitating your kinky desires.  Indulge - with a suction cup sex toy, you have nothing to worry about!

Double The Fun:  When you give him a blow job, do you ever wish you could get a little more action?  Suction cup toy.  You can pound your suction dildo while you give him oral, enhancing pleasure for you and him!  Not only that, but what could be more erotic than watching your lover give you oral while she grinds a dildo or ass toy?  Your partner gets to visually feast on your pleasure while you blow him!  It’s a win-win for all.

Practice Makes Perfect:  Want to be better in the cowgirl position or try a completely new sexual position?  Want to try a new oral sex move?  If you’re a little shy about trying it with your partner for the first time, give it a practice run with your suction cup sex aide!  Dildos are great sex tools to practice giving head or new sex moves.  You can try it in private and get true-to-life sex training.  There are many different buttplug toys for beginners that are designed to guide you into anal play, and many of these have suction cup bases to make it a little smoother for you.  This way, you can use your hands to explore the rest of your body, hold yourself up, or ease into the stimulation.  If you want to share your suction cup adult toy during intercourse or show him a few new moves, you can get a little practice in before you go for the gold!

How Do YOU Use Suction Cup Toys?
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Date 2/11/2016
Great for use during masturbation so I can use my wand for clit stimulation
Date 2/11/2016
Ginger 10
first time i tried deepthroating i used my suction cup dildo. helped alot bc i didnt need to gag and choke on my husband first time lol
Date 2/11/2016
I got an anal training kit and the plugs had suction cup bases. helped a lot.
Date 5/22/2017
same as double the fun, but I'm riding a dildo at the same time, being vocal adds the chance of climaxing together.....omg

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