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10 Signs She Is NOT Enjoying The Sex

Posted by Randa to Men's Issues
10 Signs She Is Not Enjoying The Sex

Although all women are different, most will display the same behavior when she is not loving the sex.  Through her words, actions, attitude, and arousal, she will convey to you whether she is having a great time or not.  Here are ten signs that she is not enjoying the sex!

Desert Dry
Uncomfortable reaction gif
Dryness is a fairly obvious physical sign that she is not enjoying the sex.  Not all women become super wet during sex, but you should be able to tell if your lover is getting into it or not.  If she’s not lubricating or feels particularly dry, something is amiss.  She might not be enjoying the sex because she’s dry, so you may want to grab some lube to get to the root of the problem.

Inactive & Unresponsive
Excited Couple Sex Gif
If she’s just laying there and letting you do all the work, she’s probably not that thrilled about the sex.  Women who are having great sex wiggle and thrust to give and receive the most pleasure possible.  If she’s not contributing any action or energy to the lovemaking, her heart just isn’t in it!  She’s just letting you do your thing.

Too Quiet
Not In The Mood Gif
Not saying anything says A LOT about what she’s experiencing.  Some women are screamers, others are moaners.  Some exclaim while others talk dirty.  Most women aren’t completely quiet, and if your partner is (especially if she is a vocal lover), she’s not having the best time of her life.  Moaning and exclaiming during sex derives from excitement, and if she’s not excited, she’s not going to scream.

Distracted Woman Gif
Her cellphone rings.  Does she jump up to answer it?  The radio is playing.  Is she talking to you about the commercials?  If she is focused on things other than the sex, then the sex just isn’t that interesting to her.  If the sex was great, it would have her attention!  No woman wants to go do something else in the middle of awesome sex.

Tense & Closed Off
Closed Off Gif
If she’s having a good time, her arms and legs should be open to receiving all of your pleasure.  She would move around and tilt her hips to find more stimulating positions.  If she’s not opening up very much and her body is more rigid than soft and flexible, she’s not deriving much satisfaction from the sex and not trying to make it better.

Signs She Is LOVING The Sex

Hurry Up!
Funny Rush Gif
If she’s trying to rush you and you AREN’T having a quickie, she’s probably ready to wrap things up for the night.  She might actually tell you to hurry up, but she might say, “I want you to cum” or “I’m good, you can finish”.  If the sex is good, you want it to last longer, not end quickly!  So this is a good indication that she’s not enjoying herself.

Sleepy Gif
“I’m getting tired” is not something people say in the middle of awesome sex.  Well, unless your partner happens to have narcolepsy or something.  Either way, if she’s nodding off during sex or trying to tell you that she’s sleepy, she’s not enjoying it!  Maybe she really is just exhausted after a long day, but either way, she’s more interested in the sleeping aspects of the bed than the sexual.

Lacking Enthusiasm
Unenthusiastic Woman
Good sex comes with certain vibes like excitement and eagerness.  Not-so-good sex comes with vibes of dispassion and boredom.  If she’s lacking her typical enthusiasm (like when she pulls your hair or wraps her arms around you), she’s not enjoying the sex.  If she has the same facial expression she has when she is doing laundry, she either loves laundry or she’s uninterested.

Uncomfortable Woman Gif
Moving around a lot, desperately trying to find a comfortable position, constantly changing positions before you even get a chance to enjoy them – this is a sign that she is not loving the sex.  She’s not having fun!  If she’s focused on tedious things like the pillows or sheets or the pea under the mattress, she can’t possibly be focused on the sex.

Complaining Sassy Woman
If she’s complaining about the sex, she’s definitely not enjoying it.  And I don’t mean, “I’m kind of bored of this position.  Could we do it this way?”  I mean the kind of complaints that don’t get anyone anywhere, like, “Your facial hair is scratching my cheek!”  One complaint might not mean anything, but if she keeps it going, she is clearly not having a great time.

How Do You Get Her In The Mood?
Let Us Know!


Date 3/22/2016
Kyle K.
Lots of foreplay even if she's not in the mood at first will get her in the mood
Date 3/22/2016
i send my gf dirty texts all day and sometimes pictures and she sends them back and when i get home shes hot
Date 3/22/2016
cook dinner clean up the house, buy her flowers.
Date 3/22/2016
When she walks in the door, I greet her with a long, romantic kiss. That gets her going :)
Date 3/22/2016
I'll kiss her allover, give her a nice massage, help her unwind
Date 3/23/2016
I've had some pretty bad sex and also mind blowing sex. These signs are true. If I'm enjoying sex, I'm wet, I'm eager, I'm wrapping my legs around him and lifting my hips to take him in deeper. If I'm no, I swear I will say hurry up or or just lay there.
Date 3/23/2016
ha ha just hurry up so i can get some sleep! that for sure happens when you've been with your hubby for twenty yrs.....but the guys above with all the sweet ideas about helping out around the house, giving backrubs, etc--that definitely adds up to some good sex eventually............................
Date 8/20/2016
Vicci C.
Foreplay begins before breakfast. Just taking care of your messes so she doesn't have to is a great start. During the day, send sexy little messages, if you know you won't get caught, buy the flowers, give the hugs, etc. Be appreciative vocally of what she's doing. A woman's libido hangs by a thread. You cut it, it's all over. Figure out ways that will make her smile and be anxious to see you. I'm not kidding, men. This comes from years of observation and bad sex. I know what makes me tick.
Date 9/2/2017
I have been fairly quiet during sex before, but it didn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I mean, I kinda talked in a quiet voice. It was just because it was late at night and I didn't want to get caught by my parents. This was when I was around 18 or 19, by the way.
Date 2/10/2018
To Chelie: You need to find some new and exciting things to try. I've known couples married a lot longer than you that have a terrific sex life. If that's your attitude, your marriage has more problems than sex.

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