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Faking The Big "O"

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Women's Issues
How To Tell If She Is Faking OrgasmView Our Best Vibrators For Women

What comes to mind when the topic of Faking an Orgasm comes up?  For me it is almost always that famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally” where Sally demonstrates how easy it is for a woman to fake an orgasm while sitting in the middle of a crowded restaurant.  The resonant screams of “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeaaaaaahhhhhh” are still vivid in my mind, and probably the mind of every man who assumes HIS lovers have NEVER faked an orgasm!  So, can you really tell if your lover is faking her orgasm?  How can you be sure?  These are just two of the questions that will be answered in this article.  So hang on to your boxers – it is sure to be an informative and interesting discussion!


So, can a man really tell if his lover is faking an orgasm?  Well, the long and short of it is: yes and no.  I know, you want to know what the heck that could possibly mean.  Well, if you are a man who really cares whether his lover is faking her climax, then your chances of detecting the fake out is much higher.  If you are one of those men who only cares about YOUR pleasure – yes, there are many men like that in the world – then you probably don’t care one way or another if your lover climaxes.

In the Moment:  If you are receptive and astute there are many signs that your lover is faking.  First, if she seems generally uninterested in your lovemaking session – her eyes are wandering, she is rushing you along, she is watching TV over your shoulder or even doing the Sunday crossword puzzle while she is panting and groaning away - then you may have a faker on your hands.  Orgasm is more than a physical reaction it is an emotional connection.  If your woman is NOT in the moment with you – then chances are that her orgasm is not the real deal.

Quick Cummer:  Are you happily pumping along, prepared for that long night of passion and all of a sudden – BAM – she goes like a rocket and rolls over?  If her orgasm seems to sneak up on you – and her – then she probably just wants to get you to finish.  Many men think that length of the session beats quality of the session and it is simply not true.  If you want your lover to be happy and content in bed – spend more time finding out what she likes and less time worrying about making the 45 minute mark!

Dry as a Bone:  When women get sexually excited they self-lubricate.  When a woman reaches orgasm, she will usually be much wetter – and many times after the orgasm there will be a great increase in lubrication.  This is not a guaranteed way to determine a faker – cause some women just don’t lubricate as much as others – but it is a major sign.  So, if your lover is praising God, but your penis is burning from the friction - it might be time to confront your lover!


Just as there are ways to determine an academy award winning actress in the bedroom there are ways to tell if the orgasm you THINK she is having is real.  Once again, if you really care about your woman’s pleasure, then you will look for the signs that she is not just participating but enjoying as well!

Look at the Labia:  When a woman becomes aroused her labia swells and sometimes even changes color.  It is not uncommon for a woman’s labia to become purple or pink in color.  They may seem very large compared to what they were when sex was initiated.  If your lover has small labia – this may not be as apparent as in a woman with larger labia.  If you are not sure, look for other clues.

Check the Clitoris:  Not only do the labia swell when she is aroused, but her clitoris will also engorge with blood.  Remember guys, the clitoris is like your penis - it gets erect and hard when aroused.  When a woman begins to become sexually stimulated her clitoris engorges with blood – this aids in getting her to orgasm – as it becomes more sensitive the more she engorges.  Paying attention to your lover’s clitoris can tell you whether she is excited and at least receptive to orgasm – especially immediately before climax.

Slippery Slope:  Just as you can tell if your lover is NOT aroused by how dry she is, sometimes you can tell how excited she is by how wet.  Women self lubricate to ensure that penetration is enjoyable and comfortable and immediately before and after climax there is a general surge of lubrication!  If you feel a gush of liquid coming from down below – you can almost guarantee that your woman has climaxed.

Bigger Boobs:  Do they actually grow when aroused?  Well, no – but they do engorge with blood – just like the labia and clitoris – and the nipples often will get darker and more erect.  If you notice that your woman’s breasts are flushed, her nipples are erect and she has any of the other previously mentioned signs – she is most likely having an orgasm!

Blushing, Beaming and Breathing:  If your lover is panting and breathing harder than normal, if her cheeks become flushed and she has a look of general euphoria – then she is most likely having an orgasm!  Now, while the heavy breathing and panting can be faked (hence, Sally in the restaurant) – the physical reaction of the flushed face and red cheeks can’t.  Pay attention to the color of your woman’s cheeks – the ones on her face – and you may be in for a real treat.

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Continuous Contractions:  One of the best tell-tale signs of your lover’s orgasm is what you can feel from the INSIDE.  When you are pleasantly implanted in your lover’s sacred space, you will feel the wetness, the tightness and even the heat emanating from her pleasure point.  As her climax builds, you may begin to feel a tightening – the contractions of her vagina.  When a woman orgasms there is an involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles – sometimes these contractions are quite strong.  If a woman is doing her kegels – the contractions will be even stronger.  Now, it is true that a woman can fake the contractions if she has good control of her vaginal muscles due to repeated kegels – but these contractions are often not the same as contractions during orgasm.  If your lover likes to contract on your penis during sex - try to discern the difference between those contractions and the ones during orgasm - the orgasmic ones should be much stronger!

Eye Contact:  If your lover is peering lovingly into your eyes and is having a combination of the other signs then it is easier to tell if she is faking.  Many women who fake orgasms do NOT look at their lovers or into their lover's eyes during their fake out.  Instead they roll their eyes back, look the other way, or even close their eyes.  Now, while these things can happen during a legitimate orgasm, it is more likely that your lover would make eye contact (if the position permits) during orgasm!

Filthy Mouth:  While this last criterion is not exclusive, it is nevertheless a sign of orgasm.  Many, many women (myself included) resort to the dirty talk when they are about to orgasm.  So, if you’re normally timid and shy lover is all of a sudden asking you to pump her hard, spank her bottom or using language not heard in the raunchiest porno – then she may be nearing her climax.

Combine the Signs:  The best way to tell if your lover is having an orgasm is to combine the signs and look for combinations of all the aforementioned.  While some may be fakeable – not all combined signs can be.  If your lover is looking intently into your eyes, breathing heavy, her lips and cheeks are flushed, her nipples are erect, her labia and clitoris are engorged with blood, she is wet, tight and having vaginal contractions and speaking like a porn star – she IS orgasming!


While these indications and signs are meant to help you determine whether your lover is on the fake out track, the best way to find out is to ASK HER!  I know, novel approach, but if you have any doubt about your lover’s sexual fulfillment, then you have to ask her.  Having an open and trusting relationship with your lover is instrumental in determining whether she is or even would fake her orgasm.  While not all women will cop to the fake out – many will be grateful that you asked and even give you a straight answer.  Perhaps, at very least, you can get some honest tips and techniques to what your lover wants you to do to help her climax.  It is a hard call – but if you and your lover have open lines of communication, then it is likely that you can trust her answer to your question.  If she is faking – then try to find out why and what you can do to help her along next time.


So, now that you have some honest and helpful hints to help you determine if your lover is actually climaxing or just faking I’ll bet you are wondering why your lover would fake in the first place!  Well, in my next article this topic will be addressed as well as some statistics on how many women have faked an orgasm at some time in a relationship.  Then, perhaps, with the reasons why and the signs of faking – you can become a better and more attentive lover.

Have You Ever Faked An Orgasm?
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Date 3/14/2015
the jones'
my wife and i find that communication goes a LOOOOOONG way! you have to be willing to sya what you like and what you dont or nothing gets done! also HAPPY PI DAY!!! Lol
Date 8/4/2015
i used to fake all the time ... get so tiring when he just doesn't seem to care about my pleasure :(
Date 8/10/2015
this was really informatie .... thank you .... ill be keeping this in mind ....
Date 11/13/2017
I have never faked an orgasm and hopefully I never feel the need to! My partner does whatever it takes to help me finish and he should know if I didn't get off and why. It's important to us... so why lie about it?
Date 11/16/2017
Ginny Hopper
I have faked... A few times when I haven't been in the mood and for a couple of hookups I knew weren't gonna go anywhere and I was just ready to be done. I dont wanna make anyone feel bad just bc I'm not really into it
Date 1/10/2018
I have never faked and dont think I ever will. I just don't see a point. I mean I understand not wanting to let down a partner or trying to end an unsatisfying hookup, but like if they have a problem with me not finishing and need the ego boost, I'm certainly not going to give it to them just for that.
Date 1/13/2018
No I haven't faked but I don't cum every time
Date 1/14/2018
I can tell she is cliimaxing when I am eating her because I have a finger in her pussy and a fingertip in her ass As she cums she tightens up and squeezes my fingers. I love to suck hard on her clit at this point and she riles in ecstasy

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