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How To Tell She Actually Enjoys Sex With You

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Have you ever been with a partner and wondered to yourself, “is she doing her grocery list in her head while we have sex?”  Or, have you ever THOUGHT you had a great night, but then wondered, “did she fake all that?”  Sometimes it is hard to tell if our female partner is actually enjoying the act of having sex with us.  I mean, it is a little easier to fake enjoyment for a woman than a man, just think of “When Harry Met Sally” and the famous fake orgasm scene!  So, how DO you know if your partner is really enjoying sex with you?  Well, here are a few helpful hints and signs to look for when in doubt!

INITIATION:  A real clear cue that your woman enjoys sex with you is if she frequently initiates it.  I can’t speak for men, but I can say that as a woman, if we do not enjoy having sex with a man we are not likely to initiate it.  Conversely, if we are into your sexy skills how_to_tell_she_actually_enjoys_sex_with_youthen we will prepare accordingly:  shave or wax, put on something sexy, light some candles, plow you with wine, seduce you.  Yup.  So, if your lovely lady is bringing on the seduction chances are what you are doing between the sheets warrants an encore!

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ORGASMS:  If your woman enjoys having sex with you she is likely to have an orgasm (or orgasms!)  If you finish and she still hasn’t given you the indication that she has climaxed, but rolls over and says, “that was fun” – well, she may not really be enjoying that!  Women who enjoy sex with their partners feel aroused and respond favorably to sexual touch – meaning, they orgasm.  While it is not always important for a woman to climax (although it is most definitely more fun) if she is never getting there, well, you may be lacking somewhere.

ACTIVE PARTICIPANT:  If your lover is moaning and squirming and rolling over to ride you, or asking for MORE of something then that is a real clear cue that she is enjoying sex with you!  Women who actively participate in the activity, giving and receiving pleasure, are more likely to be enjoying what they are doing with you in the sack!  IF she willingly gives you oral sex, talks a little dirty, tells you that it feels “OH, SO, GOOD!” then those are indications that you are getting an A++ in bedroom skills.  Keep doing what you are doing!

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TAKING IT SLOW:  If your woman takes her time in bed, enjoying foreplay, giving and getting oral sex, kissing, caressing and otherwise making it more than a 5 minute event – then she is TOTALLY into sex with you!  However, if she is rushing you along while looking at her watch, probably not so interested.  When it feels good and we like what you are doing – we want it to go on and on and on!  However, if we sense that you are just in it for your own thrill – or what you are doing is “meh” then we are less likely to want it to last more than 10 minutes, after all, we have laundry to do!

How Can You Tell She LOVES Having Sex With You?

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Date 5/1/2015
Date 5/13/2015
Old Timer
Is it wrong to want your women to make to you? I do her ever way I can and She realy seams to enjoy it. She dose nothing for me. Is there any information,books, thatshe can read and possibley learn some thing.
Date 6/1/2015
So true. I never wax or shave for a man I'm not into ...
Date 6/7/2015
I think it's super hot when a woman comes onto you, and it definitely lets you know that you're doing a good job and she really enjoys making love.
Date 6/20/2015
i love feeling her squirm underneath me. best feeling in the world.
Date 6/1/2016
Michael Cook
Crossdresser if you have any tips let me know

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