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3 Ways To Use Your Tongue On Her

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
How To Use Your Tongue Please WomenCheck Out Our Sexy Tongue Vibes!

The tongue is an amazing thing!  It is used to utter sweet, loving or naughty words.  It is used in deep, passionate kissing.  It is used to lick, taste and caress our lovers’ bodies.  Finally, it is used to pleasure our lover’s most intimate spots.  Oh yes, the tongue is an amazing and powerful part of our bodies.  There are so many ways to use our tongues for pleasure – let’s explore 3 super sexy ways to give your special lady a tongue lashing she won’t soon forget!


Ah, oral sex!  Such a vital, fun and erotic part of a sexual relationship.  For women, the most sensitive part of the female anatomy is the clitoris and the clitoris loves nothing more than to be licked and teased!  It should be obvious that the tongue is a very important part of oral sex because it is like a replacement for your fingers.  It can lick and thump and tease and stimulate the clitoris so easily.  The tongue can slip under the clitoral hood and coax the clitoris out of her hiding spot, stimulating her with long, loving licks.  The tongue can circle around and around the clitoris, making her hard and exciting.  The tongue can tap and pulse against the clitoris until orgasm approaches!  Oh yes, if you are not using your tongue around and on your lover’s clitoris then you MUST DO IT NOW!

How Oral Sex Helps Her Orgasm

Pleasured Woman


The tongue is not just used for external stimulation.  Oh no!  The tongue is a wonderful, strong muscle that can be made stiff as a boner!  Yup, you read that right!  When performing oral sex on your lover the tongue can be a wonderful tease when inserted in and out of the vagina!  Some men are blessed with larger tongues (think Gene Simmons from Kiss), and others have wider ones.  Either way, the tongue is something that should be making its way inside of your lover!  Lick and tease her entire vaginal area with your tongue, getting her slippery wet.  Tease her clitoris until she is begging for it!  Then, make your tongue as stiff and long as you can and enter her – moving in and out – until she cums around you!  Yup.  Your tongue is a penis-stand-in!


It makes sense that if your tongue can cause so much pleasure down below that you should spread the sensations, so to speak!  The tongue is such a handy little body part that it can make its way into the crevices of her ears, down the soft curves of her neck, across the lovely mounds of her breasts and over her sensitive nipples.  The tongue has a texture that will arouse and stimulate your woman as it makes its way down her belly, into her belly button, down her thighs, behind her knees and maybe even to her feet!  Yes, the tongue should make its way all over your lover’s body – tasting and teasing every space as you go.  Trust me, your woman will be tongue tied with pleasure!

How Do You Use Your Tongue On Her?
Answer Below!

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Date 6/15/2015
Don't matter lol I was blessed with a big wet tongue and I just lick her clean!
Date 6/15/2015
Bree M. T.
I like #3 as a little warmup for each other. It's fun even as just foreplay and not actually leading to oral
Date 6/16/2015
What don't I use it on is a better question, heh- just can't seem to control myself that way! I can't believe there are dudes that won't do oral.
Date 6/16/2015
Date 6/17/2015
Dave L
I figure if I want her to do it to me, I better set the bar high- the look on her face is worth the efforts
Date 6/25/2015
I like to start on her head area and slowly move down. Turning her over to view and lick her ass a little. Sifferent positions are great also but she likes the standard mode so I have full access. I am talking doing it for hours I enjoy it so much. I take her to the top then tease a little then finish the job. I wait about 3 to 5 minutes rubbing her gently then do it again. I could preform anytime anywhere!!! I simply love doing it.
Date 6/26/2015
I love giving my wife oral! We've been married more than 20 years and there is just nothing like watching her face during orgasm and having her juices running down my chin as she grinds on my face! Makes me hard just thinking about it. My wife likes when I lick her all over her vaginal area, not really concentrating on her clit until she is ready to cum. Really light licking around her urethral opening, the hood of her clit, and some tongue thrusting in and out of her vagina always gets her panting. Putting my finger inside her as I'm licking just depends on her mood and a good licking usually results in her demanding my cock in her. I love giving her oral ALMOST as much as I love being inside her.
Date 6/30/2015
I love all three but most of all,when my boyfriend is eating me out every couple of times he lays a huge big french kiss so i can taste myself with him . IT TURNS NOT ONLY HIM ON BUT ME AS WELL. ALSO WHILE HE IS USING HIS TONGUE AS A HARD COCK I USE A BULLET ON MY CLIT.THAT ALSO GETS ME OFF NOT JUST ONCE BUT BACK TO BACK HUGE ORGASMS.
Date 8/16/2015
Excellent advise for all those slackers out there. I've been with my amazing women for 38 yrs married 35.An old guy told me years ago before I even met my women " the tongue is mightier than the dong " I took his words to heart and have never looked back! One of my favorite techniques among others that has never failed ,is the slow trasing of the letters of the Alphabet across the Clit and the Labia.Thanks for all the information you supply I know you have made a lot of people very happy.
Date 8/22/2015
My wife of 20 years marrage has the most beautiful ass. There is nothing better than to turn he over so I can run my tongue all over her ass especially when she is wearing one of her special thongs. When I'm done with her ass it's time for the pussy. I could spend hours eating and licking taking her to the "edge" over and over until she sometimes gets mad because she wants to finish. I love to tease her and it gets my cock so huge and hard and dripping with juice. I really hearing all the different things to do and try. This is a great message board!
Date 10/9/2016
I love to lick ,suck , insert my tongue into my lover. The best is to be headed towards her feet and then I can wrap my arms around her thighs and play with her ass and pussy while sucking her clit.
Date 7/8/2017
Show me a man who doesn't eat his girl and I will steal her ! Love to go down on my wife Head toward toes so I can wrap my arms atound her leags and finger her ass and pussy while I lick and suck her clit !
Date 11/23/2017
Oral sex was never my favorite until I met my husband! He was the first man I was intimate with who seems to love giving oral. At first I was just turned on that he wanted to give it to me so badly every time we got in bed, but now I love it! He knows right where I like it.
Date 11/27/2017
Crystal Backhart
I love the feeling of his tongue thrusting into my vagina while he rubs my clit or I use a vibrator
Date 11/28/2017
My wife loves it when I take her panties off with my teeth. Then I take her panties and lightly rub the outside of her sweet pussy with them. It drives her wild and she is begging for my face between her legs. I start with kisses on her inner thighs and lightly rubbing my lips on her lips then opening her pussy up and starting at the opening and working my way up to her clit.
Date 12/4/2017
This is great advice for us lesbians, too!
Date 3/11/2018
James Johnson
Sometimes she sticks her tongue in my butt and I cum so hard it hits her sister.

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