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5 Ways To Play With Her Nipples

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
5 Ways To Play With Her Nipples

Ah, the nipples.  The crown jewel of the breasts!  Not only are they sexy to look at, they have purpose when it comes to sexual arousal.  When a woman is sexually aroused her nipples become erect and, usually, very sensitive.  Nipple stimulation can lead to a variety of very nice reactions – including ORGASM!  So, if you are neglecting this very important part of your lover then you need to read on and discover 5 way to play with her nipples.

sexy couple foreplay
Taking her nipple and rolling it between your fingertips with varying degrees of pressure is an excellent way to begin nipple play!  Simply take your thumb and forefinger, place them around the nipple and roll your fingers back and forth over the nipple.  Figure out how much pressure your lady like through trial and error.  Some women like more pressure – like a pinch; others like it very gentle.  Watch for favorable reactions to find the magic combo!

Intimate couple sex
Many women (including myself) enjoy a little bit of nipple pulling.  Not too hard, but enough to allow the weight of the breast to be supported by the pulling on the nipple.  You can pull and release; pull and release – or – pull and continue the pressure until the nipple (and breast) won’t go any further.  This can be especially powerful when done in conjunction with some super passionate kissing!

Tips For Better Foreplay

Man playing with big breasts
Using your mouth on the breasts and, especially, the nipples is a standard part of foreplay.  The contrast between wet saliva and warm breath can really excite the nipple and create pleasurable sensations.  Harder sucking – especially of the entire nipple and areola – is erotic and can give your partner tremendous pleasure!  Just keep in mind that the nipples are very sensitive so you do not want to suck TOO hard.  Nipple nibbling – where you use your teeth just a teeny bit to graze the sensitive nipple – can be extremely pleasing.  Just make sure never to actually BITE and be wary of your partner’s reactions to it.

big breasts foreplay
Not much is hotter than when your man is between your legs giving you some oral attentions and he brings his hands up to caress and tweak your nipples!  This combines two sensitive erogenous zones at the same time and creates a circuit of pleasure which is hard to beat!  Plus, how sexy is it to be arching your body into his mouth AND hands at the same time!  Whoa mamma!

Kinky nipple stimulation
Not all women enjoy nipple clamps but I say if you have never tried it give it a go!  There are so many different types of nipple clamps now that even a newbie can find a clamp set that would bring some fun to the party.  Adjustable clamps are the way to go in the beginning and if you enjoy more pressure and a bit of pain then you can most certainly go with a heartier clamp!  Just make sure that you let the lady decide how much pressure is good and go for pleasure!

Do You Enjoy Nipple Stimulation?
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Date 3/16/2016
I got my nipples pierced about a year ago they hurt like hell for a while but now they feel really good. I love it!
Date 3/16/2016
jess lynn
I love it when my boyfriend sucks and pinches my nipples during sex. my breasts dont get alot of attention anymore so when they do, it feels really good
Date 3/16/2016
Just got a pair of nipple clamps looking forward to giving a try
Date 3/16/2016
Licking, sucking, pinching, pulling... It's the best during foreplay. I love it. My nipples are very sensitive so it feels amazing.
Date 3/16/2016
Carla G.
Sometimes. It's good during foreplay but they start to hurt if he pinches too much and then he has to stop.
Date 5/10/2016
As a male, I really enjoy being in more than one place at a time. I usually start with running my fingers through the hair to expose her neck so I can be kissing her neck, face, and throat while my hands then roam and caress those areas that lead to reactions from her. Often times, this is the breasts and nipples. Once I am convinced that she is ready, I take my kisses to her breasts and nipples while my hands now make their way to her ass, massaging them while I kiss and gently suck her nipples. As I extend my massaging and caressing, I remove any other garments and use one hand to explore her clit and her lady hole, looking for moisture. When I realize that there could be more, I kiss my way down to her pussy and bring my hands back to her breasts and nipples. I do vary this approach a little from time to time, but basically, I have found this approach to be a good way to conduct foreplay and lead into a wonderful session of lovemaking.
Date 5/10/2016
Miss Sid
My nipples aren't particularly sensitive and my breast tissue is easily hurt. So I don't enjoy this sort of play on the obsessive side. BUT, my entire body is incredibly sensitive and conducive to any sort of sexual play. So, I love being hurt and licked and nipped and sucked, all over! It's a necessity for me, as becoming older I've learned that being aroused and turned on is not as easy as it was in my teenage years!
Date 6/25/2016
My nipples are very sensitive and I love the licking and sucking, I'm 59 years old and had my nipples pierced for my 50 rh birthday !!! I will now get my clit pierced for my 60 rh birthday !!! I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago in memory of my husband who passed away 6 months ago, and it is addicting. I'm healing and I'm going to pursue all of my fantasies.
Date 6/26/2016
I like to nibble and gently bite the nipples. Also put an ice cube in my mouth while adoring her nipples. Then moving lower and spending time on the clit. By then they are ready to have an ice cube inserted in pussy while i continue oral stimulation.
Date 8/6/2016
It Ifeels good to have my nipples suck on. But it's amazing when my bf gives me oral sex and he plays with my nipples. I have a orgasm within 2 seconds and continue having them very fast after.
Date 9/20/2017
I can never get enough of having my nipples sucked, there just isn't anything like it! I haven't worked up the courage to try nipple clamps yet, but I've really enjoyed using the Advanced Nipple Sucker toys for when I'm playing by myself. Nipple play is always a must!
Date 11/15/2017
Yes! I love how my nipples look and feel when they are hard and poking through my shirt. I get really turned on looking down and seeing my lover kiss and suck and massage my nipples while I just lay back and enjoy!
Date 11/19/2017
My nipples dont seem to be that sensitive but I do like how clamps and nipple chains look! I like to wear them for him. I know he likes it and he enjoys tugging at them during foreplay and sex, especially if I'm all tied up.
Date 12/4/2017
I love nipple play
Date 1/3/2018
I have a cooling cream I like to use on my clit but I also like to circle it around my nipples sometimes and it feels amazing
Date 1/6/2018
I like when my partner reaches around and pulls on my nipples during doggy style, or sucks on them and plays with my breasts during missionary.
Date 1/9/2018
I love to have nipple clamps on along with my lover wearing them too As we kiss and fuck we cross the chains and pull apart from each other causing the chain to pull at the clamps. It is a climax that cannot be beat. Chineese clover are the best for a unbelievable orgasm ! My boyfriend comes as I remove them Thats where the real rush of euphoria comes !
Date 4/4/2018
Secretary fantasies
I recently found someone who not only reminded me how necessary tit play is for me to get wet and ready to reach climax , but he also taught me something new about my breasts. I didn't know that the right kind of tit play from the right kind of person can be so sexually intense that I can actually reach climax with tit play alone! I couldn't believe his sexy voice quietly telling me his thoughts like he just couldn't contain them anymore -plus some naughty complements said so quiet and so close like he thinks I can hear anything he says to me as long as he speaks close enough to my skin; if not by my ears; that I can feel his warm breath and his lips on my skin as he speaks to me- with his sexy vibrating voice I'm sure he could probably read me any 'terms and policies' page and make it sound sexy and naughty, but when he tells me he craves the taste of me while his lips barely touch the nape of my neck he instantly gets me so excited and hot for him that I almost ache with anticipation for his particular tit play! When he finally gives it to me he isn't gentle but firm and a bit aggressive like he lost control for a second then his hands press firmly on my chest plate between my breasts which takes my breath away as he sucks on my nipples like he can't get enough or holds my neck for me with his thumb on my chin pressing my head back so my back is arched, raising my breasts up to his mouth licking my entire breast so deep and sensual, only releasing me from that position just as I start to climax! Then the next orgasm is a spray for sure! Without fail. Even just thinking about it I start to ache and tingle in all the best places.. I can't wait to try wearing that strappy harness complete with nipple clamps Next time he and I get to play! Thank you for all the great ideas , wonderful products, and for providing a comfortable platform to discuss real sex topics with experienced or educated people willing to share new, fun,safe and/or interesting ways to improve and/or maintain a quality sex life.

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