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3 Ways To Rub Her Clit

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
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The clitoris (a/k/a the clit) is a woman’s pleasure center – it is like a teeny, tiny penis!!  Located outside, at the tip of her vaginal canal, usually a bit hidden under the clitoral hood, the clit is the epicenter of all that feels amazing!  Having thousands of nerve endings, the clit is more sensitive than the entire head of the penis – and it is only a few centimeters in size!  So, if you want to make your woman moan and writhe – you have to know how to rub her clit the right way!  Just make sure you pay attention to what your lover likes!


First and foremost – know WHERE her clit is!  I know it seems sort of obvious, but do you know how many women are with a man and in their heads they are saying, “just a few millimeters to the left PLEASE!”  Yes, you need to know where the clit is, how to get it aroused and for all that is good and erotic – how YOUR girlfriend likes it to be touched!  3_ways_to_rub_her_clitWhile all women like something different, a direct and to the point approach is best here!  Find it; start to rub it with your tongue or the pad of your fingers.  Then, ASK HER!  Ask your lover, “is this good” or “faster” or “harder?”  She should tell you what she likes and how she likes it.  Then, you can always fold that move into your repertoire!

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One thing you want to make sure you do for your lover is to make things slick and slippery!  Whether this be accomplished by folding in some oral sex or whether it is with a lube (try a warming gel or a vaginal gel) – she will appreciate the extra wetness.  Your tongue or fingers will slide easily around her clit and the stimulation will be much more direct and fluid.  The extra lubrication will allow you to glide over her clitoris in a more subtle way, and many women find this extremely pleasing.  So, the next time you decide it is time to finger your woman’s clit, make sure you use some natural or artificial lube!


OK, so this is not really a way to “rub” her clit as much as it is away to play with it!  Some women really enjoy the act of having their clitoris pinched a bit between the fingers.  Since all those nerve endings are present there, squeezing the clitoris between the fingers and tapping it, gently, can be an extremely intense sensation for many women!  Or, try rolling it between two fingers while fingering her internally.  The idea is to change up sensations!  Furthermore, a little nibble during oral sex has often been found to be erotic and super stimulating!  Just remember not to squeeze or nibble too hard – the object is pleasure, not pain!  Just gauge your woman’s reactions to figure out how hard you should engage in this type of activity.

How Do You Like To Rub Her Clit?
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Date 7/7/2015
MMM when he uses a tingling clit cream on my pussy when he's going at me it just makes me crazy! I never used a cream before him and he said we should try it and I can't believe we didn't do it sooner!! !
Date 7/8/2015
im a master at oral sex
Date 7/8/2015
When I'm on top all he has to do is put his thumb on my clit while I grind him and I start cumming! Nibbling on a clit sounds funny but also kinda hot - I'll see if I can get him to try it out :)
Date 7/9/2015
Its so easy for my gf to go WAAY too hard on my clit. Remember guys n gals - these things are*verry* sensitive! Just as sensitive (if not more) than the head of a penis, so start slow~!
Date 7/9/2015
i always use clit cream on my girlfriend, and i always rub her with my tongue. she fucking LOVES it. she has a hard time lubricating naturally so it really helps. love hearing her moan and scream while i go to town on that delicious pussy.
Date 7/10/2015
I make her wait for her orgasm. I rub and lick all around but never give her what she wants until she is begging me for it.

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