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A Flicker Of Hope

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
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How to perform oral sex on your woman

Recently I was working my way through postings on Too Timid’s forum:  How to Talk Dirty, Better Shaving Techniques, How to Perform Oral on a Woman….whoa!  Hold on!!!  I read through the posting and realized I had no article to recommend to this person.  How could this be?  With all the topics I’ve covered had I not broached cunnilingus?

Women out there…I am sorry. I have let you down. It is time to make amends.

I went back through articles, questions and postings and realized so much of what is discussed revolves around how to please a man.  And that’s all fine and good, but what about reciprocation?  I couldn’t believe that I had allowed this to happen.  Me—woman who walks around wearing her “It’s all about me” t-shirt and meant it for the bedroom.

Who fakes orgasms more?  Women.  And why do women fake orgasms more than men?  Because we’re either tired of not getting fully satisfied, not sure how to actually reach orgasm, or not comfortable talking to our partner about what will make us orgasm.  We need to change this…NOW!

First, discover your body.  When was the last time you took off your clothes, lay down on the bed and explored your own body—and I’m not talking about masturbating either.  It’s been a while hasn’t it?  Do yourself a favor and make time to explore: before you get dressed in the morning, while taking a shower, when ever you have some time.

Now that you have explored your whole body it’s time to explore your clitoral region.  Where’s the oral you’re asking, right?  Its coming (pun intended).  Just think of it this way—could you properly explain to someone how to drive a car if you’d never driven it yourself?  You’ve gotta test drive yourself ladies before you hand the job over to your partner!  Masturbation is the key to unlocking hidden desires and fulfilling needs.

So you’ve got an arsenal of sexual wants and you know what will quench them; the question is, “How do you relay that to your partner?”  You need to be vocal about your wants.  If you say to your partner, “I’d like you to perform oral” they can’t possibly say to you that they don’t know what you want.  You’ll leave them guessing (and yourself unsatisfied) if you hem and hah with phrases like, “Uh, I don’t know…what do you want?” or “You could, you know…try, well…”

“What about the smell?”  What about it?  Women sweat, women urinate—these things can cause a slight odor, deal.  I’d be more worried if my partner’s vagina came up smelling like lilacs—that’s just not natural.  Now if there is a heavy odor it could be the sign of an infection (which means call your doctor).  To be honest I bet there’s more bacteria found in a person’s mouth than in a woman’s vagina.

Ok, so we’ve asked for oral, we’ve helped our partner past some bumps, now what?  Your partner needs to understand that cunnilingus is a matter of oral exploration.  Your partner needs to read your reactions.  Do you moan with the slow lapping of a tongue along the inside of your labia lips?  How do you react to the rapid intense tickling of your clit?  Direct your partner:  “Yes, faster!”, “Move your tongue around in circles.”  We all need a map to follow the first time we visit somewhere, but after a few trips we know exactly where we’re going.

Tips And Tricks To Spice Up Oral Sex For Her

A few cunnilingus tips

1.  The phrase “eating a girl out” so misrepresents cunnilingus.  If you see your partner coming towards your vagina with the same passion they show towards a cheeseburger, pull your panties up!

2.  An ice cream cone—think of your partner’s vagina as being a melting ice cream cone.  First you lick around the cone…slowly you move your tongue vertically, but not too quickly because you don’t want the ice cream to fall off the cone…then back to licking around…

3.  Use your fingers!  A few fingers inserted into the vagina while stimulating the clit with your tongue will send your partner over the edge.  I’m a big fan of nipple play during oral sex!  If you and your partner are game try placing a finger in the anus while performing oral—be careful to clean your finger after.

4.  I think it’s fair to say that oral sex produces an abundance of multiple orgasms.  If your partner has climaxed, stick with it because I bet you can coax a few more out of them!

I hope I have adequately atoned for my past failures!  Have fun!

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Date 6/7/2016
Yessss! It's the easiest way for me to cum with a partner!
Date 6/7/2016
yes we give eachother oral almost every night we both like watching the other person give it its hot

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