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5 Ways For Her To Masturbate Using Only Her Fingers

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues

How To Masturbate Using Only Fingers

Believe it or not, most women masturbate in the same way each and every time, with little or no variation. We do know what we like and we tend to stick with it. However, there is more than one way to skin a cat – or play with a pussy – pun intended. So whether you are new to masturbation (WELCOME!) or have been playing for many years, here are just 5 ways for her to use only her fingers to self-pleasure.

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Sexy Woman Strip Tease

Masturbation should not be only about the clitoris and vagina – masturbation should be a full body experience. Women have sensitive and erogenous zones all over their bodies. So, why should we neglect them when we are self-pleasuring! We shouldn’t. So, start above the waist. Use your fingers to explore you stomach, ribcage, under the breasts and, of course, your nipples. You can tweak and slightly twist your nipples, pull on them gently or just rub them under your fingertips.

Beautiful Woman Stripping

We all know that the most sensitive portion of a woman’s vagina is her clitoris, but what about her vaginal lips? The inner and outer lips carry their own nerve endings and exploring them can be extremely pleasurable. Run your fingers up and down your outer lips, perhaps squeezing them a bit between your fingertips. Pull the inner lips – gently – and then a little more vigorously. Just pulling on the lips activates the lubrication glands and increases arousal.

6 Ways To Rub Her Clit Without Using Tongue!

Woman Female Masturbation

Of course if you are going to masturbate you are going to touch the clitoris at some point. So, instead of rubbing your clit in the same manner as you are used to, change it up a bit. If you usually rub in circles, try up and down motion. Or, if you feel a little more daring try tapping it with your fingertips. Spread your vaginal lips open and tap it gently, then a little harder. Try different speeds and pressures. See what builds you up more and more. Maybe even use your opposite hand for a completely different sensation! Or if you're looking for some serious clit stimulation, use one of our clit arousal creams to give your clit tingling, warm sensations for an amazing orgasm!

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Sensual Woman Masturbation

Of course fingers do not have to be used externally only, you can also use them for some internal stimulation. You can reach down and use 1, 2, 3 or more fingers and insert them into your vagina. Just barely in, deep penetration or even a total in and out motion. You can do whatever feels good to you at a speed and depth that you find personally pleasing. Some women can achieve some pretty great G-Spot stimulation through internal stimulation via fingers. Experiment and see what gets your blood boiling!

Erotic Female Masturbation

Probably the most satisfying way to use your fingers during masturbation is to combine all the moves into one, fantastic session. Spend some time warming up and slowly seducing yourself with the not so deep moves. Then concentrate on the clitoris and some great internal stimulation. Vary the play each and every time; using your fingers to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, and then back off and concentrate on another part of your body. See just how close you can bring yourself to orgasm before you need to stop. Then, when you finally want to make yourself go over the brink, do it with the combo of internal and external stimulation.

Do You Prefer Fingers Or Toys?
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Date 3/29/2016
I like to finger if I have the time to take it slow... but I use my wand when I'm in a hurry ;)
Date 3/29/2016
marylin kinds
vibrators are easier but sometimes i like to take my time :)
Date 3/29/2016
My wife loves you use her fingers when we are dogie style for added affects but she love your toys!
Date 3/29/2016
Diane Weed
I'm a combo girl! I like to take my time and use both.
Date 3/29/2016
Dan P.
Wife's faster with toy! She says same thing " fingers just don't do it any more" man that's such a turn on to with fingers and toys! I love to help and even more to watch, and learn! Umm damn I better go make sure we have batteries! Good luck ladys and guys? Let her show u the way :) it makes for a far more fun time for both!
Date 3/31/2016
Way to Dan P. Most men are intimidated having His LADY use toys or fingers. I think it's sexy. Either or both, I like both ways.
Date 4/14/2016
I'm old school. Fingers are much more pleasing. Toys tend to rub me raw. :( Sometimes I enjoy a combination.
Date 4/14/2016
Once you've got arthritis in your hands, you have to use a toy, otherwise the pressure against your hand hurts too much.
Date 4/15/2016
Hi my name is randy I've just started seeing this awesome lady and we really enjoy having sex. She will have multiple climaxes and this will go on for hours not bragging anyway I'm having trouble getting off not complaining I really enjoy it but she starts getting sore before I can finish. ANY suggestions
Date 10/16/2016
Use plenty of lube !
Date 8/11/2017
The simulator
Every man should enjoy encouraging his partner to masterbate and pleasure herself -and try toy surprises for her She will thank you . I guarantee it!!
Date 8/22/2017
How deep can your fingers go when fingering I can only get a third of my finger in and I don't know how deep you can go because after I do it it hurts
Date 8/25/2017
I use my fingers, I only just started
Date 11/4/2017
I love it when I take my fingers and put lube on them then I slip them into my pussy and my butt and the clit and it just feels so good,I literally took a big candle put a condom on it and just slowly penetrated my pussy I moaned so hard it was magical
Date 12/16/2017
Both. I like using my fingers for a slower release but sometimes I'm too tired or just want to orgasm, so I will use toys. Toys can also give me dual stimulation and fingering can't. I love rabbit vibrators!
Date 12/17/2017
I'm only 21 and I love master bating I prefer fingers and toys
Date 1/7/2018
Regarding Bianca's Comment: She is so dialed into this topic. (spoken so elegantly) It would be nice for us guys to find MORE WOMEN with her ATTITUDE. I look forward to making a woman CUM HARD, LONG, & OFTEN
Date 1/24/2018
I’ve tried with my fingers over and over but I just can’t get it right. But toys??? Oh my word!!! I just started like a month ago and my boyfriend helped me to learn to use it and find my spot etc. it was and still is magical. He loves to just sit and watch me do it, it turns him on so much I strongly recommend you guys to do it together. Time to time I would video myself using it and send to him which he loves oh so much.
Date 2/2/2018
I prefer fingers! I only like to use one finger and I lay on my stomach. Rub ur clitores till your pussy is wet then hump your finger then u can rub again or stick the smooth side of a pen in ur vagina and go up and down to the speed u like rub your clitores with ur other hand while u r fucking ur pussy with a pen. That's what I do and it feels so good.
Date 2/16/2018
Tdevious. In need
I've loved to use my fingers for years I get off better with clitoral stimulation and looove toys.. I Havnt had a toy in a while wish I had one it would be what I need. I get sick of my finger. My Man has a huge dick I'm not kidding. It always hurts at first and takes a while for him to penetrate.once he does he can't hold back and last. Its hard to get him to wanna play like we use to. Dressing up. Try a lil anal. Toys are needed I think at this point. I think he's get turned on more to see a toy is going on my wish list!! ??.. ** I need new ways of getting off. I love being eat In out but I need something more. Esp when I don't have the means to explore and get a toy.. S.o.s I need to get stimulated* lol.
Date 3/23/2018
Hot mess
I love to use both. I master bate almost daily. I love the way my pussy feels when it’s wet. Fingers are probably my favorite.
Date 3/26/2018
i’m playing with pussy right now and i’m to cum. i’m using my fingers and i wish someone was eating my pussy rn
Date 4/17/2018
I actually come faster with my fingers. I love toys, but they take much longer. I guess because the vibrations tend to desensitize the area. I love “edging” with my fingers or toys. When you finally allow yourself to come it is amazing.
Date 4/17/2018
Sandra Wenner
I love usesing my fingers. Just start trying the toys.
Date 4/18/2018
First time I started masturbating I wld use my fingers. But I always felt like my body wasn't reaching its full potential. I'm now using my wand and I absolutely love it ! The different speeds are totally awesome. I actually have to will myself to stop. I'm really eager to try other toys soon. :-D
Date 6/9/2018
Idk I just don't like fingering that much it doesn't give me enough pleasure... I tend to rub and explore my body more I want to get a vibrator but my parents are verry nosy and I'm afraid if they find it... :')
Date 6/22/2018
Ok so I masturbate daily, I prefer fingers or a soft end of a pen bc but I love fingers bc I rub my clitoris and it feels so good and my man doesn’t give me pleasure so I have to get it someway
Date 7/4/2018
I love it when I lightly tap my clit with the tip of my fingertips it makes me cum so fast
Date 7/28/2018
I was having trouble getting off with my fingers so was only using toys. But one morning I woke up really horny and had company in the house. I had to get off so I used my fingers. Oh goodness, it was amazing! It took longer but it was so worth it. The orgasm was unbelievable. Now I am using both. I love having two or theee fingers deep in my vagina while I am teasing my clit. Just writing this makes me want to play!
Date 7/31/2018
Of course i like and use them both ... But fingers are what I tend too use the most ... i Love to focus one or two fingers on my clit an my other hand fingerings my pusy slowly. Defineitely Makes for a WAY better orgasm ..
Date 7/31/2018
I had a girlfriend she would play with her fingers and get good and wet and give me a taste I Loved That She Would Use Toys Some Times but I liked her giving me a taste better
Date 8/14/2018
I would have to go with neither the best way to master bate is to go get in to the shower and pull the head price down and I put it so close it’s all most touching my pussy then I manover the shower head until I find the right spot then I run my clit just a little bit then I comm like not one has ever cam before like omg it’s like an earth shattering organism please try it everyone on and my husband watches me do it then he joins after I have cam three or four times and then he finishes me off.
Date 8/14/2018
I use my fingers on my clit while using a toy for penetration
Date 9/8/2018
I love masturbating! I use my fingers and a toy! I don’t have an orgasm when I have sex. So this is the only way that I get one. I love playing in my pussy. It feels so Damn Good. I play in my pussy every chance that I get. I would love to have someone to finger fuck me.
Date 9/11/2018
I like to lay sideways against my body pillow Nd gently rub against it while fingering My pussy from behind and once my hand gets tired I put my dildo in Nd move so it goes in and out I do that for a while and cum all while doing it. I literally love cumming
Date 9/25/2018
I’m still a virgin and I want to penetrate my pussy so bad but it hurts.
Date 11/27/2018
I like both
Date 12/28/2018
Unhelpful fingers
I’ve been trying to use my fingers for a while now. I’ve been playing with toys for a while and I’ve been trying to penetrate and I just can’t get the hang of it. I’m always in the mood and constantly playing with pussy but I don’t know how to get in the mode for fingering but i love it so much when my partner does it
Date 1/17/2019
So I’m trying to play but I just can’t get the simulation and I’ve never orgasmed so idk if it’s just me or what
Date 1/25/2019
I love fingers. I have someone online who talks to me almost every night when I talk to him and rub it's multiorgasms. Between the two of us I must cum at least 5 times a night. Rubbing that clit is the best feeling.
Date 2/15/2019
28 kl
Date 3/15/2019
I love fingering and I use the clintoris and I cum only a bit tho????
Date 3/21/2019
raquel pierce
at the end of the day the best orgasms come from getting all the stimulation to the clit and working around in circles to the whole area i promise youll love it gals
Date 4/5/2019
hey guys so i masterbated for the first time and it was heavenly. first i seduced my self by tugging and pinching my nipples, than i laid on my stomach and put my pointer finger and middle finger into my pussy rly deep and i started going in circle motions, than i started to tap my clit with my other hand while i was fucking my pussy, as all is happening i am pinching and tugging on my nipples. i reached a point were i was moaning so load and i was at the point of cum , you guys should try fucking urself like this it will male you scream
Date 5/24/2019
I am struggling to orgasm no matter what. If I'm using toys or fingers. I am horny constantly. I used to have sex with a friend every night for a minimum of 3 hours and he has been the only one to make me orgasm so hard id bite him a little trying to stay quiet. He had to leave for the military. Now its like nothing works.

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