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How To Keep Marital Sex Fresh

Posted by TooTimid Staff to How-To Sex Tips Guides
So you’re getting married? Congratulations to you both! Are you stressed beyond belief yet? If you aren’t, wait a bit, it’ll come. I know what I’m talking about, I got married last summer. Whether you’ve chosen to wait to have sex until after you are married or if you’ve been sampling the merchandise early, there will be one question that strikes us all—what will our sex lives be like after we are married? There will be sex, and then some more sex and probably even more sex after that. Marital sex is fabulous! It’s as if all the “single” sexual tension has dripped off your shoulders; gone, done and over! You’ve found a partner, for life, who loves you just as you are. Things couldn’t get better, but they do!

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You’re not down the aisle yet, but it’s coming soon and you can hardly wait! The excitement and stress that revolves around wedding planning could drive even the most unruffled person to distraction. Make sure that you are taking time out from your hectic schedule to spend time ALONE with your significant other. Don’t spend that time discussing wedding colors or invitation lists; there will be plenty of time for that. Plan a night away (I know weddings are expensive, but one night in a hotel won’t break the bank) even if it’s just the next town over. marital_bliss Returning caterer calls and choosing color schemes can wait a day, but your relationship can’t. Pack a bag for your partner and remember to pack the sexiest pjs you have (or don’t pack any pjs as all!) It might be fun to add in a few toys and play things, you know, practice for the honeymoon? Try starting with some massage oil because nothing relieves wedding stress like a good massage. The Massage Therapy Kit would be a great place to start. Once you are both relaxed have some fun with sex dice. I love the oral sex dice; no need to ask for what you want, just roll! Then, if you want to add some boom to the bang, slip on the Impress Remote Teaser. Everyone’s a winner with this toy!

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THE HONEYMOON: No joke—I was almost too tired after our wedding to have sex. But don’t you worry, I rallied and played hard! Don’t get me wrong, I think wedding nights are incredible, but it’s the honeymoon that really gets crazy! Honeymoons are great because you finally get to use all the goodies friends (and sometimes family) have given to you. The sexy nighties, the silk boxers, they all get used even if it’s just momentarily before they are shed to the floor. Most likely you’ve received a bachelor or bachelorette party which left you with oodles of sex props. You’re goody bag may contain some of the following:
  • Oral Sex Gels- The names are really the best: Lick-A-Peter or Pussy Licker. They gels make oral sex fun and tasty!

  • Books- Books on your honeymoon? When they’re books on tantric sex positions then yes, by all means, bring books.

  • Stimulators- The Diving Dolphin. Go with the Diving Dolphin. Keep in mind, if you are traveling by plane pack your toys in your checked luggage. The last thing you want is security going through your carry on because the detect something “odd”.

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You’ve been married a while and things feel rather sluggish. Don’t worry, it happens; it’s called life. The thing is to add some va-va-va-voom to brush away the blahs. One night of candles, bathes, and romance does not brush away the blahs. I’ve actually always thought it was a bit corny, but that’s ME, Mrs. Tomboy. Va-va-va-voom is sneaking home at lunch and having a quickie on the kitchen floor. Va-va-va-voom is buying your partner a new sex toy and leaving it with a note, “We’ll use this later!” Va-va-va-voom is trying something your partner has always wanted to try and finding out you really enjoy it. Va-va-va-voom is morning sex when you’re more of an evening person. Va-va-va-voom is not allowing for your sex life to be routine. It’s how we show our love and love is nothing close to routine.

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