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5 Erotic Massage Techniques For His Cock

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info

I think if you ask any man alive he will say that ANY and ALL touching of his cock is a very welcome experience! Hand jobs or blowjobs are always on the menu. However, what about erotic cock massage? You read that right – MASSAGE. No, this is not code for a slow hand job, not really anyway. Erotic massage is just as the name implies, the erotic massaging of his man parts, err, his main man part. Confused? OK, read on and find out just how to massage him into intimate submission.

Important: Make sure you have some good massage oil/lotion before you begin. If you plan to transition to sex – oral or otherwise – make sure it is safe to eat.

While it may not always be possible to start an erotic massage on his cock while he is limp, this would be the optimal manner in which to begin the process, as well as a great way to build the suspense and the arousal. This technique, however, can be done with a semi-erect cock as well. While he is laying on his back, his legs slightly spread, cup his penis AND his balls (as much as you can get) under your whole hand. Literally cup him with your whole hand. Then, gently squeeze in a rhythmic pattern like a heartbeat. Slow, methodical. As he begins to harden (which he most likely will), just change the focus to his balls and continue the slow, rhythmic squeeze.

As you want this to last as long as possible while giving him a completely new experience you will want to avoid actually STROKING his cock for as long as possible. This means, avoiding the bullseye. So, much like the female, a man is also very sensitive around his main appendage. The area directly above his shaft and on either side (his inner, inner thighs) is a great place to concentrate on massaging. Making sure you have lotion or oil, use a few fingers mostly the pads (ends) and knead small circles all around the areas, avoiding his shaft as much as possible. The idea is to go around, but not ON, the shaft.

The taint is the area between his anus and his balls, and it is very sensitive to all stimulation from fingers to tongue. Rubbing the taint is very relaxing but also very stimulating. This can be done while he is on his stomach (probably not fun with an erection) or on his back (let that thing spring free!). Using a fair amount of oil, rub this area with a fair amount of pressure. Small circles, then larger circles. Using both thumbs in concert with each other can create magnificent sensations. If he reacts well to light touch, you can be a bit firmer. Have him spread his legs for easier access.

A man’s balls are very tender parts of him and need to be handled with care and concern. However, they are also sensitive to stimulation such as gentle squeezing and pulling. You need to be very careful here as you take his balls into your own hands. Rubbing oil all over them, slightly pulling them, kneading them very gently with your fingers. Gently pushing them inward. Keep in mind that some men do NOT enjoy ball stimulation, so if your man is one of these gents then back off the balls! However, most men find this soothing and sensual.

Yes, for you men interested in knowing, you will have your cock touched during an intimate massage. However, as we have already established, stroking is not the first thing you want to do, and this is the step before stroking. The cock head is EXTREMELY sensitive to touch, and many of us do not spend enough time stimulating this part of him. While sitting next to him – he on his back – take your hand and rub the top of his cock with the palm of your hand. Gently, back and forth. Then, taking your thumb and forefinger, start to put gentle pressure on his cock head, right under the glans (the mushroom part) and twist your fingers back and forth. Back and forth. Go slightly down the shaft (maybe 2 inches) and back up. Again, rub just your palm on the top of his cock. Then repeat the motion with your fingers. He will most likely get very hard during this process, but do not jump to full on stroking and let him enjoy the massage. Change up your motion / direction, maintaining stimulation ONLY on the top of the cock!

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Date 7/20/2017
Mmm what a sensual way to put him in the mood! I like this! Thanks!
Date 8/10/2017
Jackie Falls-Crowe
What is ball stimulation?Why don't they like it?
Date 4/8/2018
I'm going to be helping teach a 21-year-old young man about the world of sex. Yes, there are still virgins out there. I like these suggestions. Hopefully they will help him relax. My partner will love them too. We love sex so much we could stay in bed all night and all day if we didn't have to eat, sleep and other very important things to stay alive. After all, we are in our 70s.
Date 4/24/2018
Carl Belson
I’am a 70 years old man 6 ft. tall. I have been married for 47 years. My wife is 72 yrs old, she was 90 lbs 5 ft. tall when we married now she is 245 lbs. She gained the weight between 3 an 5 yrs ago. This has caused a big problem with our sex life. We had sex between 1 to 2 times a mo. For the first couple of yrs when she gained the weight but for the last 2 yrs it has went to zero. I need some help. Because of her weight I can’t get an erection an NO SEX.
Date 7/23/2018
Do you really believe it's her weight? Or is it just your time for ED especially if it's been a long time. Maybe her weight has happened because she is grinding comfort in food and not from you. Do you cuddle abd fondle her. Kiss and tongue her , try to bring back some love. Is oral sex possible. Ask her to do you. Rear entry usually works with a heavy partner I am 75 and overweight .my partner is 75 and has Ed and we are having the best sex of our lives.
Date 7/23/2018
Amen to that Patti. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way.
Date 12/2/2018
Such good tips! So excited to try these later. Also, with head action during a handy, my guy LOVES me stroking up and down his frenulum ;) It's another awesome pleasure spot!
Date 12/2/2018
Ive been married for almost 12yrs. Women use sex or a male fumtions as power to feel that they are in control. BS if your so into having sex more than men then why not show it not flont it.
Date 1/23/2019
keesha r
my boyfriend loves when i juggle his balls kind of if that makes sense! hes really into it.
Date 2/8/2019
who wouldve thought bout the taint area on a guy????!!! I never would have! news to me!
Date 3/5/2019
Never ever overlook the trait. On man or women. Speaking as a man the first time you flick that area with your tongue he will start gasping like a fish out of water. Wet your finger an push it around in circles. Next thing you know he will be doing the dishes and the laundry
Date 3/6/2019
missippi riv
I like to rub lube on my man's member!!!!

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