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7 Ways to Have Sex without Penetration

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Remember those days in Junior High when you would camp out on the couch making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, hands roaming all over, bodies humping on each other like a dog in heat?  That, my friends, was the somewhat innocent activity called “outercourse.”  Outercourse is sexual activity that does not involve vaginal or anal penetration.  Some definitions of outercourse also prohibit oral sex as this involves the sharing of seminal or vaginal fluids.  I tend to agree, as outercourse is used as a method of “non-penetrative, safe sex” and oral sex is penetrative in a manner of speaking.  Sometimes it is necessary or smart to engage in outercourse as opposed to intercourse.  For example, when you have just met someone, if you are waiting for your birth control to kick in, you forgot your condoms (ooops!), the woman is on her period, waiting for an STD screen to come back clean, or if you are waiting until marriage to have sex.  In any event, here are 7 ways to safely engage in outercourse.

1. Nookie with the Nipples

Breast play is an essential part of outercourse.  Kissing and sucking on the nipples, or breasts, can be extremely arousing for the man and the woman, and can often lead to orgasm.  In some situations, a man can use the breasts as a place to insert his penis (boob sex) and as long as the ejaculate does not enter the mouth, it is safe sex.

2. Helping Hands

“Fingering” or “handjobs” are absolutely wonderful ways to engage in a sexual activity without penetration.  Many women can orgasm easily with clitoral play, and most men really enjoy a handjob even when sex is an option.  Plus, both activities are great for foreplay, so practice makes perfect!

Passionate Couple In Bed 3. Rubbing Down

Massage and sensual massage is a wonderful way to get acquainted to your lover.  New lovers especially can revel in the beauty of each other’s bodies without the pressure of actual sex.  Just make sure you have boundaries clearly explained, ‘cause the hands will wander.

4. Tease and Tantalize

Channel your inner stripper and give your lover a good, ole’ fashioned strip tease!  Sit on his lap, let him touch you – but only a little.  Grind on him, excite his senses while exercising your power as a sexy woman!  Then, when you ARE ready for sex, his mind will race to that sexy dance and he’ll be putty in your hands!

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5. Make-out Madness

Do you remember how your stomach did flip-flops during your first kiss?  Imagine having that feeling as an adult.  Kissing, nibbling, sucking can be extremely arousing and can lead to orgasm in both women and men.  Yes, I said it.  Hot kissing combined with some roaming hands can bring on the orgasms!

6. Dry Humping

Technically called “frottage” (see, you learned something!)  Dry humping is sex without sex.  You are using your bodies to bring each other pleasure while having clothing (or undergarments) ON.  A man can orgasm as well as a woman with the right mixture of kissing and dry humping.  Just be careful of the zipper – OUCHIE!!!

7. Make it Mutual

Mutual masturbation is fun!  You can give each other a show or play together.  Using toys to enhance the pleasure for both of you.  Sometimes, being together in a sexy way is more important than intercourse itself.  Plus, watching self pleasure teaches you what your partner likes!

Mikayla’s Tip:  Outercourse is a great way to be close, intimate and safe.  It can help to protect against STDs, but depending on what you are doing, you could still be at risk.  The best bet is to be checked first and stick to activities where NO seminal or vaginal fluids are exchanged. 

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Date 9/24/2014
Jagjit Bains
Date 11/16/2017
I like to wait as long as possible before penetration. I like being teased and kept on the edge so I am just flooded by the pleasure when there is finally penetration! The longer we wait, the hotter it makes me ;-)
Date 11/18/2017
There is usually a lot of this at the beginning of my relationships. It's great for warming up to one another and exploring each others bodies! We usually jump right in to the bulk of it but nothing wrong with taking things slow

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