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5 Ways To Achieve A Squirting G-Spot Orgasm

Posted by Mikayla to How-To Sex Tips Guides
How To Have A Squirting Orgasm
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For many women, the “Holy Grail” of orgasmic bliss is the G-Spot orgasm (AKA the squirting orgasm).  Typically associated with a powerful stream of liquid (female ejaculate – NOT PEE), the G-Spot orgasm is undoubtedly the most intense orgasm a woman can achieve!  However, there are some disclaimers that go along with this topic.

First, yes, every woman DOES have a G-spot, but, not every woman can have a full on G-Spot orgasm.  Why is this?  Well, not every woman’s G-Spot is as prominent as some other woman's, which can make stimulating it harder.  Or, some women cannot handle the very intense feelings that go along with G-Spot stimulation and give up before they actually have the orgasm.

Secondly, for the women who CAN have a G-Spot orgasm, not all of them will actually squirt out immense amounts of liquid.  This is dependent on the woman and a multitude of factors:  how hydrated she is, how large her G-Spot is (the G-Spot is like a sponge, it contains the liquid.  Smaller ones release smaller amounts of liquid), how well she can handle the stimulation.  All of these complexities make each woman’s G-Spot stimulation different.

So, in the manner of disclaimer:  following these suggestions will not GUARANTEE that you (or your partner) will have a G-Spot orgasm.  However, these 5 methods have been proven successful for those women who CAN have G-Spot orgasms.  Also, ladies, remember:  if at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again!  The worst that will happen is you will have some wonderful orgasms and a lot of fun!  So, be patient, relax and have FUN!

The #1 thing to remember is:  you need to be sufficiently aroused!  Your G-Spot fills with liquid the more you stimulate it and the more aroused you are in general.  So, give yourself many, many clitoral orgasms and stimulate your insides with sex, fingers or toys!  The more aroused you are, the greater your chances become!  See my 5 Ways to Achieve a Squirting G-Spot Orgasm below!


I know it sounds strange, but, when pressure is put onto the G-Spot, you have a greater chance of creating an orgasm.  So, once you are aroused – and I mean AROUSED – get yourself into a squatting position.  This puts pressure on your vaginal area and your G-Spot.  Then, reach up inside and feel for your spot (it should be 1-3 inches inside, on the TOP wall of your vagina (belly button side).  Once you feel it, rub it HARD!  You need to give it a lot of firm attention.  If you have a hard toy (Glass Dildo or a G-Spot Toy) this would be a great time to use it.  Continually stimulate your spot until you start to feel a warm sensation like you have to pee.  It may even be uncomfortable.  That is OK, continue on, keeping on THAT spot.  You will eventually feel a very, very intense build up that is pleasure / pain mixed into one.  If you do not give up, you will feel a tremendous release and amazing pleasure – and, if you are lucky, will squirt!


Over the years there have been tremendous advancements in G-Spot stimulating toys!  Women WANT to give themselves the elusive G-Spot O, and I don’t blame them one bit!  What you are looking for in a good G-Spot toy is FIRMNESS and a CURVED end.  These two aspects work together to help you get the angle and pressure you need.  A standard dildo will not be firm 
Sexy Woman Sucking Fingerenough to stimulate you with the pressure you need AND the curve on a specialty toy is designed to easily hit your spot.  So, once again, when you get yourself aroused through any manner of play, you want to get comfy and insert your toy, looking for that feeling you get when you graze your G-Spot.  Once you hit that spot – STAY ON IT!  If the toy has vibrations – turn them on! If not, continually rub that spot over and over and over until you feel the build up described above!  Not all toys work the same for all women, so try to figure out what you think your body needs and give it a whirl!

Best Sex Positions For G-Spot Stimulation


I know you have heard this before; the “come hither” motion is a tried and true method of stimulating her G-Spot.  However, you have to make sure you follow some simple instructions before you try or your hither will not make her cum!  First, make sure she is amply aroused!  Play with her, give her oral sex, have vaginal sex with her, finger her – make her super aroused and give her many orgasms!  Then, once you are ready get your lady comfortable on her back, insert your pointer and middle fingers into her vagina and feel for that spot (1-3 inches in, top side of the vagina).  Once you feel it, start rubbing it, hard, with your two fingers.  You will feel it swell up under your touch.  Give her clit some stimulation with your tongue or other hand.  When you sense she is becoming more aroused, press the spot HARD and do the “come hither” motion with your fingers.  This is important:  DO NOT release the contact; you want to be forceful here, not light handed.  She may buck, she may squirm, but if she is enjoying it, hang on and keep on doing it!  Now, push down on her pubic area (above her pubic bone, below her waistline) and sandwich the spot between your fingers and outside hand.  Keep on with the pressure and the come hither motion.  This takes time guy, life is not a porno film!  Hopefully, with practice, you will be rewarded!


For G-Spot stimulation and fantastic position is doggy style (particularly if your penis has any curve to it at all).  This position puts extra pressure on the G-Spot and makes it easier to stimulate.  Once again, you want to make sure you find the spot, and once you do, keep on it.  If you are stimulating her with your penis, try to feel the spot with the end of it, and give it as much attention as you can.  If you cannot get the pressure you want from your penis, use your fingers.  Being behind her gives you a good angle.  Once you find the spot, press DOWN (cause she is on her knees, the spot is now facing down) and put a good deal of pressure on the spot and rub your fingers quickly over it while pressing down.  You can ask her to finger her clitoris as well to give herself extra arousal.


All right, so, sometimes it takes a little radical positioning to make things magical.  This position is a favorite for the first time squirters club.  Have your woman lie on her back and place a pillow or two under her butt, forcing her up on an angle.  Next, have her hold her legs back (preferably with knees bent) and open.  This creates a sort of “tension” on the spot and makes her clitoris tight as well.  Now, insert either (a) a vibrator or hard toy or (b) your fingers into her vagina.  At the same time, you want to stimulate her clitoris with a bullet or other vibrating toy.  Have your woman keep her position and you continue to stimulate her.  Once again, when you find “the spot” keep on it with hard, upward pressure!  You want to rub the spot as hard as you can – almost roughly – and if you start hearing the tell tale ‘wet’ sounds, you know you are getting there.  Keep it up – slow and steady wins the race to squirterville!

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Date 7/18/2014
my man luvs when I get him all tha gslim to do it on my on and its great for me to use alone when he gone.
Date 7/20/2014
These are great tips. Thank you!
Date 5/24/2016
ive squirted only once... quite a surprise! lol
Date 5/24/2016
Anon Amos
I find that the easiest way for me to SOAK a set of sheets is by riding my man and grinding against his pelvic bone. I'm blessed with a guy with an upward-curve to his dong, and it rubs right against my g-spot in this position. At first, I thought I was peeing, but it's pretty clear that this is a separate thing. A heads up, though: If you *do* have to pee and you start going for a squirting G-spot orgasm, you may end up with both! Also, if you're flexible, a great position for female ejaculation is him on top - with your knees on his shoulders. It's a great position for G-pot orgasms. You fold in half like a lawn chair, but it's worth it. My man also feels like a bona fide stud when he makes me squirt, so we both enjoy it. Except I always end up on the wet spot :(
Date 10/15/2016
Tina Ralphs
I can squirt! It takes a lot of time and I need to use a vibrator, but I can do it :) My hubby loves it :)
Date 11/8/2016
Vicious Cherry
Yes. I am definitely a squirter. My honey gets the hardest erection after I squirt in his face! We have been talking about g-spot orgasms lately. I am looking for the best g-spot stimulator. I don't know if a g-spot orgasm can compare to a clitoral orgasm, but I sure hope to find out soon! Any personal suggestions?
Date 12/23/2016
Dana Doub
Going to try ask these
Date 1/14/2017
Fernanda Gutierrez
Date 4/13/2017
debbie curley
I have never squirted have tried many time too but never happened makes me very frustrated.
Date 7/14/2017
I have been practicing trying to squirt, reading articles, watching videos and here's what has happened so far. I get super sloshy wet (wet the sheets wet) but Its not a squirt I don't think because I don't orgasm. I get super nervous about peeing on myself because that's literally what it feels like. I sat in the bathroom floor once and tried for hours... The towel was soaked but I still never orgasmed (I was trying so hard I think that I was peeing a little because I was just trying to let it all go). With my curve vibrator if I really go to town for a while with it, when I pull it out I do soak myself but It's never with an orgasm. Am I just one of those girls that can't orgasm through g spot? It feels amazing either way but it's not the big o amazing. Any tips? My fiance keeps asking how it's going because he wants me to squirt for him and I want to learn how so much. At what point do I crush his dreams and tell him I just can't do it?:(
Date 8/7/2017
Jackie Falls-Crowe
Hmmm...well...then there is that person who is really good at oral than can make you squirt because he is that good at oral.Rare but he is out there somewhere.
Date 9/21/2017
Krazy karren
47yrs old first time squirting with new boyfriend has great fingers when I'm doggie style uses his thumb like a Jack hammer on me the squirt is amazing I can do this 4 5 times before I run out of juice then it's just really wet after that like a wet sponge love it
Date 12/24/2017
Dana Hartman
I've had 2 squirting orgasms and both times it has been really sexy!! I felt this intense pressure like I had to pee and I just started gushing fluids. My partner was fingering me and said it was hot!
Date 12/27/2017
My bf really wants to see me squirt so I'm trying these!!

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