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10 Ways to SEX UP The Holidays!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Men's Issues
10 Ways To Sex Up The Holidays Keep Things Hot With Toys For Couples!

Ahhh, the season of sitting by a roaring fire, drinking eggnog, kissing under the mistletoe and giving gifts to those we love!  What better time to get a little sexy with your significant other!  I, personally, love the romance of the holidays.  The pretty snow falls, twinkling Christmas lights, and cuddling to stay warm.  Add some sexy goodness to that and you can have yourself a VERY Merry Christmas!

From all of us at TooTimid, I hope you enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday season filled with lots of love and, of course, hot holiday sex!

1.  Fireside Chalets

The holidays are such a completely stressful time of year – the hustle and bustle and race to buy gifts for EVERYONE!  So, what is the best gift you can give your special someone?  Time away ALONE, of course!  In my perfectly realistic imagination, I envision a secluded chalet in the mountains, just me, my honey and lots of snow!  The snow won’t matter because we are going to sit in the whirlpool tub and have lots of fireside sex!  So, you may not be able to afford a ski weekend, but perhaps just a night away without the kids?  Or, even just a dinner at an “adult” restaurant and not MCD!  Strive to give the best gift of all:  private couple time.

2.  Massages To Melt The Ice

A perfect stocking stuffer for your honey has got to be quality Massage Oil – and a coupon for an endlessly erotic massage!  Imagine finishing up all of that holiday wrapping and settling in to a nice massage replete with candles, massage oil and the strong hands of your lover working those muscles into a relaxing, heavenly state!  Nothing says “I Love You” like a massage to melt the tensions away.  Plus, massages almost always lead to frisky fun!

3.  Sexy Scavenger Hunts

One of the best gifts I ever got was a sexy scavenger hunt!  My fiancé prepared cute and sexy little clues to lead me to different places in the house to gather gifts he had wrapped.  He wrapped up boxes with:  candles, bubbles, a new robe, a new loofah sponge and a Waterproof Vibrator.  He had little riddles to lead me to the boxes and the end result led me to the bathroom where he drew me a bath and pampered me – and then got in with me!  You get the picture!

4.  Silky Sexy Stockings and Shoes

Women love to know that you find us sexy and we especially love it when you buy us clothes or shoes!  I had a lover once who bought me the sexiest pair of ribbon wrapping red heels!  When I put them on I felt like a sex kitten!  Since men occasionally have trouble with sizing of clothes, shoes can be much easier!  So, take a trip to the shoe store, find the most outrageously sexy pair of heels you can find and buy them!  Tell her that she has “walked right into your heart and needs sexy shoes to do it!”  Come on guys; don’t be afraid of the shoe store!!

5.  Sporty CAN Be Sexy

Do you know what my boyfriend told me would be the SEXIEST thing ever?  Seeing me wearing only his Blackhawk Jersey!  Ladies, men like sports!  They like to buy clothing that represents their favorite teams.  They love it when we take an interest in it.  So, do YOU know what your man’s favorite sport is?  A fantastic gift for him will surely be a jersey or shirt that represents his team – but don’t wrap it.  No, instead, walk into the bedroom wearing only that jersey and blow his mind with not only how thoughtful you are, but how damn sexy you look!

6.  Cute and Clever Coupons

“Good For One Free Blowjob” or “All You Can Eat Pussy Buffet” – do those coupons sound good to you?  They do to me!  Sometimes we need to be smart on a budget, and that means couponing!  Who says coupons have to be boring!  Make your lover a coupon book that has the most tempting erotic treats and see what he or she picks!  Just remember, no expiration date necessary and double couponing is expected! 

7.  Fabulous Fantasies

A few years back, I was given the gift of the fantasy box.  In it, I had put 5 of my top fantasies and I encouraged him to do the same.  The box itself was a hand-carved wooden box with our initials on it.  It was a symbol from me to him that I would always try to be his favorite fantasy!  Sometimes talking about fantasies can be hard, but writing them down much easier.  It is fun to pick a fantasy from the box.  While you may not always want to DO the fantasy, it is good to know what your partner likes!

8.  Toys and Trinkets

Vibrators and Bullets and Lubes OH MY!  What a joyous time of year to surprise your sweetie with a little something special!  Peruse all the holiday deals TooTimid has to offer and find a new buzzing treat for your lover.  Or, surprise your man with something saucy like a Pocket Pussy!  When you but sexy products and toys for your lover you get the gift too!  Whether something small for the stocking or something larger for you to share together – sexual enhancement products are a great way to sex up the holidays!

9.  The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One of the absolute cutest things a past boyfriend did for me was wrap his cock up in wrapping paper!  While I was concerned about paper cuts (ouchie!) I did have fun “unwrapping” his manly goodness!  To avoid the paper conundrum you could place a hole in a box and place your “present” inside it, then give it to your honey on Christmas Eve.  Ladies, you can place bows in strategic places, or wrap ribbon all around your body and let your lover unwrap you!  I guarantee the unwrapping is as much fun as playing with this present!

10.  A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So, how many of you have sent that naughty text to your lover?  Do you remember his reaction to it?  Ga-Ga, right?  Well, imagine if he had a super sexy picture of you that he did not have to delete from his phone before the kids saw it?  What if, you got a special photo for him that he could keep somewhere special?  Boudoir photos are extremely fun to take and can make you feel like a sexy star!  You can decide if you want to go suggestive, with lingerie or even completely nude!  Find a reputable photographer and take some saucy shots that he is sure to drool over for years to come.  Hey guys, women would love this too!

Mikayla’s Tip:  The best gift you can give your lover is time and attention!  Use the holidays to unwind and spend time with those you love!  Remember to say thank you and to pamper each other.  We spend the entire year working and taking care of kids and responsibilities.  Take some time to pamper each other and start the new year right!

How Do You Enjoy The Holidays With Your Lover?
Let Us Know!

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Date 12/12/2017
I just love being cozy and alone with my SO! :)
Date 12/12/2017
I would love sex toys for Christmas, though I think he would feel weird buying them LOL

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