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How To Have Another Orgasm After The First One

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
How To Have A Second Orgasm After The FirstCheck Out Our BEST Vibrators!

Are you a woman who, traditionally, has only one orgasm during a sexual session? Have you always wanted to have more but really don’t know how to get past that uncomfortable feeling post-orgasm or you don’t know how to keep your libido in full swing after you have climaxed? This is a very common situation for many women and, luckily, there are ways to get past the one-and-done orgasm cycle! Even if you have never had more than one orgasm, you can train yourself to have more than one. Now, doesn’t that sound magnificent? While some women are multiply-orgasmic (they can have more than one orgasm within a short period of time) most women will benefit from training their bodies how to have more than one! So, whether you are single or partnered, this short guide will help you reach MOREGASMS!


It should not be surprising to learn that much of a woman’s sexual perception is closely linked to her psychological state. Meaning, if she is mentally engaged with her partner, feels close to him and “in love” with him she is more likely to allow her body to accept all the complex feelings that come along with orgasm. Furthermore, she will be more aroused and eager to continue sexualactivity even AFTER she has her orgasm. This means she has a greater chance of having multiples! Therefore, make sure you are mentally engaged with your partner and what you are doing. Enjoy sex! Enjoy the pleasure. Get into it physically AND emotionally!


Most people don’t know that a woman has a refractory period too, it is just much shorter than a male’s! A refractory period is the time post-orgasm where it is nearly painful to be sexually stimulated again (or to maintain erection). The refractory period usually marks the down-cycle of sexual arousal when a woman will start to feel less inclined to search for orgasm. So, how do you beat the refractory blues? You don’t allow yourself time to fully get into the refractory period. This means, simply, continuing sexual stimulation. While it can be mildly uncomfortable, the trick is to stimulate AWAY from the clitoris. The clitoris will become extremely sensitive post-orgasm, so you should concentrate on areas around the clitoris, such as the labia. Then, once the clit is less sensitive (about 30 seconds to a minute) then restart sexual stimulation again. The build-up will be slow at first, but once you are past the refractory period, the body will again be receptive to sexual stimulation and begin to build toward another orgasm.


As I have mentioned in many other articles on female health, doing Kegel exercises (the squeezing and releasing of the PC muscles) can aid in having more powerful orgasms as well as having more frequent orgasms. It makes sense if you think about it, the stronger any muscle is, the stronger you are in general. So, if your PC muscles are in tip-top shape then they are more apt to work harder for your pleasure. If you are not doing your kegels then you need to get on them right now! This can be one of the ways to have multiple orgasms! Plus, you are helping your feminine health in general.

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Sexy Woman Having Orgasm In Bed

You guessed it – ORAL SEX! How will oral sex help you to have more than one orgasm? Simple: oral sex is a tried and true method of bringing a woman to orgasm generally speaking AND it is easy to switch up the stimulation from direct to indirect; from fast to slow. The tongue is soft and can apply direct stimulation or can be more subtle and “lick” the general area. So, once your lover brings you to orgasm via oral sex he can switch his focus to areas other than the clitoris and then, after a few minutes to breath, he can refocus back on the clitoris. The slow and steady build up makes it very favorable for continued orgasms. Not to mention he can add in a little finger stimulation to amp up round 2, 3 or more!


It is not surprising that women who can climax from internal stimulation AND external (clitoral) stimulation have a greater chance of having multiple Os. When a woman is in touch enough with all her sensitive, erogenous spots she can more fully enjoy the various stimulations that go along with it. So, when striving for a second (or third, or fourth) orgasm after the initial one, try stimulating other spots such as the G-Spot. This little mushy-moan-a-matic spot inside the vagina on the top wall can create very intense orgasmic feelings – AND – it is highly linked with multiple and even continuous orgasms! So, if you are only concentrating on the clitoral orgasms switch your focus to the G-Spot and see how much stimulating pleasure you can get from that! Since the G-Spot responds to long, hard, firm pressure without getting overly sensitive (until the moment of orgasm) it is a great place to concentrate in between the clitoral orgasms, when the clit is too sensitive to touch!


Finally, it is important to note that having multiple orgasms turns the sprint into a marathon. Meaning, if you go for the down-and-dirty, quick to achieve orgasm (usually clitoral) you will miss out on the opportunity to have multiples. The female body responds well to slow and continual stimulation. If you find that you come to orgasm too quickly with direct stimulation, back off a bit. The longer it takes to get to that first orgasm the more likely you are to have multiples because your body will be so utterly primed for pleasure that it will release more easily. So, build yourself up – stop BEFORE orgasm – then build back up again. When you finally can’t resist going over the orgasmic hump, allow it, but then build up for the next one in the same way!


Even if you have never used a vibrator or a bullet before in your life, NOW is the time to try! Vibrators (and especially bullets) bring a lot of concentrated power to the party so when you want to amp up the sensations, a B.O.B. is the way to go. Especially if you want to build back up more quickly. The best way to do this is to have the original orgasm via fingers, tongue or intercourse and THEN employ the battery operated fun buddy to get to the next one. If you find that this is a helpful aid in bringing on the multiples, you can continue to use it in between other stimulations OR you can force your body into multiples with very intense stimulation. For example, a magic wand massager offers very strong, direct and intense vibrations and can bring a woman (like me) to orgasm within seconds and, if the stimulation is not removed, to another orgasm VERY quickly. It should be said, however, that this can be very intense feeling as you are really not allowing any refractory period at all. However, it will train your body to wave through the refractory period and keep on going!

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Date 4/24/2015
thanks for the tips. the last two is prob the best quick fix. works for me, thanks
Date 5/10/2015
i have been trying for ages to get my girl to cum for me twice. she always gets so tired after the first one and sensitive. i think i might be too rushed though. going to try "slow and steady" next time. i havent tried using the gspot either so maybe that will help.
Date 5/24/2015
Cannot wait to get home and try these out. Been dying to have multiples. Thinkin that I should invest in Kegel balls too.
Date 6/12/2015
Y'all are brilliant. I didn't even know that us girls had a refractory period as well. Explains why I'm always so tired and convince myself it's just time for bed after I orgasm, though.

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