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How to Surprise Him Sexually

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
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Don’t we all love surprises?  Sure we do, and what is better than a sexual surprise?  Men love surprises and they especially love it when their partners think of sexy surprises to give them.  There is something UBER hot about a girlfriend who knows how to tickle her lover’s fancy with a super sexy surprise.  Need some ideas?  Then read on!


Gals, men are VISUAL!  They LOVE lingerie.  Even if your man loves you in your baggie pjs, I guarantee he will love you MORE in a corset or a sheer teddy!  Lingerie is a fun and sexy surprise that shows your guy that you are taking an interest in seducing him.  Forget about your Sexy Woman In Lingerielove handles or that cellulite on your thighs – HE DOESN’T CARE – just wrap it up in something super sexy and watch his eyes take you in with delight!  Get out of your comfort zone here – find something naughty and trashy – or something that makes you feel sexy!  He will love it!


Men love to feel wanted, just like women do, so when you plan a little sexy surprise activity they really love it!  Prepare your bedroom with some candles and sexy music, put on the aforementioned lingerie, take all the prepping steps to make yourself super sexy and then find something new and different that he can “walk into” in the bedroom.  Perhaps you are waiting with a blindfold or some light restraints, maybe you are going to slowly take off his clothes and give him a killer BJ, or maybe it is just time to play some strip scrabble!  Make it fun, make it sexy, make it tonight!


Have you ever given your man a little sex show?  You know, played with yourself with a sex toy or your fingers?  Men LOVE watching you self pleasure.  A great surprise is to tell your man to sit back and enjoy while you pleasure yourself!  It will get both of you SUPER hot, it will teach him how to pleasure you, and it will be insanely hot for both of you!  Especially if you have never done this – talk about SURPRISE!

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If you have never surprised your lover with a romantic dinner that you serve to him naked (or nearly naked) then this is a MUST DO!  Make him his favorite food, buy his favorite beer, tell him to be home on time for dinner and meet him at the door naked (or in lingerie) beer in hand.  Serve him his food while you sit, seductively, in your naked or nearly naked state.  Eat together and turn on the seduction to full blast.  Then, once dinner is over, climb on the table in front of him and offer him dessert!  I am not kidding ladies; this is one sexy surprise that any man would take seconds on!


Whether you know it or not, your man masturbates.  He masturbates even if you have a great sex life.  So, a really nice surprise that he can use with – or without you – is a masturbation sleeve.  These masturbatory devices will give him a whole, new experience the next time he needs to rub one out.  You can even step it up a notch and get him a realistic vagina!  Any of these items will be fun to watch him use – or to just give to him to prove you are the best girlfriend ever!

How Do You Like To Surprise Your Lover?
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Date 5/15/2015
I like to come home and find him sitting on the couch and before we say anything to eachother I just straddle him and we go straight to the sex! It's a lot of fun when he's not expecting it ;)
Date 5/29/2015
my bf has this thing for kate beckinsale from the underworld movies lol so I bought a leather-ish catsuit thing, put it on and went around doing chores in front of him like normal aaand let's just say I wasnt doing chores for long!
Date 6/4/2015
my man hated my sex toys and i guess felt threatened by them until i used one on him!! now he has a hole new feeling about them and wants to try more.
Date 6/5/2015
s w
send him a video of you playing with yourself, just don't upload it to the "cloud", lol! At least not if you have kids!
Date 6/20/2015
I undress and get in bed before he gets home so he just throws his stuff down and we go at it :)
Date 1/24/2017
Anne B
I think it's important to be modest in a sexy way. You know like don't start clipping your shaggy fingernails or sit on the toilet doing your business in front of him. I found a modest but very sexy way to undress in front of my man and it drives him crazy! I'm not saying you can't walk around the house in your birthday suit but be conscious of always looking your best. Keep your legs shaved and groom down there lol! It sends a signal that you care about him. Sexy lingerie is always a plus. Flannel pajamas are never a turn on. It makes me feel special too. I love shopping for lingerie for myself.

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