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How She Can Get What She Wants In Bed

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
How She Can Get What She Wants In SexView ALL Sex Toys For Women!

There is a fairy tale going around that women always get what they want in bed!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Women often find themselves unsatisfied and sometimes don’t even have one, single orgasm during a sex session!  Why is that?  Well, mostly because women don’t always ask for what they want or need in bed!  It may be that they are shy, or it may be that they simply don’t think to ask for what they want.  Either way there are ways to get what you want in bed!  So, if you are craving something or feel unsatisfied after hitting the sheets with your man – here is how to get exactly what you want in bed.


Gals, men are not mind readers.  Furthermore, men have “sex brain” which often gets them to point A (thinking about sex) to point B (having THEIR orgasm) without much in between if you are not telling them what you want!  Don’t get offended guys, this is not to say that ALL men are like this, but if your woman is not suggesting or asking for anything then you are just going to do what you want, right?  Of course, it is human nature!!  So women, if there is something YOU want in bed – ASK FOR IT!  Need more oral sex – ASK FOR IT!  Want to be fingering a little – ASK FOR IT!  Need more kissing – ASK FOR IT!  Yes, you never get what you want if you do not ask for it.


Sometimes you may tell your guy what you want and he falls a little short – or misses the mark, literally.  This is not his fault.  Every woman wants and needs to be touched differently.  Your man wants to pleasure you, but he doesn’t know what YOU like!  So, if you want him to please you the way you desire, then spend a few seconds showing him what you like!  Put his fingers where you want them, show him how fast, slow, hard or soft to stimulate you.  Yes, give him a demonstration.  How to please you 101!  Then he can follow your lead and give you exactly what you want in bed!

How He Can Get What He Wants In Bed

Sexy Woman Foreplay

You want him to spend some quality time down between your lovely legs?  Then you need to take to your knees, girl!  Seriously!  One of the things that men who won’t go down have said that if they do not get blowjobs they don’t feel like giving oral!  This is only fair ladies; if you won’t give him some oral attention he is not going to want to give you any!  The happier your guy is with what you offer him sexually the more likely and willing he will be to want to sexually please you!  So, get over the idea that blowjobs are for birthdays and Christmas and spend some quality time showing him how much you want to please him and I guarantee you will get what you want in return!


Have you decided that you no longer need to shave?  Or, perhaps, a T-Shirt is your new lingerie of choice.  Ladies, if you want to have hot sex sessions you have to make your man want to have hot sex sessions with you!  How do you do this?  You put in the effort to be sexy.  This means shaving, waxing, wearing make-up, getting cute panties or lingerie.  Tempt your man into the bedroom and make him feel lucky to have you!  This way he will be more eager to please his super sexy girl!


Men are not unfeeling sex machines!  They need to be seduced and loved and complimented too.  A man who feels that his lady loves and supports him is much more apt to do all those things in bed that she wants!  IF you know your man has had a long, hard day at work – talk to him about it!  Let him relax and unwind and unburden his mind to the point where he feels you are his partner in things.  It lets him know that you care about him as a person and that you want him to feel relaxed and loved.  If you do this, then he will be much more eager to please you sexually in the bedroom as opposed to just using sex as a way to relax!

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Date 7/16/2015
daaaaaaamn i dont get it just listen to your girl like for real love it when she tells me what she want
Date 7/17/2015
i'm so shy when it comes to this stuff! but i really do need to speak up. these are some good tips tho because i think a few of them are doable even tho i'm so bashful :) gonna buy some new lingerie and go "all out" this weekend. wish me luck!
Date 7/17/2015
Date 7/23/2015
Sexy Virgo
I enjoy using pop rocks in my mouth before it suck his penis!! He goes wild!!
Date 7/24/2015
Sge always gets what she wants lol
Date 7/25/2015
Peggy T.
This is pretty empowering! I like speaking up because I'd rather just tell him what I'm in to than make him keep guessing and leave me unsatisfied.
Date 7/25/2015
sexy, love it

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