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10 Ways Sex Makes You Beautiful!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Women's Issues
10 Ways Sex Makes You BeautifulView All Lubes, Massage Oils, & Edible Gels!

You know that sex can make you feel good about yourself and your relationship!  Sex can make you feel good about NOT having a relationship - hello, one night stand!  But, did you know that sex can make you beautiful?  Yes!  Your body's best chemicals and functions beg for sex.  All of the inner workings of your body thrive when you have orgasms!  So what does this "doctor" and "beautician" prescribe?  MORE SEX!  Here are 10 Ways Sex Makes You Beautiful!

GET THE GLOW:  If you’ve ever heard about “the glow” that pregnant women get, or “the glow” that post-orgasm ladies have, you’re halfway there!  The glow is real!  Sex and orgasms increase the estrogen in a woman’s body - it's the same thing with women who are expecting.  Estrogen aids in the maintenance and refinement of hair, nails, and skin.  So, the more sex you’re enjoying, the more great hair days you’ll have.  Enjoy the glow, girls!

INCREASE YOUR BREASTS:  Feeling a little lackluster in the chest?  Contemplating the expertly padded bra for your night on the town?  Leave that bra behind because sex increases your breast size!  During sex your boobs can blowup to 25% of their original size!  Not to mention the nipples which perk out up to half an inch!  When you’re ready to impress, tease yourself to orgasm, and then get dressed for your date.  What could be better than an orgasm, followed by dinner and sex?  What a babe!

STOP THE STRESS:  Who wants more stress in their life?  Nobody!  Stressed ladies have more frown lines and, well, frowns in general.  Beauty is associated with smiles and not frowns, so if you want to get rid of some lines, and your stress, have sex!  Sex creates a chemical called oxytocin which helps regulate happiness.  Oxytocin also diminishes the presence of cortisol, a chemical caused by stress that is just plain bad for your body and your beauty!  Even kissing and hugging increases the powerful oxytocin in your body.  So, say goodbye to stress and hello to sex for a beautiful body and disposition!

TAME YOUR TUMMY:  We’ve all had it at one time or another.  That unflattering, utterly annoying pouch of belly that just won’t go away!  Well with the combination of voluntary and involuntary pelvic thrusts and abdominal muscle crunching, you’re well on your way to a tamer, trimmer tummy.  The best part?  Even the chemicals are working for you.  That oxytocin we mentioned before is back at it with its boxing gloves, knocking out the cortisol that’s filling up your gut.  KO and bye bye belly!

FEEL & APPEAR YOUNGER:  Skip the surgery and hit the sheets to shave off a few years.  Collagen is in abundance in your body after an orgasm.  You know, the stuff that older celebs like to pump into their lips and under their eyes to look younger?  You can produce more of this skin-tightening and plumping power naturally with the best medicine around...SEX!

8 Sex Myths Debunked

Sexy Woman DE-DEPRESSED:  Nix those depressing thoughts and swap them out for something much more sensual and satisfying.  Sexual encounters increase the levels of serotonin in your bloodstream.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (chemical in the brain) that is often found in lower levels in those who are depressed.  Those suffering from depression usually take a serotonin-supplementing medication, but you can kick those pills with some extra snuggles-turned-sex to increase your serotonin.

BLOOD FLOW:  His manhood won’t be the only thing pumping!  Getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing is a huge beauty bonus!  Increased blood flow heightens your blush in your cheeks and lips, plumps your kisser and rejuvenates your skin.  It can increase your brain function, heal cuts quicker, and make you feel on top of the world!  After sex you will look and feel refreshed in your birthday suit!

CONFIDENCE IS KEY:  Confidence.  Sex Appeal.  Swagger.  Call it what you will, it’s SEXY!  Whether in a man or a woman, that air of “I’m good-looking and you want to look” surrounding you can really launch your pheromones and bait other babes!  Nearby gents and ladies beware!  After you’ve done this dirty deed, your head is held higher and there’s an extra swish in your hips that will turn heads for sure!

SEXERCISE:  Okay, ladies.  By now you should know that working out is a stellar mood booster and all around great idea.  Exercise gets your blood pumping, your endorphins raging, and heightens your overall functionality.  But if you can’t make it to the gym in your old sweats, then sweat it out with sex!  Kissing can burn up to 70 calories per hour.  That’s more calories than your average walking can kick!  Imagine how much that increases when you’re getting hot and heavy!

BYE BYE ACNE:  Acne is most often caused by imbalances in hormonal chemicals - you know, the chemicals that SEX helps REGULATE!  Plus, the act of getting sweaty between the sheets means a shower is soon to come, and cleaning up your pores after a naughty romp is just one more reason why sex boosts your beauty and banishes your blemishes!

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Date 12/14/2016
Maybe about once a week. Been busy, wish is was more!
Date 12/14/2016
few times a week, but as often as we can ;-D
Date 12/24/2017
Once a month, sometimes less >:(
Date 12/27/2017
At least once a week, sometimes more...
Date 12/31/2017
its been 10+ yrs, he couldn't anymore, so I decided too give up.

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