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Household Items That Can Get You Off!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Household Items That Can Get You Off!

While it definitely makes sense to utilize specialty shops for sex toy purchasing, many people are embarrassed or unsure of buying sex toys and use items around the house to self-pleasure. Before there were stores like Too Timid for easy and discreet shopping, there was only your imagination. Many women or men have used different household products as sex toys. Sometimes successfully, other times not so successfully. Every home has certain items that can bring sexual pleasure to them. The key is to just look around with a creative eye and to remember that not everything you find that is long and hard will make a good dildo (like a wooden spoon, for example, as splinters would end the play really quick!) Use common sense when playing with certain electrical objects and never stick ANYTHING up your vagina or anal canal that can be lost as that can cause permanent and painful damage. If you want some safe, tested, tried-and-true options, here is a short list.

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While you are in the bathroom, take another look at something you may have in your medicine cabinet. Yes, I am talking about your toothbrush! Of course you do not want to use THE toothbrush you use to brush your teeth, but a spare (clean) one would do just fine. The soft bristles of a toothbrush can feel amazing on the clit when rubbed around gently. Also, the handle can be inserted into the vagina (carefully, you do not want to lose it) for some easy stimulation. If you have an electric toothbrush even better! Now you have a powerful mini-vibrator! If you do not want to use your expensive electric toothbrush you can get bargain versions for around 8 bucks! Just remember that those bristles can rub you raw AND you do not want to brush your teeth with your masturbation toothbrush! Just sayin'!

The Basics Of Female Masturbation

Raise your hand if you have used a hairbrush handle to have an orgasm! (RAISES HAND HERE!) I know many a woman who has used a hairbrush handle (or even the soft, bristly end) for clitoral stimulation and for insertion. Hairbrush handles that are made of plastic or that rubbery material are preferred over wood – as they have some flex and are not going to splinter. It is preferable to put a condom over the handle or to make sure the hairbrush has been thoroughly washed! Whenever you use an item that is used for other purposes, being hygienic is very important. Also, for those ladies who like a little bristly stimulation, make sure you are not too rough with the tender vaginal skin. You would not want to tear or bruise that area. Hairbrush handles have been the “first dildo” for many women, so why not revisit this when you are in a pinch?

The shower and bathtub are excellent places to find stimulation for both men and women! Back in the day many young girls found the joy of orgasm by positioning themselves under the bathtub faucet or the even more intense pounding vibrations of the massaging shower head? Men can also utilize the massaging sprinkles of the massage head all while having enough soap and body cleanse to masturbate for days. A discreet and private place to get off, the shower is a virtual playground of possibilities! Hell, even rubbing yourself along the smooth porcelain of the bathtub rim can feel quite delicious if you are horny enough! 

Disclaimer: Do NOT place your PENIS in the end of your vacuum hose – nor stick the hose UP the vagina or (gasp) anal canal! This can cause swelling and, well, it can get stuck in there and do damage! The last thing you want to explain to your Mom is why her vacuum attachment is attached to your penis. Vacuum hoses are excellent for female masturbation, and this is how. The suction action, when places an inch from your labia, will rapidly SUCK them to it and if you hold the vacuum just far enough away from yourself, there will be this rapid “flapping” of your labia and a very powerful and pleasant feeling to your clitoris! You can allow the vacuum to attach to your clitoris first, but sometimes the suction is way too strong for this and may cause some discomfort. However, with just the right finesse, a vacuum hose can bring a delicious orgasm before you finishing vacuuming your bedroom.

You didn’t think I’d forget you guys, did you? For years men have been creating fuckable areas with everything from stuffed animals to pillows. Couch pillows can be especially “tight” and make a good canal for stimulation. There are, however, some helpful hints to make this easier. Firstly, use a sheet or a towel between the cushions! This is the couch after all and you do not want to make a sticky mess. Secondly, do not use lube! Fabric + lube = yuck! You have to go bareback here man, it is about the friction and the fantasy. If you want to lube up, go to the shower. Then, just sort of “ride” the spaces between the couch cushions like you would a real person. Ahhhh, being a couch potato can be fun!

Well, duh! There are a variety of hand-held massagers that can and do offer a lot of muscle and tension release. Some of these can also be used for a relief of a different kind! Whether you have a small, mini-massager (think of those “jack” looking massagers for back massaging) or a wand massager, these offer many options for masturbatory fun. It doesn’t have to be a marketed for sex fun massager – like a Hitachi – either. Any massager can do in a pinch! If you find yourself enjoying the massager vibrations, you may want to invest in a real sexual massager for future fun!

What Household Object Have You Used To Pleasure Yourself?
Let Us Know!

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Date 9/13/2016
Wow a toothbrush! do you girls really use that??
Date 10/4/2016
Well, let's see. The handle of a Speedball brayer, beaded-top plunger handle (from Target), stainless steel bartender's muller (Bed, Bath and Beyond), various bubble wands (smooth and ribbed from various stores, $1-$3), various stainless steel phallic paper towel holders, stainless steel handle of a sharpening steel ( I got mine for 25 cents at Goodwill). There are few more, but too many to mention now. I don't need to hide my toys but deniable ones are so much fun. Safety tip: with any item, always check for seams or anything else that might be sharp
Date 1/7/2017
Leggs sheer energy pantyhose, medium support leg! Guys, get a pair of your lady's hose, fold the legs over to double up, lay back and pull them back and forth across the backside of your penis, just below the head. Think of a fantasy and have fun!
Date 6/1/2017
Mary VanValkenburg
Help a older women after being married for 46 years now my husband has passed away and I need to do something about my carvings. Can you help me. I ordered a toy I'll see how that works out. I have been so horny lately. Can you HELP
Date 2/22/2018
My favorite hair brush. It's about four and a half inch long and when you insert it, it stays in till you pull it out. Great for masturbating.
Date 2/22/2018
My favorite hair brush. It's about four and a half inch long and when you insert it, it stays in till you pull it out. Great for masturbating.

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