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Have Sex With Your Breasts

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
We all know that breasts are fun to look at, right?  Even straight women will admire a nice, firm set of ta-tas presented in a beautiful bra!  Men are drawn to them like magnets, often gazing directly at them instead of our faces!  Boobs have super-human sexual power!  They are fun to touch (even when we touch our own!), fun to suckle, grab, nuzzle, motorboat –and – have sex with!  You know what I am referring to, that act that rarely anyone talks about – “titty-fucking" aka (T-F)! 

Since a woman’s breasts are oftentimes very sensitive – so any attention you give to “the girls” is most welcomed – and since men love them – why not combine these two agendas into a fun-packed experience!  After all, the girls would love to be a part of “the main event” too!  Read on and find out how to use your endowments for some super sexy fun and Have Sex With Your Breasts (including 3 ways to T-F)!

5.  BUSTY BOUNCING:  Many times women (especially larger chested women) can be self-conscious about their boobs dangling or bouncing during sex. DON’T BE!  Bouncing boobs can be extremely arousing.  If you are on top alternate grabbing them and letting them bounce!  On your back?  Yep, let them bounce!  The bouncing sensation can also be very stimulating for t
he woman.  Guys, same goes for you – grab them during sex!  Let her know you see her and are aroused by her feminine qualities! So, ladies, it's time to take off that bra and let the boobs hang freely! 

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4. TASTING THE TA-TAS:  Guys, I know you like to touch her breasts and perhaps even spend
some time kissing and nuzzling them, but do you do it ENOUGH? The breasts are amazingly sensitive and women constantly report that their men do not spend nearly enough time admiring their breasts!  Don’t allow it to be just foreplay – use her breasts for fun during sex, too.  When you are on bottom, reach up and pull her down to you so you can suckle her nipples.  When you have them in your mouth suck on the nipple and roll her nipple between your thumb and finger.  Some women really like you to suck on them – hard – so find out what she likes and go for it.  A quick squeeze during foreplay is not enough – give your woman’s breasts some serious loving and she will love YOU for it!

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3.  STANDING OVATIONS:  Why do we always have to have sex in bed?  We DON’T!  Sometimes our sexual exploits take us out of the bedroom and can lead to some seriously sexy fun.  If you are on a couch and want to change things up, you can have the woman kneel on the couch and the man can stand up so that his penis is in line with her breasts.  Then, lube up with some saliva or lotion.  USE LUBE OR LOTION!  Sweaty, sticky breasts and an non-lubed penis definitely equals a no-slide experience.  One you're lubed up, place your penis between her breasts.  Have her squeeze her girls together to give you some friction and then just do what feels good!  You can move on to sex or a blowjob as well – just remember lotion in her mouth will taste bad (and in her vagina will be a no-no).

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2. BLOWJOBS AND BOOBIES:  So, you are down on your knees servicing his penis in the most erotic way.  You are stroking and licking and getting it all sloppy with your saliva (lots of saliva necessary here!)  What now?  You get up onto your knees, slide his penis between your breasts, press them together and move up and down so that his penis is massaged by your love globes (yeah, I wrote that!)  This change of pressure and sensation combined with the idea that you are using your breasts to pleasure him usually has a fantastic response from the guy!  Slide yourself up and down and lean in for some quick licks of his tip as you go, and it'll drive him wild!

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1. LAY DOWN AND TAKE IT:  Need to take a break from intercourse?  Try moving up her body while she is on her back and making love to her breasts!  Firstly, grab some lube or lotion, then straddle above her, put some lotion on her breasts and give her a nice, sensual breast massage.  This provides her with some nice stimulation and you with a sexy view!  Then, position your penis between her breasts and press them together, making a “love tunnel” for your penis to slide between.  Give her breasts pressure from either side – or ask her to squeeze them – and simply make love to her breasts!  You can intermittently stroke yourself – or she can stroke you – and you can finish off on her chest (always ask first, though!)


Date 8/3/2014
I love to show off my breasts. Men love them and think about fucking you and your breasts when they see them. Also, I Ike touching and fondling my breasts when masterbating. It feels so good. I use the word breasts not the girls. Sounds sexier.
Date 8/4/2014
The Real Greg
BOOOOBS! But seriously, when my girl lets her self move and then lets me stroke in the middle its like heaven. For real.
Date 10/23/2014
My wife has like no interests in me doing anything with her boobs---it does not do anything for her no matter how hard i try and try and try--it does nothing--what can i do?
Date 3/1/2015
victor smith
i love reaching around and playing with the girls, massaging the nipples until she is moaning.then ill lay back and as she sits on my cock i will suck and play with the babes
Date 3/1/2015
My wife has wonderful 40dd breasts .. And fortunately, she dresses -- in sexy lingerie -- to accommodate my lust for them. In bed she teases me with them, caressing me and wearing bras that make me wild. Her big breasts are the focus of my fantasy life and I love enjoying them with her.
Date 5/2/2015
love the wat it feels
Love the was it feel. I get between his leg in put it between my breast in move up and down whilw licking the tipwhwn I go down.

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