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6 Ways to Rub Her Clit WITHOUT Using Your Tongue

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Ways To Rub Her Clit Without Using TongueView All Clitoral Vibrators

OK guys, as a woman I have a confession to make: while I love oral sex, I really wish some of you would figure out that there are OTHER ways to play with our clits besides oral sex!  Yeah, I know you do the gratuitous fingering every so often, but that primarily is internal, and usually during oral sex.  No, I am talking about really spending some time using different parts of your body to ramp up her horny level by exploring her clit!  You do realize that the clit is a big, bundle of nerves, right?  It has more nerves in it than in your entire penis!  That means, when you touch it gently, teasing it, the build up we experience is amazing!  So, before you go down on your woman again, read these tried and true tips to make her wild for you!  Here are 6 Ways to Rub Her Clit WITHOUT Using Your Tongue!

6.  ROUND ROBIN RUBBIN’:  One thing that women love (and I know, I have talked to thousands of them on this) is when you gently rub our clit in circles using just one finger.  The best way to do this is to lay next to her, kiss her passionately (or perhaps nibble her nipples too) and use just one, solitary finger to gently rub circles around her clit. When her hips start to buck you know you are doing it right!  Just remember, slow and steady wins the race – gentle, slow
circles will drive her crazy!

5.  TWO FINGERED SQUEEZE:  Most of the time the clitoris is hidden by a little “hood” of skin aptly called “the clitoral hood.”  When you begin licking or touching this area, the clitoris will swell and poke itself out from under the hood in a very blatant attempt at receiving more attention.  So, while you are down there admiring your lovely lady’s nether region, take 2 fingers (index and middle) and rub on either side of her clitoris, gently moving the skin around her clit away.  Then, very gently, start to rub her clit with your other fingers (other hand) in tiny circle as above.  This double sensation will drive her mad – and make her VERY wet!

4.  TEASED BY TEXTURE & PRESSURE:  Who says the only body part that can touch the clit are the fingers and tongue?  NOT ME!  I believe that we can use any part of our body to tempt and tease each other!  One thing that is very satisfying is when lovers are laying side by side, naked, kissing, and fondling and he puts his thigh between her legs, having her straddle him, and gently pushes himself back and forth upon her.  Alternating the pressure of his body and changing up the fabric between the two when they're naked (hello silk?!) can also be equally as stimulating when rubbing back and forth!  It won’t take long before she is sliding her body all around his legs and bucking for more sensations!

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3.  PLAYFUL PULLING:  Have you ever pulled on your lover’s vaginal lips?  Gently, pulling (or sucking during oral) her lovely lady lips lovingly?  Well you SHOULD!  Not only should you pull on her lips but you should gently pull (or pinch) her clitoris too!  This is something that may be a completely new sensation for her.  What you do is get her clitoris out from under the clitoral hood by doing any of the above referenced moves, then gently grab it from both sides between your fingers and pull it gently.  Then, release it and go about other things.  Rinse and repeat!

2.  TAPPING / THUMPING:  Have you ever watched an adult film and observed the male actor “thumping” his penis head on the woman’s clitoris before entering her?  Guess what guys – WE LOVE THIS!  After we have been all revved up by all of your foreplay activities, when you are about to enter us, take a few minutes to tease us with your penis head!  Hold your penis in your hands and ‘thump’ the head of it on our clit.  You can spread us open a bit (or ask us to, that is super hot) and rub your penis all around our vaginal opening, putting in a few pats on our clit for good measure!  Or, as a method of foreplay, some women (me included) love a gentle “tap” to our clitoris!  When we are all aroused nothing can feel better than a slight tap or slap even, on our clits!  Of course as with anything, make sure she likes this sort of play.  If she does, see how gentle or hard she may like it!

1.  LADIES CHOICE:  If you truly want to know what feels good for your woman, ASK HER TO SHOW YOU!  We women have been sexually satisfying ourselves for a long, long time and we know what we like!  All women are NOT built the same guys!  Some may like small circles, others may want touching AROUND but not ON the clit.  Some women even may want a little slapping.  Ask her to masturbate for you (or pay attention when she is touching herself) and see exactly what she likes and then try it for yourself!  The best way to satisfy her is to have her show you what she likes!  Also, fellas, you can do the same for her when it is YOUR turn!

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Date 6/15/2015
I knew about number six, but I had never thought about combining it with a squeeze. Tried it last night and she went WILD. I don't know if she's ever cum so quickly with just using fingers.
Date 6/20/2015
luuuuv it when they suck on ur lips. nobody ever thinks of that though. feels fucking great.
Date 7/1/2015
always thought that the "tapping" thing was just one of those weird porn things nobody did. i was wrong. very. wrong. she loved it and i will definitely incorporate it into our routine from now on.
Date 7/6/2015
My lady is super sensitive and hates direct clit touching. So last night I tried sucking on her lips and rubbing around it, and she was squirming in no time.
Date 8/9/2016
I'm sexy big brested blond. My boyfriend does this to me. My husband doesn't know. I love being his slut
Date 8/9/2016
I love rubbing,licking,sucking on my wifes clit, even though she wont admit it she really loves it, also just resently i got brave and started licking her anas and she must have liked that as well because did not object when i tried again 2 weeks later.
Date 8/10/2016
Jessica Santillo
^^^^ TIST TIST.. MIKE! It sounds like you MIGHT just have the COMPLETE WRONG IDEA about what your wife likes and doesn't like. Could be wrong.. But by the way your talking, it sounds like i might be a little bit right in this situation. Your attitude is exactly why men THINK they are good when they're not, and why men THINK women like what they're puttin down when most of the time their.. EH! WRONG! Your like "she will never admit it but I know she loves it". How do you know that? You can't say by the way she moves/jerks and sounds/moans, Bc those are so easily faked. And you can't say bc she gets wet, bc Thats involuntary... And you KNOW you can't say bc she told U so, bc U said she won't admit it. So don't you think that maybe.. Just MAYBE... She DOESNT like what your doing!!?? And that is indeed why she won't admit to she might it bc she has nothing to admit to??! It's very possible. Bc I don't like direct stimulation on my clit, she might not either, or just like it a certain way. Bc check it, lots of people are afraid to tell their partner if they don't like what's happening in bed bc it's SO offensive. Especially married couples like yourself, bc you have been doing the same thing for so long. And her admitting she doesn't like something NOW after all that time, the other partner will most likely take it as a complete slap in the face and be very embarrassed. And if she has never been super vocal about what she likes from the start, there's no way of telling what she really does like and doesn't like unless she's vocalizing it to you, and shes not. That's a big problem for you.. But more importantly, its an even bigger problem for her bc she isn't getting pleased like she should be. Do all of us women a favor, and Just look into it would ya? For UR wife!
Date 8/10/2016
Jessica Santillo
And by the way..l jut because she doesn't OBJECT to something.. Doesn't mean she likes it...
Date 10/17/2017
this makes me want to watch my partner the next time hes fingering me, lol. I dont really know how he does it, but he knows exactly what I like with him! he is very in tune with my body :)
Date 10/19/2017
I can't always cum during sex so my partner will finger me or use toys on me to help me finish. He starts very slowly, rubbing my lips and around my clit but not touching it. Then he penetrates me with his digits, and his slow thrusting makes me soaked! Then he will move up to my clit and move in circles and go faster and faster with my movements until I cum! He says he always knows when I'm about to cum because of the way my body moves. It's great! Glad to have a partner who always helps me finish!
Date 11/19/2017
When my wife and I are lying face to face, I put my leg between her legs and rub my thigh against her clit and pussy and she rides it all the way to orgasm. The trick is to press soft and move you leg back and forth she will apply the pressure she wants. Try it out guys, she will love you for it!
Date 12/23/2017
I think that ladies are different not same 100% With different mood some time they need run more than touch ,lick and suck . But in other time they look for others it depends on her period and many another factors . Simply females body is very complex ,need to be professional to guess from your moves and discover if she react with your doing or not , this to switch your tachniqe and be more reacted . To understand female well need to learn eyes responses how it seem glazy, open wide or closed. Need to know body signals muscles relaxed or nervous, voice tone quite come from deep sense or it come from throut. Body send a lot signals itnot comes volunteer it comes as body response same as man behaviour what he done like it far it away gently and spostiniously to give his couple the part he like to be locked or sucken . Love like music need to follow your body needs smoothly any jumps while it music it make dissonanse. Easy Easily take what she turn to you and leave what she hide .and give he the part make you full pleasure and far the lowest . And want add that smell is very very important never she like to smell and smells as swap dirty. But she can like semen odor when she go deep in s...
Date 1/27/2018
My partner knows what I like. I don't like it too direct at first, but I like it better the more aroused I get. He listens to my body and goes harder and faster as I get closer. I like two fingers in a circular motion but what is more important is the exact spot and the pressure
Date 2/2/2018
Personally I don't like tapping or pulling I like more consistent pressure of rubbing or massaging or using a vibrator
Date 3/3/2018
My wife likes when I was my fingertip at different speeds when rubbing her. I know exactly where she likes it when she's ready to cum. Then I hit 5th gear and she loses it.
Date 3/5/2018
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Date 3/15/2018
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Date 3/15/2018
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Date 3/23/2018
I wish someone could do these to me
Date 5/6/2018
The male should keep his cloths on at all times; pleasure isn't made for the men to enjoy- ever. Yes you should find ways to keep your woman happy but as a man; good advice women don't touch your man sexually ever they don't like it. I should know I'm a man, let him pleasure you until you go off, thank him, then go on with your day they don't need any attention of any sort.
Date 5/6/2018
The male should keep his cloths on at all times; pleasure isn't made for the men to enjoy- ever. Yes you should find ways to keep your woman happy but as a man; good advice women don't touch your man sexually ever they don't like it. I should know I'm a man, let him pleasure you until you go off, thank him, then go on with your day they don't need any attention of any sort.
Date 5/7/2018
Hey Austin, I’m assuming (and hoping) that you are being sarcastic. You are on a page devoted to pleasing her. Four years into my marriage, I had to have emergency surgery, and I can no longer have vaginal orgasms. Seven years later, my husband and I are still figuring it out. As well we should be. For a strong, healthy relationship, there has to be a give and take. My husband (and the rest of the spouses on this page) derive pleasure in satisfying their partner. I’m happy because I know you are happy. My brother thinks he’s funny so for our wedding gift, he gave me a book called “Tickle His Pickle.” So, I can tell you that I’ve read the book on it, but I still read more and talk about it. We’ve timed it. I can get him started and finished in under four minutes because I know where, when, and how to make it happen. Granted we didn’t mean to time it. Anyway, that’s why there is always new information, experimentation, communication, and new toys to have fun with. And that’s what it’s all about! -Light and Love, Angela
Date 5/9/2018
One thing i do she loves is small hard slow circles with the head of my penis all around the clit and lips. Sometimes I’ll have her hold herself open and I’ll just rub around her hole without letting go in. If you ever have a hard time getting wet this seems to turn my girl into a faucet. I won’t put it in or finger her until she is squirming and basically grabs my ass for at least the 3rd time. The key guys, is to hold off the first or second time she’s “ready” to be entered, wait until you can hear her having a hard time breathing. Then it doesn’t take long and boom she’ll cum in 10 minutes

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