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Dildos Vs. Vibrators

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Recently, on the discussion forum, we had a poster pose the question of what is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator – and which one should she buy?  This got me thinking, when did I know the difference between the two – and how many people don’t?


Well, the long and short of it is that dildos and dongs are usually phallic shaped – meaning they resemble in some way a penis.  They usually do not vibrate – although there are some out there that now do.  For the most part they are more solid, heavier and mean to serve as an insertion toy without direct clitoral stimulation.

IT TAKES ALL KINDS:  Dildos come in a wide assortment of sizes and uses.  There are small “plug” like ones that can be used for anal or vaginal use.  There are blow up dildos that pump up after insertion via a hand pump.  There are really Large Dildos, often called "big boys" – that are made to really provide a full feeling.  Of course there are ones made specifically for strap on harnesses – which also can be used for anal or vaginal stimulation.  Finally, there are Double Dongs –which are often used by Lesbian couples to give stimulation to both women simultaneously.  I am also sure there are many other uses for these special dildos – perhaps anal and vaginal penetration at the same time.

VIBRATING DILDOS:  Some Dildos do vibrate – such as the College Stud.  This phallic shaped dildo is waterproof, bendable and multi-speed.  It does not give as much vibration as a vibrator does, but it provides a nice, subtle vibration.  There is no clitoral stimulation with a Dildo – at least not serious stimulation.  Some do have pleasure ridges, but oftentimes these fall short of actually working.

SUCTION CUP:  Some Dildos also come with Suction Cup Bases – for hands free playing.  Many can be suctioned to bathtub sides, hardwood floors or even headboards.  For this reason, many women do like dildos, because the fantasy aspect is there when you do not have to hold on to the toy – just anchor it and ride!

BATH TIME:  Finally, most dildos and Dongs are completely waterproof.  The few that do vibrate are NOT, but all the others certainly are.  Since most dildos are solid in their construction – using one for bathtub or shower fun is something to consider.


Vibrators, well, vibrate.  They can look phallic-like, or look like something totally abstract.  They are usually lighter (although some can be heavy if they take a lot of batteries) and there are many, many varieties of vibrators, which sometimes are called massagers.

Tips For Using Your New Vibrator

VARIOUS VIBES:  Now, vibrators also have quite a few unique contributions.  There are Mini Vibes – which are essentially as small as something you can easily palm in your hand.  They can be inserted – but many are used solely for clitoral stimulation.  Items such as the Pocket Rocket are often the go-to clitoral stimulators for women.

BULLETS:  On a similar note, Bullets are also tiny vibrators that are compacted into a bullet-shaped vibrating toy.  The bullet can be inserted – but often is used for clitoral, nipple, anal or even testicular stimulation.  Bullets are available in metal or jelly and also come in an assortment of sizes – from tiny to somewhat large – and even dual.  I often say that bullets are the best toy to have if you are only going to have one because they are so universal and easy to use – not to mention – economical.

BIG AND SMALL:  Similar to Dildos, Vibrators come in a variety of lengths and girths.  Some are smaller for beginner use and are non-intimidating due to their non-phallic appearance.  The Sorority Party Vibe is a great example of this.  These vibes can be used inserted or for clitoral stimulation like a large bullet.  Some are are very small, such as Finger Vibrators.  These are often quiet and fit right on the tip of your finger.  Then, on the other end of the spectrum, there are larger vibes such as the Rose G-Spot Vibrator – which is long and has a bulbous head for G-spot stimulation.  There are also different textures, which is another quality that many vibrators have separate from dildos.  The Bumpy Betty Tongue has a texture all over the shaft – tiny little pleasure nubbies.  For many women, having a texture on the shaft can be another realm of pleasure.

LOOK, NO HANDS:  While Dildos have the suction cup characteristics, Vibes can boast the Hands-Free characteristic.  There are many vibes available that are completely hands free compliments of adjustable leg straps.  An example of this would be the famous Venus Butterfly – which has a small shaft to insert, clitoral stimulators, and a variety of speeds.  These are popular for foreplay options.  The hands free vibes bring a whole, new level to the playing field.

DUAL STIMULATION:  There is also a sub-species of vibes called "dual actions".  A Dual Action does two things at once:  provides insertion and some mode of clitoral stimulation.  Dual Actions are often the preferred vibrator of many women – including myself.  Some are waterproof, such as the Bath-Time Bunny, some thrust, such as the Thrusting Jack Rabbit, and some even offer triple stimulation, such as the Wild Orgasm Twin Teasers, but they all offer incredible pleasure.


Many women have asked:  which one should I choose?  Simply, that answer has to come from you.  Both have their pros and cons and special functions.  It really depends on what you are looking to achieve.  As you can see, there is no easy answer to the question of which to buy.  I think that if you peruse the site and see the different options, what you want will come to mind and you will find the toy that will satisfy those needs!  You can also mix-n-match – get a dildo for insertion and a bullet for clitoral stim!  Hey, why not?  Your pleasure has no price tag right?  Try to find a toy that looks appealing to you, not too big, not too small – something that makes your eyebrows lift!  Try one, try them all – but please – TRY!  Sexual enhancement products are changing at the drop of a hat – and the technology is getting more advanced!  Why be left out of the pleasure zone?  Get a vibe, dildo, bullet, dual action, g-spot or mini-vibe TODAY – you will be glad you did!

Dildo Or Vibrator?
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Date 7/6/2015
Hmmm I like both but I own way more vibrators than dildos!
Date 2/9/2016
K. P.
Rabbit vibrators :)

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