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Guide To Different Types Of Sex Toys For Adults

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Info on Sex Toys

Ok, so your holding your dildo high and screaming its praise? Are you holding it high and wondering, “How the hell do I use this?” No problem; I’m here to help.

We’ll start easy and work our way through to the more complicated. Let’s start with:

THE VIBRATOR- The name pretty much says it all. What we’re dealing with here is a toy that vibrates, often with varying speeds, and when used on the clitoris is one of the easiest ways for a woman to reach orgasm. (view Vibrator Definitions)

THE DILDO- That thing you’re holding high above your head? Yeah, that. It’s a dildo. The best way to explain a dildo, bottom line, is to say that it is a fake solid penis. Dildos come in a variety of materials, including silicone, glass, jelly, and CyberSkin.

THE STRAP-ON- A dildo you can wear on your hips, thigh or chest (yes, check out the Tool Chest Strap-on) and use to penetrate a partner.

THE BUTT PLUG- This is exactly what it sounds like—a plug for your butt. The butt plug is a flexible rubber or jelly toy that is inserted into the anus to heighten sexual exploration. I would describe it as an anal dildo, although it is smaller in size, bullet-like in design and has a flared base to keep it from accidentally slipping all the way into the anus. They can be either vibrating plugs or non-vibrating plugs.

ANAL BEADS- No, these are not necklaces for your backside. Anal beads are plastic or jelly strands of beads that are inserted into the anus. As the person reaches climax the beads are slowly removed from the anus to heighten the effects of the orgasm.

ORGASM BALLS- Also known as Ben-Wa balls. Orgasm balls are inserted into the vagina and through rocking and vaginal muscle movement can produce fabulous orgasms!

FEMALE PUMPS- Don’t get your hopes up—this has nothing to do with stimulating breast growth. Also known as clit and/or tit pumps, these toys come with a suction cup that is either placed over the clitoral area or the nipple. Once a grip has been established a vibrating stimulator is turned on sending pulsating vibes to the designated area.

LUBRICANTS- I can not discuss toys without discussing lubricants. Whether natural lubrication is easy for you or not, when it comes to using sexual toys it is a good idea to use a little extra lube (chaffing just isn’t pretty). A quick run down: Water-based lube- This is probably your best all around lubricant. It doesn’t stain, it is easily cleaned up, it’s good with silicone toys and safe with latex toys. The draw back is that it can tend to dry up more easily than an oil based lubricant. Most popular water-based lubes—Astroglide & KY jelly. Silicone-based lube- A great lubricant, especially for use with waterproof toys. Keep in mind, while silicone based lube works well with latex toys, it will destroy silicone toys. Popular silicone-based lube—Eros Body Glide. Petroleum-based lube- This lube definitely has its pros and cons. On the pro side, petroleum based lubricants are fantastic for anal play. Their thicker consistency makes anal penetration easier. On the con side, these lubes will eat away at any latex-based product—which include condoms and diaphragms. Popular petroleum-based lube—Vaseline.

Now remember, this is just an abbreviated description and explanation of the toys I will cover. We’ve got a lot more to cover, such as: sizes, shapes, vibrating, non-vibrating, colors, materials, prices…the list goes on and on. As for next week, we will discuss the buzz about vibrators. Until then, keep ‘em cumming!

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