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Toys You Didn't Know You'd LOVE!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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I’m not sure about you, but I have looked at some sexual enhancement products / toys with a very skeptical eye.  My curiosity will end up winning and I will get the item, try it and LOVE it!  Sometimes wondering how I could have ever existed without it!  OK, maybe not THAT dramatic, but the idea behind it is still clear.  Sometimes you come across a toy that you absolutely fall in love with and never even knew you would.  Here are a few of my big surprises!

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Many years ago now I was given one of these little clitoral hummers to review.  I looked at it with extreme skepticism, because it looked like an electric toothbrush without bristles!  I reluctantly put in the batteries, got comfy, turned it on and tried it.  HOLY SMOKES!  I was absolutely blown away by the sensations!  The little “scoop” at the end wrapped my clitoris is vibratory ecstasy!  Seriously.  I came so quickly and so hard that I looked at it like my little magic toy!  Definitely a surprising item for me and definitely one of my loves!


My introduction to sex toys was not with a mini-vibe but a fairly full sized model so when I first got my hands on a Pocket Rocket my reaction was “cute, but what can it do?”  OH MAN, let me tell you what it can and does do – it gets me OFF!  My first review of a pocket rocket depicted me using it in rush hour traffic on Lake Shore Drive.  It is that small, it is that powerful and it was that much of a surprise!  This little vibe has intense sensations that will really rock your world in ways I can’t aptly explain.  Just buy one.  Now.  OK.  Yup.


Truth be told I am not a huge “dildo” girl.  I like them, from time to time, but there are other toys on my favorite list.  Not to mention I had always thought that suction cup dildos looked kind of stupid.  Eventually I got my hands on one and that opinion changed IMMEDIATELY!  When my first suction cup dildo came I did the standard “stick it to the bathtub ledge” maneuver and hopped on.  I cannot tell you how REAL this thing felt.  If I closed my eyes I would swear that was a real man inside me.  As I rocked myself on this toy I could imagine, fully, a very detailed fantasy about any man I wanted.  The fact that the toy actually stayed put added another level.  The flexible bend makes it realistic and the size was amazing.  Now I use a suction cup dildo on other places (chairs, floors, tables, walls) anywhere I can stick it and want a “real man” fantasy.  Yup.  Gotta get one, telling you!


I really thought I had NO reason to have any type of clitoral cream.  I get very aroused and very wet quickly.  I really or rarely have orgasm difficulties.  So why would I need a clitoral cream?  I was sent a free sample of this many years ago and it is still a top favorite!  Whether you are super sensitive or slow to warm up, Viva cream will add a new dimension to your solo or couple playtime!  It brings the blood to your clitoris, causing engorgement more quickly, and makes any stimulation there more intense!  I LOVE to use my Viva cream every so often just a bit of an extra jolt.  Definitely something you will always find in my toy box!


I have always enjoyed some anal play, but never really saw the reason to have a butt plug nonetheless a vibrating one.  Well, let me tell you – YOU NEED ONE!  You will LOVE the sensations you feel when you are having sex (or masturbating) with this sweet plug vibrating inside of you!  It is a flexible plug which will insert easily and the 10 function wired remote allows you to change the vibrations while it is inside.  It will STAY PUT while you engage in other activities.  It is a totally and utterly AMAZING feeling!  Unfortunately, you will have to try it to believe it and I suggest you do – TRY IT!

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Date 12/21/2015
Cindy Claire
I love vibrating dildos realistic is better love penetration!
Date 12/21/2015
hmm dont know if there is a favorite but i really like the magic wand because it's super powerful and has many different uses

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