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Going Down - Up - Or All Around: Part 2

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Oral Sex
Positions for great oral sex: Part 2
I have heard many great things in response to my first oral sex positions article I am glad we are all getting different ideas in the oral sex department and I am so glad I could help. Now, for you women who were wondering ‘what about ME?’ this article is for all of you! Yes, we all know that women love oral sex – and in fact, most women have their only orgasm during a sexual encounter during oral sex – so why not vary the position a bit? We don’t have to be lying on the bed, legs spread all the time – there are options – and I am going to give you some!

Let me reiterate that oral sex is an extremely intimate part of foreplay. Many people find it much more intimate than regular sex. It is a powerful position to be in. When a man is able to deliver such wonderful pleasure to his partner – why don’t more men get creative with it? Oral sex is a great precursor to sex – and is enjoyable for both men and women. Always remember to play safe- and if you do not know your partner is STD free – use dental dams and unlubricated condoms! No sex is worth an STD!

Of course, one of the most popular positions for giving oral sex to a woman is lying down, legs spread. Now, this is a great position – no debating that – but there are good ways and bad ways to do it. When you have your woman laying comfortably down on the bed or floor, and you are situated between her thighs – you have wonderful possibilities for orgasms! You have an up-close and personal look at her vagina, thighs, clitoris, anus and you still have the ability to reach up and fondle her breasts! So take advantage of this!

When you first start – go slow. Take your time to admire the view, so to speak. Build up the tension. Then, use your vantage point to pull, lick, tease, taste and ‘invade’ her vagina with your fingers, tongue and toys. This position is great for focusing the attention only on her, she can watch you between her legs, she can help with her own fingers, her hips can buck up against your face, you can pin down her legs, spread them wide, or even have them close to your face – whatever you prefer! Spread Eagle isn’t an endangered position; it just needs to be used in the right context. Great starter position, but you don’t have to stay that way – vary it up a bit!

OK, so you want to change your oral sex positions from the typical spread eagle or 69 – how about trying her on her hands and knees, face to the floor or bed, ass up in the air? This position not only gives you a great view but also the ability to lick her, play with her, use toys on her, or experiment with anal play as well. If you want, you can also get underneath her, for a more comfortable position and have her ‘ride your face’ so to speak. She can stay on all fours, or sit herself up atop you.

With either of these positions, she is getting all the pleasure without having to reciprocate to you (at the moment) so this means she can fire off those orgasms one after another. Both positions afford you the flexibility to use toys, tongue and fingers – as well as letting her control speed and move up or down or around to ‘help’ with her pleasure! You can even have her assume the position at the end of the bed! This puts you at a great advantage to be able to stand up – you can see the view – and use any technique to pleasure her that you wish! Then, of course, you can transition easily.

This position also allows for quick ride ons! Meaning, he can enter you after the oral fest – in the middle of it to switch things up – and then go back to oral again. You can experiment with a lot of options in this position. Ask your lady to put her ass up and have some fun!

Who says all sex or oral sex has to be in the bedroom? Certainly not ME! I am a firm believer in switching things up – and this means location too! If you are getting comfy on the couch, there is nothing that says you can’t slither down her body, remover her pants and panties and dive in! In fact, you SHOULD do this. A wonderful position for orgasms – you have total access for fingers, tongue and toys. She can look down and see you feasting on her. She can help with her fingers. You can slither up again to nuzzle her neck, or suck on her nipples and breasts.

Furthermore, you can open her legs as far as you want, or place them on your shoulders. Then, when she is sated from orgasms, you can get up on your knees and enter her easily while you both look into each other’s eyes. It is a wonderful position, but remember – put something under her butt so your couch doesn’t get ‘wet’ or stained – especially if you are using oral sex gels!

Pretty much anywhere you can get your woman to sit or lie and open her legs is a great place for oral lovin’! The kitchen or dining room table can be the perfect height for you to sit, and for her to lay. Similarly, a pool table works almost as well (I know, I have tried it) and it is more fun than playing pool any day! This position is again great for tongue, finger or toy play – and – if you are in the kitchen, imagine the food possibilities!

The kitchen counter can offer a wonderful place for frisky play! With ice at the ready and whipped cream a step away – setting your lady up on the counter and feasting on her instead of dinner is a super hot way to start an evening. You can stand up and look at her while your fingers roam her body and vaginal area. Then, you can go down for the main event – only coming back up to look her in the eyes again! Never forget the possibilities of tables, chairs, kitchen or bathroom counters!

In a similar fashion to the ‘take a ride’ notion is another favorite of mine. You lie on the bed, have your lover straddle your face while she faces the headboard. Thereby putting her facing away from your body. She can hold on to the headboard (or wall if you are headboardless!) and take the ride of her life.

This position will put you at a bit of a disadvantage for toy play, but it is well worth it for her to feel a little in control of the pleasure and pace – as well as being deliciously exposed to you with her vagina hovering above you. She can grind herself against your chin or tongue, or bob up and down to build the suspense. It is a very erotic position for her and for the man. She can even bend back and grab a hold of you! Great position for domination and submission play as well!

OK, I suppose I should give a nod to the old faithful 69! What is the 69 (just in case you do not know!) It is when you place YOUR genitals by your partner’s face and he puts HIS genitals by yours. You are lying on top of (or next to) each other with either the woman on top, or the man.

Man on top 69 oral lovin’ is a great position for those submissive gals (or those who might be a little heavier). Your man can tease and taste you, while you can suck and lick him. Because you are on the bottom, you can open your legs as much or as little as you like. He can experiment with toys, fingers and tongue, while you are helping yourself to him as well.

Woman on top 69 oral lovin’ is one of my favorite oral positions. With the woman now on top, she can raise herself up and use her hands to satisfy her lover while grinding her hips onto her lover’s mouth. This is a great position for anal attention for the woman as well – or toy usage combined with the oral. It is overall a great position for dual oral sex – as well as for transitioning to regular sex. When you have had enough oral orgasms you can slide yourself down for penetration! Also, if you are so inclined, you can go from penetration back to oral then back again. Just never go from ANAL to ORAL!

Even if you are not particularly fond of bondage, an oral sex position that I have found particularly stimulating in my experience is when I am tied, spread eagle, on the bed! This is a seductive and erotic position – and the possibilities for teasing are endless! Arms tied up and legs tied apart (I get chills just thinking of it!) – this position gives the man complete control over the situation. She is totally at his whim and any idea goes!

I love to have my hubby tie me to the bedposts and then take his time teasing me. Throw in a blindfold and I am in total heaven! He can tease me with ice, wax, toys and, while I am still submissive, he can transition to sex! Oh momma, I love to be all tied up while me hubby teases me with his tongue! Talk about tongue tied!!! Yawza! Being in this position can be a little daunting for her at first, so if you like it, then ask her if it is OK, but never tie someone unless they consent!

There is no rule that says only men can stand during oral sex! Women can stand up, spread their legs, and their man can go beneath them for the pleasure! While this is a bit awkward for the man, it can be fun. Toys, tongue, fingers can all be used to tease your woman while she stands dominant above you. This is a great position for the slow tease – and to transition to a new position.

While I do not use this position very often, we do use it occasionally when we are playing DOM / sub. If you have a set of doorjamb handcuffs, this would be the perfect way to start things rolling. She is free to move her bottom, and you are free to move around and under her. Don’t discount this position guys, your woman will definitely stand up and take notice!

My first oral experience oral experience involved ice cubes and I have never looked back! Most men LOVE the addition of temperature or texture – so do not confine your oral sexcapades to the bedroom only!

Along the same lines as moving out of the bedroom comes the notion of having oral sex in the shower! This is the perfect place for oral because it is very private, the water pounding over your naked bodies is a turn on within itself, he can kneel or sit on the side of the tub for access – AND – the best part – you are both CLEAN! IF you have any qualms about oral due to hygiene – then in the shower it should be!

I love when my hubby comes into the shower with me. I can simply place my leg on the side of the tub and he can feast on me or use our showerhead to pleasure me too. He gets a great vantage point, I get orgasms galore – and we are both clean and ready to get dirty! Shower oral is one not to be missed – and if you haven’t tried it – I suggest you do TODAY!

I hope that this article shows you that you can take oral lovin’ to a new level (or a new location) and that there are more ways to please her. Oral sex should be a wonderful part of sex – and switching up the positions can bring your whole sexual night to new levels! IF you have not already done so, read my previous article on oral sex tips for HIM! Then you both will be stepping into the spotlight with new ideas and more orgasms!

Remember to always play safe – and ask consent of your partner before any tying up! Try surprising your lover with oral the next time she least expects it! Put her up on the counter, get cozy on the couch, join her in the shower - the possibilities are endless – and your imagination is the key to sexual happiness!

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