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Give Your Partner The “Fifty Shades” Experience - Book 3

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues

Summaries for Men On Sex Christian Grey Style – BOOK 3

So, if you have been tuning in to my 50 Shades Sexperience series you will note that we are on the final book – Fifty Shades Freed!  Christian and Ana have been through the wringer in their relationship.  They have broken up, Christian almost died, they have been stalked and threatened.  All this leads to them falling deeply in love and Christian asking Ana to be his wife!  They get married and book 3 is about sex after marriage – as well as some flashbacks scenes.  Don’t you worry though; marriage does NOT end the kinky fuckery between these two.  Nope.  They are still hot and heavy and have some very, very steamy sex!  So, without further adieu, let’s tune in to sex between Mr. And Mrs. Christian Grey......

Click the links below to jump to each sexy scene!

Read about their WILD take on a wedding night!
Their honeymoon brings no break from pushing their boundaries
Christian takes car sex into overdrive!
Ana gets a new and fulFilling experience!
Christian can't resist going for a Grand Slam
Any activity is an excuse for more SEXploration!
Christian teaches Ana the fine art of "edging"
See how close their erotic adventures bring them

Marital Bed: 
How would you expect Christian Grey to consummate his marriage?  Whips?  Floggers?  Hot wax?  Nope, none of the above.  Just his burning love for Ana.  Christian has always had a surprising intimate and romantic side to him, and once he falls for Ana there is a noticeable mixture of the tender and loving with the demanding and Dominant.  It is, quite simply, the perfect mixture of all things sexy!  When the newlyweds are finally alone on a plane going to Europe, Christian breathes loving whispers into Ana’s ears.  How beautiful she is, how much he loves her, and how he NEEDS her, NOW.  Kissing down her back as he releases each button on her gown he says, rhythmically, “I. Want. You. So. Much.  I Want. To. Be. Inside. You. You. Are. Mine.”  Holy crap I think Ana should have orgasmed right there!  He drops the dress to the floor and admires his bride who is dressed deliciously in a muted pink, satin corset, matching briefs and white stockings.  “You like?” Ana whispers.  Christian responds, “More than like, baby.  You look sensational!”  Swoon.  Christian begins to fondle Ana, seductively, through her corset.  When he touches certain spots, like her nipples, he whispers, “Mine” and Ana responds, “Yours.”  It is a seductive dance between the two, as Christian admires her body as his wife, no longer just Ana.  He quickly and gently grazes over her sex, making her moan. 

He tells her to sit on the bed and he reaches and undoes each of her bridal shoes, removing them, then her stockings as well, remarking that, “This is like unwrapping my Christmas presents!”  Ana now wants to unwrap HER present, so she slowly unclasps his tie, his cuff links, reaches down and kisses his wedding band before concentrating on his shirt buttons, mirroring his actions from earlier, Ana seductively whispers, “You. Make. Me. So. Happy. I. Love. You.” Between each button she undoes.  Christian can take no more; he scoops her up and lays her softly on the bed.  He trails kisses from her toes to her thighs, to her sex, to her belly,to her breasts.  Ana is begging, pleading for him to stop the slow assault.  He finally places his mouth over her sex and gives her what she desires, but he doesn’t make her orgasm!  Ana is begging, “Please, Husband, I want you!” Christian responds, “We aim to please,” and he gets on top of her, whispering that he loves her and entering her softly, whispering, “I love you” with Ana responding, “I love you too” and they continue their first encounter as husband and wife in secret, as no more details are given!  Who needs em?  I think that was enough to cause me to puddle!

When The Yacht Is A'Rockin’:  While on their honeymoon, Christian and Ana spend time on a luxury yacht, taking jet skis to the main shore to eat and shop, but enjoying the absolute privacy of life on the boat.  After a day on the beach, Christian and Ana are sipping drinks and Christian begs her to finish quickly, that they are going to bed.  “Drink [...] and don’t pee” he says.  Ana wonders about this odd request, but she trusts her new husband with her life so she obeys, no peeing.  He leads her into the cabin, strips down quickly and efficiently.  He then opens a drawer and takes out a blindfold and two pairs of metal handcuffs.  He tells Ana that these may hurt if she pulls too hard, but he wants to use them. He asks for her permission, she nods in consent.  Then he says, “We are going to need a safe word and stop won’t do because you will probably say that.”  Ana’s heart skips a beat; there has been no talk of safe words for a long time.  Christian assures her that it is not going to hurt, just be very, very intense.  Ana sighs in relief and they decide on a safe word.

Christian removes Ana’s bikini top and remaining clothes, reminding her of how beautiful she is.  He then pushes her to the bed, grabs the handcuffs and slaps on cuff on each of her ankles.  Ana is perplexed.  Handcuffs on her ankles?  Christian tells her to sit up and hug her knees.  She obeys and he then places a blindfold around her.  She is totally aroused already!  Then, he takes her left wrist and attaches it to her left ankle, following suit with the other side.  Ana realizes she cannot straighten her legs.  Christian informs her, “I am going to fuck you till you scream,” and Ana’s heart starts racing. He tips her back so that she is laying on her back, her legs and wrists attached and her legs open.  Christian begins a rather slow, seductive pattern of kisses on her thighs, belly, nipples and breasts while Ana is helpless to move or wiggle.  He brings her close to climax as she begs for release.  Finally, he inserts himself into her, just a bit.  Ana groans with pleasure. “Do you want me Anastasia,” he inquires.  “Yes,” she begs.  He continues to ask until she gives him a response he likes and then he slams himself into her making her scream in pleasure.  He continues to rock in and out of her, Ana feeling lost in an incoherent world of pure sensation!  He thrusts deeply into her and she is fighting to straighten her legs to control the orgasm that is washing over her.  Tears are coming to her eyes; the intensity is almost too much as she “detonates” in an intense orgasm.  Christian pulls her up, onto his lap, holding and supporting her as he comes inside her in a hot, wet, stream.  Ana knows this has got to be one of the most INTENSE orgasms of her life.  Why?  Well, besides the crazy intense connection Christian also explains to her that when your bladder is full you have more intense orgasms!  So, there is a little special trick to try the next time you want to try and amp up your O!

Parking Lot Porn:  Have you ever had sex in a car or a parking lot?  Does it seem a little too “normal” for Christian and Ana? Nope.  Not at all.  After a very exciting car chase where Ana is doing the rare activity of driving, they find themselves in a parking lot and Ana is distraught by the event.  Taking charge as always, Christian pulls Ana right over to his side of the car, cradling her on his lap.  Just sitting on his lap makes Ana ravenous for him, she begs, “Kiss me” and Christian inhales sharply before enveloping her in kisses.  Ana squirms a bit on his lap, noticing the erection.  Christian informs her that her squirming is causing him to want to fuck her and so Ana responds, “so fuck me then.”  “Here?” he asks, and she responds, “Yes.  I want you. Now.”  Christian needs no more invitation, he places his hands up under her skirt and cups her sex, easing 2 fingers past her panties and up into her.  Surprised by how wet and ready she already is he asks, “Do car chases turn you on?”  Ana replies, “You turn me on!”  Christian lifts her, easily, to make her face the windshield.  “Place your legs either side of mine,” he orders and Ana complies. Further instruction, “Hands on my knees, baby.  Lean forward.  Lift that glorious ass in the air,” and Ana does as told.  Then, with one quick motion, he moves the fabric of her panties aside and impales himself into her. Ana groans with pleasure and the idea that they are in public.  He pulls her back by her chin, causing her to shift a bit so that she can gyrate using her feet.   The depth of him inside her was amazing and she could feel her orgasm building already.  Christian teases her clit through her panties, breathing into her ear, “Be quick,” and Ana feels the build up coming.  “Come on, baby [...] I want to hear you” and these words throw her into orgasm as she shudders and comes around him which causes Christian to follow suit with his own hot and heavy orgasm.   This is something anyone can do!  Just be mindful that public sex is risky – and that is half the fun!


Kinky Fuckery Married Style:
  I am not sure about the rest of the readers, but I did wonder if Ana and Christian would be utilizing Christian’s playroom after marriage.  I only had to wait 6 chapters to find out!  Ana WANTS the kinky fuckery!  I WANT the kinky fuckery!  When they are once again in the playroom Christian undresses Ana and instructs her to go and stand next to the table that is in the room, and face the wall so she would not see what he had planned.  Ana’s heart is racing and she is anticipating what her hubby will plan for her.  She hears drawers opening and knows that he is gathering up some toys!  Christian walks, barefooted, over to his wife and whispers in her ear, “Rough, you say, Mrs. Grey,” repeating her request for not-to-subtle sex for the evening.  He slips a blindfold on her – boy he loves to do that – and instructs her to bend down and lie flat on the table, belly down.  Ana doesn’t hesitate and does as told. “Stretch up and grab the ends of the table [...] if you let go, I will spank you [...] do you want me to spank you Anastasia?”  A meek, “yes” escapes her, despite the ramifications of it.  Christian wants to know why, and when Ana fails to verbalize her desire for the spanking, Christian plants a hard smack right on her ass.  “Open your legs,” he orders and Ana responds until her legs are spread in a manner that pleased Christian.  He runs his finger down between her butt checks and down into her wetness.  He remarks on her wetness which always makes Ana excited and embarrassed at the same time.  He inserts his fingers again – two this time – and spreads the moisture over her anal entrance.  Then she hears a bottle opening and feels the cool liquid – lube – being spread onto her entrance.  She is a mixture of scared and excited.  Christian has not claimed her there – yet.  She feels cool metal being run down her back.  “I have wanted to do this to you for some time now Ana,” and she knows what is coming next.  He tells her he is going to push the small plug into her, slowly, and once inside he is going to fuck her – HARD.  Christian runs his fingers past her anal opening and inserts his thumb into her sex, caressing her clitoris with his hand.  Then, as he is working his magic on her, he pushes the plug into her gently.  It feels good.  Better than she expected.  Christian moves behind her, she hears his zipper and knows he will be inside her – soon. He adjusts her hips and plunges into her, hard and fast and she moans in pleasure as she can feel the pressure of HIM and the PLUG.  The fullness is almost too much.  She is moaning and murmuring, “yes, yes..” and this just encourages Christian to continue to claim her, roughly, on the table.  Christian continues to plunge into her, her insides clamping around him and the pleasure building and building until she begins to climax again and again and again and as Christian takes the plug out, he climaxes, hard as Ana cums once more, screaming as she does!  I don’t know about you, but I want married sex to be like THAT!

Making Out:  One thing is for sure, Christian Grey did NOT have a traditional sexual upbringing.  He sort of skipped all the normal highlights of sexual experience.  Ana senses this and wants him to experience the more “vanilla” but still equally hot.  She tells Christian she wants to watch some TV (which is something Christian Grey does NOT do, unless it is the stock exchange or the news) and make out.  Christian inquires as to how many “others” have gotten to make-out with his wife.  Ana teases about the few that have made it to second base in her past.  Christian, being the jealous man he is, starts to kiss her and inquire about all the past men in her life.  He begins to run his hands over her, cupping her breast.  Asking if the others have gotten to do this.  He places his hands down her sweatpants, playing around with her.  Ana, getting aroused, reminds him that they are to be making out.  “What, no sex?” he inquires. No, no sex!  Christian is not going to take that lying down; he moves himself over Ana and pushes his erection into her sex in just the right way, making her groan.  “This what you want,” he inquires, a devilish look on his face.  Ana responds, “yes,” and then his hands are on her.  Rolling her nipples between his fingers, kissing her roughly and passionately, grinding himself into her.  They are a tangled mess of erotic parts, enjoying each other.  It doesn’t take long for Christian to remove all of Ana’s clothes, remarking that he has hit “a home run” and Ana just smiling at him.  He pulls her up onto his lap and in one, swift move he is inside her making love to her until she “comes apart at the seams, calling his name.”  I don’t know about you, but I have the urge to make out right now!

Christian and Ana have really been through it together!  Falling in love, breaking up, kinky fuckery, marriage, a kidnapping!  Wowza!  I have to admit, there is a bunch of subplot to add in to the sex plot!   As the final book, Fifty Shades Freed, wraps up there is a little less sex and a little more drama.  That is OK though; there is still enough hotness to inspire some further bedroom antics!  So, let me conclude all the hot Fifty Shades of Grey sex with the conclusion of the trilogy! 

Horny Haircuts:  Married life at the Grey’s is much like any other couple in that they do regular things that other couples do, including Ana cutting Christian’s hair, which is surely not to save money but more as a form of foreplay – as evidenced in this scene.  Ana gets her hubby all situated by the bathroom sink, placing a towel around his neck and asking him to lay back, comfortably, with his head in the bowl.  Taking time and care she wets his hair and then lathers him up, massaging his head and being delighted with the “mmmmm” that comes from his mouth.  She begins to rinse him and Christian, being the cad that he is, starts to fondle Ana’s butt.  “No fondling the help,” she teases as he continues to hitch her skirt up higher and higher.  Ana splashes him, thoroughly with some water, giggling and enjoying this rather simple flirtation.   When she is finished, Christian sits up, abruptly, and pulls her right onto him, effectively getting her blouse completely soaked making it very clingy, which the ever observant Christian notices.  “Love the view,” he teases, as he runs his nose over her perky nipple.  “Here or in the bedroom,” he ponders, and Ana answers, “here.”  Christian wastes no time, running his hands up the back of Ana’s skirt, noticing she is wearing stockings, not hose.  He grabs her panties and says, “Let’s divest you of these,” and slowly snakes them down and off.  “Sit. Astride me,” he orders her, and she slides down, wiggling seductively. “Keep still,” he demands, and, “make me” she retorts.  He needs no further backtalk from his Mrs., he tells her to clasp her hands behind her back and binds them together using her own panties!  Hey, you use what is on hand, right?  Once she is secure he begins to move his hands up and down her thighs, making her spread her legs wider with his own knees.  His hands move to her blouse buttons and he starts to open them one by one, delighting in Ana’s obvious arousal.  He runs his hands over her face, admiring her beauty, and skims her lip with his thumb.  “Suck,” he orders, and places his thumb in her mouth. Obediently, she does, and is rewarded by another, “mmmmmm.”  He grabs the back of her neck, cradling her, and bends forward so that he can place her erect nipple into his mouth. Sucking, pulling, nibbling he continues his seductive assault until Ana is squirming and begging for release.  He tells her, “Let go, Ana” and she does, in complete orgasm.  When she opens her eyes he is staring at her, “God, I love to watch you come, Ana,” his voice raspy and seductive.  “Now I am going to fuck you, hard,” he murmurs and she is so ready.  Before he can do that, however, Ana informs him that she is hungry – and it is not for food!  Christian is eager to oblige, and he stands her up and helps her kneel, presenting his erection to her.   Ana takes it eagerly, using only her mouth as her hands are still tied behind her back.  She sucks and licks and makes him moan and writhe until he says, “Enough!” and pulls her onto his lap, releasing her hands.  She lowers onto him and he keeps her still, looking into her eyes he says, “This is my favorite place [...] inside you.  Inside my wife.”  Ana is so emotionally and she feels so secure and loved.  Christian moves his hands to her hips and begins to guide the pace, quickening and feeling heated.  His hands are all over her, his tongue is searching her mouth.  He is close and finally climaxes hard inside her – bringing her right along with him!  Now THAT is a service NOT offered at SuperCuts!

X-Rated:  In this last book Christian and Ana spend a good deal of time in the playroom.  Some of the hottest sex occurs there, and Ana is becoming more and more comfortable with her submissive side IN the playroom – although she is far from submissive outside of it.  In the playroom there is a large, wooden “X” and Christian intends to attach his dear Ana to it and drive her wild! He removes her clothing, seductively as he does, and then blindfolds her – can’t give away all the secrets, right?   He cuffs her to the cross, feet spread eagle and arms attached above.  She hears him padding around the room, drawers opening, things being removed.  “You look beautiful like this, Mrs. Grey, I may take a moment to admire the view.”  Swoon.  He turns on the full-room music system and classical, Ana thinks Bach, filters in beautifully.  He comes up to Ana, standing right in front of her and starts to move his hands over her neck and torso, his fingers settling around her nipples.  He twirls and twists them around between his fingers, making Ana pull against her restraints and moan.  “This is what you make me feel,” he tells her, as he pulls and twists her nipples relentlessly.  He takes a hand and runs it down between her legs, cupping her sex and noticing how wet and ready she is, “Oh, Anastasia, you’re so ready.”  He places two fingers inside her, moving them around and around and making her feel so close.  She hears a buzzing sound and Christian knowing she would be curious tells her, “it’s a wand, it vibrates,” and then places it on her chest so she can feel it.  Christian continues to move his fingers inside of her and places the wand on one nipple, then the other, making Ana writhe and moan, throwing her head back and almost cumming.  Then, he stops.  “What?” she inquires, her orgasm melting away.  He lets her come down, and then starts again with his fingers and thumb and with the wand.  Building her and building her again until she is begging for release and then STOPS.  “Frustrating, yes?,” he inquires, “Just like you.  Promising one thing and then ....”  Now she understands!  This is payback for her disobedience!  Oh no!  Ana’s heart hitches and she knows that she is in for a long, frustrating time.   Ana starts to beg, “Christian, I never promised to obey you!” she cried, remembering her vows and how that was left out of them on purpose!  Christian continues his game, bringing her up and closer to orgasm – then stopping.  Over and over and over.  Ana can’t take it – she screams out “RED” which is their safeword!  Christian, knowing he went too far, takes her down from the cross and brings her to the bed.  He comforts her and loves her and they talk about their issues.  Now, you may be thinking, “what is to be learned here about sex?” Well, a few things, actually.  Firstly, the game of bringing someone to the brink and stopping is called “edging” and it can be REALLY fun to try.  You would, of course, not go too far and eventually would allow your lover to orgasm.  The second thing is, when you are playing in any type of BDSM scenario, you have to abide by your lover’s wishes to STOP if they are uncomfortable.  This is so important!  So, even if you trust and love your partner – like Ana and Christian do – it is still imperative to have a safeword!

Few Words:  This book has quite a few “quickie” sex scenes in it, with a whole bunch of the aforementioned “plot” in between.  One scene that really stands out to me is nothing much special, except for how the way it is written and the communication between Ana and Christian speaks volumes to their closeness and intimate understanding of one another.   Christian and Ana are playing a sexy little game where Ana is pretending she is uninterested in Christian’s sexual advances and “protests” a bit, fighting him off with her meager strength.  It is important to note that this is NOT a rape fantasy, but instead a submissive’s disobedience.  Christian situates himself above Ana, effectively trapping her beneath him.  Ana wiggles and tries to escape, secretly not wanting to do any such thing.  “Oh baby, fight me,” Christian teases as Ana wiggles and writhes beneath him.  Their tongues dancing, their bodies moving together.  “Ana,” Christian murmurs, breathless and lustful.  “Skin,” he breathes, indicating for Ana to take off her T-Shirt.  “You,” Ana retorts, needing him inside of her, simply and urgently.  “Fuck,” Christian hisses as he places himself between her legs, letting his hands roam all over her body.  Ana grabs one of his fingers and starts to suck, “Taste good,” he asks, panting, “Yes, Here,” she responds, placing her thumb into his mouth, as he bites, gently and sucks hard.  They are a mess of sweat and need, caressing each other, loving each other.  “Take me,” Ana begs, as Christian teases her nipples mercilessly with his mouth.  “Patience,” he utters, causing an “Ah” to come from Ana’s mouth as he nibbles her nipple.  “Christian,” she begs with just his name uttered breathlessly.  Finally, Christian relents and enters her, slowly, grinding his hips seductively as Ana continues to writhe beneath him. At this moment they are lost in each other, totally united and all of this was done with barely a word spoken!  Now that is what I call SYNERGY!

The remainder of the book is spent with a variety of drama-filled events with lots of sex thrown in between.  Christian and Ana always find comfort with each other intimately, and that is a very important part of their relationship.  The very end of the book marks Ana having their firstborn son, Ted.  We read this “fairy tale” ending, and we wonder as readers:  will this be the end of the kinky fuckery for Ana and Christian?  I am not sure about all of you, but my money is on the answer “NO WAY” as I can’t see either of them being satisfied with plain, vanilla sex.  So, as our hero and heroine fade of into the sunset we take a cue from Christian and Anastasia Grey and note that a loving relationship has a lot of trust, appreciation of each other, honesty, a little bit of kink and a whole, lot of sex!  Laters, baby!

[all paraphrasing and quotations come from Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James]
James, E.L.  Fifty Shades Freed.  New York:  Vintage, 2012. Print.

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