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Give Your Partner The “Fifty Shades” Experience - Book 1

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
Summaries for Men On Sex Christian Grey Style – BOOK 1

Everyone has heard something regarding the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. With the movie FINALLY coming out, horny housewives around the world wait with bated breath for their sexy and beloved Christian Grey and their inner goddess heroine Ana to come to life on screen!  The love story (yes, I said love story) is between the multi-billionaire Christian Grey and the “girl next door” Anastasia Steele.  Christian is rich, sexy, charismatic, demanding, possessive, kind, gentle and – a sexual Dominant.  Ana is naive, shy, timid, intelligent, feisty and – a virgin!  Ana quickly realizes that if she wants any chance of being with him she must learn to submit – in more than one sense of the word!  For those men who have NO DESIRE to read the 50 Shades books, yet want to try and fuel their partner’s fantasies when it comes to sex Christian Grey style, here's some quick summaries on their sexual encounters!  Now you can have sex like Christian Grey!

Click the links below to jump to each sexy scene!

Read about the FIRST sexual encounter by clicking here!
Things heat up in the tub when SHE gives HIM a blowjob!
Mr. Grey uses tie-ups and wine and makes Ana BEG for orgasms!
Discover how ANA takes the lead from her Dominant during sex!
Ana feels what it's like to REALLY be punished by Mr. Grey!
Christian and Ana explore the Red Room of Pain, riding crops, and more!
Experience a quickie Mr. Grey style - in his office, on his desk!
The last of book one - heightened senses, a bound Ana, blindfolds and floggers!

After Christian and Ana meet, Christian sets out to possess Ana, which is not as easy for him as usual.  She is a feisty little thing. Finally, however, Ana consents and it begins....

The FIRST time:  It may be a surprise to the non-readers of 50 Shades to find out that Ana was indeed a virgin when she met and first had sexual intercourse with Christian Grey! In a plot twist that had even me going “huh?” – this little fact makes the love story even more intriguing!  Not only is Ana not Christian’s usual “style” of woman – she has NO, as in ZERO sexual experience!  The idea that she can wind up in a twisty-turning BDSM world with nipple clamps, hot wax, and pleasure balls makes us all a little curious as to how this will work out!  It is important to note that Christian did NOT know that Ana was a virgin and also that Ana not only consented, but practically begs Christian to make love to her.  She is a little apprehensive, since Christian did tell her that “[He] doesn’t make love, he fucks – hard.”  However, once hearing of Ana’s tender state, he assures her that he would like to make love with her and that he does.  He makes sure she wants him too and asks, “Please, Ana, let me make love to you,” she whispers “yes” in consent. 

The details of this first time are tender, as Christian takes his time with Ana.  He undresses her to her bra and panties and pushes her on the bed, assuring her, “you are very beautiful Anastasia Steele.  I can’t wait to be inside you.”  GUSH.  Ana is seduced by his words, his actions, the way he touches, caresses and appreciates her.  Christian asks Ana to show him how she pleasures herself, and, in another twist, she admits that she doesn't!  Ana is more than just a sexual virgin, she is beyond innocent!  Oh man, how will this end?  Christian shows Ana the pleasure that comes from nipple stimulation, kissing, and fingering.  She comes undone with every touch and experiences her first orgasm before he even puts himself inside of her!  When Christian finally takes her virginity, he is in control, tender, but takes what he wants.  Ana feels all the joy that can come from sex and orgasms!  It is a rare thing to orgasm your first time, but Ana and Christian are connected already.  Something that will be expanded upon book after book.  Now, let’s leave Christian and Ana to their first time privately, shall we?

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Baths and Blowjobs:
  The following morning Christian, being a tender spirit, knows that Ana is going to be, well, sore from the first time action the night before.  He draws a bath for them and even though he is crazily ready to make love again, he attends to her softly.  He washes her every inch, caressing her breasts, paying special attention to her clit, as he stimulates her ALMOST to orgasm through the soft fabric of the washcloth.  Ana is ready, she may be sore but she wants MORE.  Christian asks Ana to wash him, and tell her that he wants her to “become well acquainted, on first name terms if you will, with my favorite and most cherished part of my body” and urges her to become “friendly” with his large and growing erection.  Ana is amazed at his size and how looking at him affects her.  She starts to wash and stroke his penis and is consumed with the idea of allowing him to fuck her mouth – yet another thing Ana has never done.  While stroking him, she leans down and takes him into her mouth – shocking the unflappable Christian Grey!  “Whoa...Ana...Christ” he groans and Ana’s inner goddess (the part of her that allows her to be sexy and promiscuous) smiles with pleasure!  She pulls him deeper into her mouth and she works her magic on him.  Christian warns, “Anastasia, I’m going to come in your mouth,” his breath ragged and he cries out, emptying into her mouth as she swallows all of it.  After a moment of amazement Christian inquires, “Don’t you have a gag reflex? [...] Christ, Ana...that was...good, really good.  Unexpected though.”  Ana is self-satisfied!  She has surprised and impressed the all-knowing Christian Grey!  Don’t we all want to do that for our men!

FiftyShadesOfGrey1Feistiness and Fucking:
  One aspect of Ana that really fuels Christian’s desire for her, while also makes him a her feisty nature!  She does not just roll over and accept everything that Christian says or wants.  She fights him, maintaining her own ideas, opinions and sense of self.  This is quite contrary to what he is used to.  However, Christian is still used to getting whatever (or whomever) he wants.  So, when Ana sends him a rather curt e-mail, in which she writes, “It was nice knowing you” Christian shows up at her house unexpected to remind her of just how nice it was knowing him!  Christian asks, “trust me” as he pulls a silvery, metallic gray tie from his pocket, pushes her to the bed, ties her wrists together and then fastens them to the headboard of her bed.  Ana struggles to wiggle out of the silky restraint, with no success, and Christian declares, “I think you have seen enough,” and rolls up her t-shirt so that it covers her eyes, leaving her mouth and nose uncovered.  Then he leaves her there, bound and blindfolded, while he goes and gets some wine. 

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He asks, “Are you thirsty, Anastasia,” and when she nods in assent, he lowers his mouth to hers and slowly releases chilled wine from his mouth into hers.  It is so.....erotic!  He lays next to her, depositing small amounts of wine and a little ice into her mouth, and then lays icy kisses down her torso putting a bit into her navel.  He admonishes, “Now you have to keep still ...if you move, Anastasia, you’ll get wine all over the bed [...] and if you spill the wine I won’t let you come!”  Ana is rigid, but how could she not move while his hands and mouth are all over her! She moves and wine slides down her side.  Uh oh!  He slides his fingers down into her panties and then pushes two fingers inside of her!  Ana starts to move her hips, to try and meet his touch, “you area greedy girl,” he scolds.  He continues to pleasure her, bringing her close but not allowing her to come – it is punishment after all.  “Please...Christian” Ana begs for him.  Christian is ready, his erection full and hard.  He pushes her legs up so her behind is in the air and slaps her ass – hard – and then plunges into her.  Ana comes instantly and he continues to pound into her.  She thinks she can’t take any more and then she feels it building again...slowly building until he urges, “Come on, Anastasia, again” and she shatters in orgasm causing Christian to release as well!  As they lay together, Ana releases from her restraints, though panting and spent, she now knows that being punished for being feisty is not going to be so bad!

Table Turning:  Something a bit new for Christian is a sort of “vanilla” play that occurs between him and Ana.  He finds it unnecessary to be the Dominant all the time, and occasionally allows her the freedom to be a little less of the submissive – although we all know who is really in charge, right?  One evening, after a fancy outing, Christian stands admiring Ana in her beautiful dress.  He remarks that although she looks amazing IN the dress she would look more so out of it.  He comes up behind her, kissing her ear, neck, shoulder and unsnaps the dress so that it falls to her feet.  Ana is not wearing a bra, which pleases Christian, and his arms encircle her, touching her breasts gently.  He rolls her nipples between his fingers, teasing and tantalizing her to near orgasm.  She is moaning and arching and Christian pushes his erection into her back, letting her know the effect she has on him.  He runs his fingers down to her "sex," her clitoris and vagina, twirling and teasing, then pushing into her bringing her nearly to orgasm. But he stops just shy of her climax and brings his fingers to her mouth to taste.  Ana is extremely ready and turned on!  “Undress me,” Christian commands her, and Ana is shocked.  “You’re in charge,” he tells her, grinning widely. 

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Ana’s inner goddess screams in glee – she is in charge!  She removes his shoes, socks and clumsily fumbles with the zipper on his trousers – he flexes his hips.  Ana scolds, “You’ll have to learn to keep still,” and she grabs a little of his pubic hair, giving it a little tug.  Ana pushes him down onto the bed and climbs up, triumphant with her ability to take charge!  She lowers her head, her soft hair tickling his chest, and puts him into her mouth.  Her inner goddess is cheering her on as she stimulates him orally! He is protesting, “Stop.  Ana, stop I don’t want to come!”  Ana is taken aback; she thought she was in charge!  Her inner goddess pouts.  “You, on top...that’s what we need to do.” Christian urges and Ana is back on her high horse.  “I want to be inside you,” he pants, and uses his hands to lift her hips up and lowers her down onto him.  Slowly.  The size of him taking her a minute to adjust to.  She groans as he urges, “That’s right, baby, feel me, all of me,” as he growls his pleasure.  Christian flexes and swivels, as Ana feels every sacred inch of him inside her.  She moans in pleasure, just absorbing the intense moment of having him inside of her.  She begins to move, up and down slowly, feeling her orgasm building.  She is thrilled, she is in charge, she is fucking him and she loves it!  These thoughts push her over the edge and she comes with Christian grabbing her hips, stopping her from moving, and joins her in orgasmic bliss! 

What is important to note about the sex in these books is that there is a quest for mutual pleasure – always.  Christian is naughty, but loving.  The things he whispers to Ana in their intimate moments are encouraging and flattering.  Notice how aroused Ana is by Christian’s Dominant side and how she allows her submissiveness to shine.  After Christian and Ana begin a physical relationship, Christian begins to slowly acclimate Ana to his type of sex.  Sometimes scary, always intriguing and mostly delivering out-of-this-world orgasms, Ana is falling head over heels for Christian and he just may be as well...

Seductive Spankings:  Up until now the BDSM part of Christian and Ana’s sex life has been pretty muted.  A bit of light bondage and some commanding requests, but nothing that has really made Ana understand what could happen if she disobeys Christian.  One thing that Christian can’t tolerate is when Ana rolls her eyes.  This action sends his blood boiling!  Christian asks, “Anastasia Steele, did you just roll your eyes at me?” she responds, “No.”  He retorts, “I think you did [...] I told you what would happen [...] I’m going to spank you, and then I’m going to fuck you very quick and very hard.”  She wonders if she should run, leave, not allow this to happen.  Her inner feminist screams that she is too old for a spanking!  However, her inner submissive is, well, aroused at the possibility! Christian beckons, “I’m waiting and I’m not a patient man.” 

Ana relents, her Inner Goddess winning the round, and she crawls on hands and knees until she is next to him.  He orders her to stand and then bends her over his knee, literally.  Before he begins he asks her why she is being punished.  She gives her answer and he asks if she will do it again.  Christian is firm, and reminds her, “I will spank you each time you do it, do you understand?” He pulls down her pants and panties.  Ana feels demeaned, small, strange yet oddly aroused!  He fondles her backside tenderly, rubbing her erotically.  Then, his hand is no longer on her and SMACK it comes down hard on her butt!  He rubs her gently and then SMACK – another spank. 

He continues on spanking her, Ana’s mind racing with all sorts of conflicting feelings. When he is done he tells her he is going to take her now, and thrusts two fingers into her wetness, reminding her how much she liked the punishment. Ana can’t deny it, she was extremely aroused, and when he places himself inside her she nearly orgasms immediately.  Her senses are all confused, as her backside is tender, but she is so aroused, and she explodes around him causing Christian to release as well!  This is a very important scene in the book because Ana gets her first glimpse at what it is to be a submissive to a Dominant. More than that, however, she learns (as do the readers) that spanking can be an IMMENSE turn on for both partners!  We can learn more than a thing or two from this pair!

Red Room Of Pain:  Christian’s adult playroom, where all his BDSM props, toys, and supplies reside, Ana names “The Red Room of Pain,” even though Christian tells her that the purpose of the room is for pleasure, not pain.  When Christian brings her into the room, his demeanor changes as well as his clothing.  He no longer wears elegant suits and ties, but instead changes into faded, ripped jeans (that look yummy on him, by the way), bare feet and no shirt.  He is “in charge” Christian, and he tells her that in this room she is to be unabashedly naked and always proud of her body.  He reiterates that she is beautiful and that he loves to gaze at her naked body.  It makes her Inner Goddess roar with pride!  Christian informs her that when she comes into this room she is to put herself in submissive stance:  kneeling, resting back on her heels, with her knees spread far apart and her arms and hands resting on her thighs, wearing only panties.  Ana gets in position and is surprised, again, at how aroused it makes her.  Christian orders her to stand up and walks her to this iron grid that hangs from the ceiling. Ana notices that there are shackles attached and it seems that they move along the grid.  Christian takes her wrists and attaches her to the grid, hands above her head.  Ana is afraid, yet intrigued, and aroused.  Christian remarks at how sexy she looks all “trussed” up in his playroom.  He walks around her with a riding crop in his hand.  Ana is again, afraid that he will hurt her, but Christian reminds her that this will not hurt.  He runs the crop up and down her body, finally letting a little “snap” go between her buttocks onto her sex.    The shock runs through her and she thinks it is the “sweetest, strangest, hedonistic” feeling all at once. 

He flicks her nipple with the crop and Ana’s body is on fire!  The then swats her butt cheek, then the other, her entire body raging for attention.  He moves to the front of her and begins to administer small flicks of the crop on her torso, moving down until he hits her clit.  Small taps on her clit sends Ana into begging mode, “Oh, please...” she moans.  Christian shows her how much she is enjoying this by letting her taste her how wet she is.  Ana is beside herself with the need to orgasm!  She begs him to make her cum!  He asks, “with this,” holding up the crop.  She nods in assent and he begins again, the small snaps of the crop up and down her torso until they land on her clit again.  The entire room fades away, everything muted and foggy until it is just her and the crop in a world of orgasmic release!  With her legs unable to hold her, Christian picks her up urging her to wrap herself around him.  With one thrust he is inside her, pounding into her tender sex.  She is amazed at her body’s response, as he thrusts and her body responds, quickening to another orgasm!  As usual, her response triggers his, and he follows suit with his own powerful release!  While we may not have playrooms in OUR homes, we can take a lesson from Christian Grey!  Power is SEDUCTIVE!  A little pain can cause A LOT of pleasure!  If it is done with love and tenderness, the world is waiting with sensations to explore!

Doing It On The Desk:  As the book progresses, Ana and Christian fall into a sort of rhythm, where Ana becomes insatiable for his attentions, and Christian takes her at his will.  One morning Ana wanders into Christian’s office.  She walks up to him and he grabs her for a passionate kiss, her hands working through his damp hair.  Christian stops the embrace and asks, “I suggest you go have your shower or shall lay you across my desk now?”  Ana, hot and ready, responds, “I’ll take the desk.”  In one fluid moment, Christian picks up Ana and lays her on the desk, scattering papers everywhere, mentioning that he hopes she is ready. He plunges into her, swiftly and remarks, “Christ, Ana, you are so ready.”  She is.  She always is with Christian.  Her body just heats up with excitement any time she is around him. His power is intoxicating. His need for her is even more so.  Christian starts to move, roughly, in and out of Ana.  His thrusts are needy and urgent. Ana thinks, “this is not making love, this is fucking—and I love it!”  She groans with the pleasure of it.  Being in the moment, taken by this man whom she is falling for.  Her orgasm begins to build.  Slowly. Slowly.  Christian urges, “Come on baby, give it up for me” and she does, instantly.  Her body betraying her as her orgasm rushes through her body.  Christian slams into her and stills – allowing his orgasm to overtake him.  As far as sex in the book goes, this is one of the quickest and most passionate scenes.  It just goes to show you when your partner shows desire for you, you don’t take the time to neatly empty your desk!

Between this point and the end of the book Christian and Ana have a lot of sex.  A LOT.  Christian pampers Ana in ways she could only dream.  He also aggravates her, fights with her, tries to posess her, becomes jealous about her relationships with male friends.  There is tension, release, sex, more tension, more release.  They are falling in love. Hard.  Toward the end of the book, things are really heating up between them and Christian is letting all his Dominant ways show.

Fantastic Flogging:  Once again in the Red Room of Pain, Ana kneels by the door, in perfect position, wearing only her panties.  Christian enters the room wearing his sexy jeans, no shirt, and barefoot.  Ana watches his feet as he walks across the room to the chest of drawers.  She does not look up, as she is instructed NOT to do so.  Christian is gathering items out of the drawers and placing them on the table by the large bed in the center of the room.  He walks back to Ana and tells her, “You are one beautiful woman Anastasia, and you are all mine.”  Just hearing these words sends shudders of pleasure through Ana’s body.  He informs her that he is going to tie her to the bed, and blindfold her.  He asks her to stand and walks her to the bed.  He picks up a flogger and asks her to touch the strands, to feel the softness of them.  He reminds her that their interlude will be about touch, not pain.  He tells her that she will be able to FEEL him, but not see him or hear him.  This confuses her.  “Now, lie down.  Face up,” Christian orders and Ana does so hastily.  “Hands above your head,” he growls and Ana is amazed at how her body hungers for him.  She wants him, now.  Christian shows Ana an iPod and tells her that he is going to place the earbuds in as well, so she can not hear him either.  All her senses are going to be heightened! 

Ana is now naked, bound, blindfolded and has no sense of sound other than the music that is piping through the iPod.  Christian moves to the bottom of the bed and takes Ana’s ankles, one at a time, and binds them to the bed posts so she is spread-eagle and exposed.  Her heart is beating out of her chest and she knows that she is embarrassingly wet and aroused.  Ana starts to sink into the sound of the music playing and notices a soft, sensual feeling on her belly moving up to her breasts.  It feels soft and furry.  She realizes Christian is caressing her with a fur glove!  It feels so amazing, soft, sensual.  It is making her skin alive with tingles.  Suddenly, the softness is gone and Ana feels the tethers of the flogger running over her body when a sharp pain as it comes down on her belly. It is not unbearable pain, but pleasurable pain.  The music on the iPod starts to come to a crescendo, higher and higher as Christian uses the flogger all over her body – changing up the places he is hitting.  It is rhythmic.  Carnal.  In match with the music.  The blows coming faster and the pleasure replacing the pain. 

Then, it stops and Ana feels Christian moving above her, hovering and kissing all over her neck, breasts, nipples.  Running his tongue down to her belly button.  He continues to move until he is situated between her legs, orally stimulating her.  Ana is writhing and squirming, her body deeply needing Christian's touch.  He brings her almost to orgasm then – STOPS!  Nooooo, she thinks and feels him moving again.  She feels him releasing her ankles and quickly gets between her legs, and then thrusts inside her.  He moves in and out, her orgasm again building and building – but before she can release, he changes tempo and it dies down!  ‘Please...” Ana begs.  Christian once again brings her to the brink, then stops.  Ana is in complete disarray. Lost with sensations.  In need of release.  She is begging, loudly, “please, oh please” and finally Christian adjusts himself so that he is resting above her and thrusts into her, adjusting his hips to allow her passion to build.  When she finally orgasms, it is if she is falling, falling into a place of deep, deep carnal pleasure.  A release so total, so complete that she nearly passes out.  Christian allows a few more thrusts then also comes to his climax.  It is, for Ana, the most intense experience of her sexual life.

Wow.  I am spent just reading it!  This book has such a myriad of emotions and sexual situations that the readers become so totally invested.  At the end of the book, however, Ana leaves Christian despite her love for him.  His “50 shades of fucked up” past is a bit too much for Ana to handle.  She loves him, but she fears him – and fears losing him.  What will happen?  What will come next in the second installment of the trilogy!  Keep on watching and I will tell you – because there is still much to learn about the love and lust between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele! 

[all paraphrasing and quotations come from Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James]
James, E.L.  Fifty Shades of Grey.  New York:  Vintage, 2012. Print.

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