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Get that passion and intimate connection back into your sex life!

Posted by Cara to Marital Bliss
Romantic sex doesn't mean tons of candles and flowers and rose petals in the bedroom, you can have romantic sex without being cheesy and cliche. It also does not refer to JUST intercourse, remember foreplay is very important as well!

Couples these days are sacrificing the romance in their sex, the reason...? Pornography! Couples who are watching porn start to believe that this wild, crazy, dirty sex with these body contorting positions that only a gymnast could do, is how sex is supposed to be. Porn also tends to push the focus towards the man being pleasured by the woman and not so much the woman being pleased. This belief can cause the intimate and romantic part of sex to become nonexistent.

Intimacy during sex brings couples closer together in and out of the bedroom. Lots of eye contact, kissing (like you mean it!), and lots of caressing can help to bring back the romance in your sexual relationship.

Here are some products that will help with foreplay, and also help to get that intimate connection back into your sex life!

The Jimmy Jane After Glow Massage Candle is a wonderful start to some intimate foreplay! Yes, body massages are considered foreplay as well. It involves passionate, hands-on caressing. This massage candle is available in 6 amazing scents! Dark Vanilla, Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, Bourbon, Grapefruit, and Gingersnap. The candles can be used for ambiance, scent, massage, and they are even a great moisturizer for the skin.

The Jimmy Jane- Contour M is perfect for use with any of the Jimmy Jane After Glow Massage Candles.  This ceramic stone can be warmed up in the microwave for a hot stone massage or placed in the freezer for a refreshing massage.

Oral sex is an important part of foreplay, and the Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Box makes oral even better with these edible treats!  Use the Strawberry Cr?me Brul?e Body Soufflé massage, then paint you lover with the decadent White Chocolate Body Paint and sweeten the deal even more with a sprinkling of glittering strawberry flavored Honey Dust.  After you have gotten each other covered in the sweet tasting treats, clean each other off by licking and nibbling the edible soufflé, paint, and honey dust from each others bodies.

The Cleopatra Secret Creme was made with the female in mind.  This flavored creme will leave you tingling when your lover rubs it on your clitoris , which in turn prolongs your orgasm.  This creme is available in 5 yummy flavors, very berry, cherry vanilla, cool mint, wild strawberry, and watermelon.

The Oral Delight Couples Kit includes everything that you'll need for foreplay, including flavored oral gels for him and her, and even a vibrating pocket rocket with a removable rubber tongue sleeve for great foreplay and intercourse stimulation.

One of our newer products, the Vibrating Ice Massager is a great little toy for foreplay.  Just fill with water and pop it into the freezer for a few hours and then you can get started!  Tease your partner with the cool, wet, tingling sensations from the ice and turn on the vibrations for even more sensation. 

Try the optional Flavorful Lubricant with the Vibrating Ice Massager.  This water-based tasty lubricant was made especially for the Vibrating Ice Massager comes in orange, berry, and strawberry flavors and can be mixed with the water before freezing the massager, or can be used all by itself.

Use this Satin Love Mask to heighten you or your partners senses!  They won't be able to see what you are doing or what your next move is going to be, so their sense of smell and touch will heighten, creating anticipation and strengthening your connection and the desire for one another.

Challenge yourselves to 30 minutes of foreplay!  The wait, and anticipation will bring you closer together and make your craving for one another stronger than ever before!  Can you handle it?

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