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G-T: 3 Techniques To Give Her A G-Spot Orgasm

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
EVERY woman wants a G-Spot orgasm.  We talk about it during dinner with the girls and we brag about it via group text when it happens – women LOVE to obsess about G-Spot orgasms!  Why?  Essentially, it is the most powerful orgasm you can have and to have one is to want many more and to not have one is to search for one!  The G-Spot is the Holy Grail of orgasms for good reason – it feels AMAZING!  Whether you squirt or not – you can have a G-Spot orgasm if you know what to do and how to let yourself go enough to have one!  Here are 3 Techniques that make your quest a little easier.

  The easiest way to find your partner’s G-Spot and stimulate it is with your fingers.  This should always be the first approach tried.  Have your partner lie on her back and orally stimulate her until she is wet and ready.  Give her as many clitoral orgasms as you can – the more, the better. 
When she is sufficiently warmed up, place a pillow under her butt so there is a little slant to her pelvis, have her spread her legs and hold her knees back, and place two fingers (preferably middle and pointer) inside her vagina and search for her G-Spot.  This should be on the TOP (belly) side of her vaginal wall, approximately 2-3 inches in, and will feel spongy and slightly hard.  Find the spot and start to rub it.  Back and forth with the pads of your fingers.  Then, press harder while also stimulating her clitoris (or she can do that as well).  She should feel a sense of pressure – this means you are on the right track.  Now you have to up the anty.  You should find a position that allows you to forcefully finger her while pressing UP on her G-Spot.  Yg_t_3_techniques_to_give_her_a_g_spot_orgasmou will hear a sort of “wet” sloshing sound.  Do this fast and furious until she starts to feel the build up of the pressure (and often feels like she has to pee!)  The pressure turns to pleasure.  Intense pleasure (some women say painful pleasure) and after enough stimulation she will release in a very intense, body-shaking orgasm!  Warning:  this may take a long, long time.  Stick with it.  The reward is well worth the effort.

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VARY WITH VIBRATORS:  For some women, G-Spot orgasms do not come quite so easily and sometimes this is due to a lack of proper clitoral stimulation and engorgement of the G-Spot.  For this technique you will want to have a powerful massager – such as a Hitachi Wand – and you will want to give your partner as many back-to-back orgasms as you possibly can with that massager.  The more orgasms she has, the more likely a G-Spot orgasm will be.  Once she is almost pleading for you to stop, it is time to insert fingers once again into her vaginal canal to search out her G-Spot.  Find and stimulate her spot while continuing to stimulate her clitoris via the vibrator.  The combination of the very intense clitoral stimulation with the internal stimulation is sure to render amazing results!  She will feel the same pressure and intense pleasure before the orgasm.

DOG-G-G-GY DOES IT:  When asking what positions are best for G-Spot orgasms by far the winner is doggystyle!  Why?  Simply, because the G-Spot is on the top, belly-side of the vaginal canal and because doggystyle puts downward pressure on this spot, AND because a man’s penis is more likely to curve downward, this makes it easier to stimulate the woman’s G-Spot.  To increase your chances of stimulation, lean forward so your shoulders are against the mattress (or floor) and your butt is up.  In this position, the angle is more dramatic and the chance of a more vigorous stimulation is possible.

How Do You Rub Her G-Spot?

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Date 4/15/2015
been married for sixteen years and finally got her to squirt last night. didn't even know what it was until a few weeks ago and been trying ever since. well worth the wait. she was going crazy with pleasure.
Date 5/3/2015
Definitely going to try combining clit rubbing with g-spot rubbing... Haven't been able to have a g-spot orgasm yet but I'm looking forward to finally achieving it!
Date 6/21/2015
g-spot orgasms are the best!!! they are not lying. i've literaly never come so hard.
Date 7/5/2015
I rub her g-spot hard and fast. I like to get her off that way and then put myself inside of her, and then fuck her like that until she comes again. I normally aim for two orgasms, but anytime I can get more I'm not complaining!

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